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Hi! I there anyone out there that might know of any software for OS X to track sales and get sales notifications from several agencies? Like for example  Microstockr but for desktop?

I got an request from 123RF to sell the rights on one of my vectors. Did anyone here do that? I am confused regarding the price. The illustration contains an element that involves in 9 other illustrations as well. So they want me to give a price on all those 9 and also on that particular one illustration.

Question is, how much should i charge? :) Its rly difficult, i am afraid to put too high, and too low :) Is there anything like normal here? :)

I use Vector Inspector but I don't think its supported anymore. Regardless, all you need to do is look in your "Links" window. That will show any raster's.

I tried that, it shows nothing whatsoever but still it is raster in the image according to what SS say :(

Yes this is the one i am using, apparently it does not detect all types of raster, or SS has a weird way to discover those!

Hi all!

I am selling vectors and photos at SS and Fotolia mostly. However sometimes my images (vectors) got rejected since they find raster arts. At the same time all other stockphoto sites does not. I use a plug in named "Graffix" to check raster objects. Sometimes even if i run the plug in and also check manually SS rejects it with the same reason. This makes me think if SS has another way to check raster arts, does somebody know any other useful plug in for Illustrator for this purpose? I would be grateful!

Hi all! I wonder if there is more programs like Prostockmaster and Lightburner out there (both mobile apps or apps for OS X or Win)?. Programs that can show sale statistics and earnings? Suprisely iStockphoto is the only one that a mobile app for checking earnings there others has no witch is strange.

I tried Prostockmaster but it feels very primitive and i can't receive correct statistics. I saw they upgraded to light burn but when using it i can't use Fotolia.

Anyone know about any other solution?

Hi all!
I am searching for a good app to use for checking my stats since i am a seller. I found one, "Photo seller". Anyone have any experience of this app? I tried it but can't get any statistics out from it even when i bought the service for Deposit Photos. There is a Pro version for it also but as i understand some features should work anyway?

Just wanna be sure this is not a scam mobile app or something since u have to give away a lot of your log in information to all these photo sites.

Anyone tried Photos sales or maybe know other similar apps?

Thanks in advance

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