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Alamy.com / Re: Anyone still getting big sales on Alamy?
« on: November 22, 2020, 09:41 »
This year on A Ive had Many low $X sales, they comprise the majority of my sales this year. I havent had a single $XXX sales this year, whereas last year and previous Ive had a handful each year
However Ive also had several $XX sales in between - which honestly in this market is still descent and makes A worthwhile

couple years ago I did have an $XXXX sale - but those are very rare, but its always possible and a nice surprise if/when it happens

So all in all, A is still worthwhile for me and certainly a lot less disappointing than having penny sales from the likes of SS - which Ive deactivated since June

StockFresh / Re: StockFresh is closing
« on: September 24, 2020, 20:40 »
Finally got a reply back:


Thank you very much for writing.

Regarding the closure of Stockfresh, we are going to pay all contributors who are above the $50 minimum payment threshold, as stated in the Contributor Agreement (https://stockfresh.com/info/ca).

If you are below the $50 minimum payment threshold, you can either
        a) wait for customers to download your images to reach the threshold before October 17 and make a request before November 1, or
        b) contact support to have your images removed from the website without payment at any time, with immediate effect.

If you have any other questions let us know.

Best regards,
Customer support

As sales are basically non-existent, there is no way I'll reach $50 before October 17th. Which means that any balance below $50 will not be paid out (if I understand correctly)...Which is very, VERY BAD.

Now you think they are a turd?

StockFresh / Re: StockFresh is closing
« on: September 17, 2020, 21:40 »
Another small turd agency finally glug down after circling the bowl

Hopefully the biggest turd agency (SS) goes the same route, but since its the biggest turd it may need a plunger to finally get it to go

Just a second

So for $100/ year subscription plan, a customer could theoretically dl over 7000 clips for the year ( assuming 20 dl/ day)
Thats $0.015 a clip

Even if a subscriber were to dl a fraction of the allowed limit, the royalties would still be a pittance

Am I missing something here?

Last year was my BYE at Alamy in sales and revenue but this year is WAY down to 2015 levels when I had a lot less images on there

I agree Sales have been few and far between and for mostly merger amounts, many in the $3 range


But looks like this whole industry has past its best before date

Crooked money is worth the same as honest money

The sooner this pig SS goes down, the better

Newbie Discussion / Re: Finding models...
« on: August 20, 2020, 14:17 »
Same guy who blows his trumpet If it werent for guys like me fighting SS to increase royalties to contributers, back when they were paying 20 cents...
Meanwhile the guys still supporting SS and their now 10 cent scheme

Shutterstock.com / Re: Timing of the royalty cut
« on: August 15, 2020, 20:57 »
I have no idea whether this is a glitch or an omen of things to come, but my Shutterstock favicon just changed itself to Google:
Look at this!

You should submit this image and see if it gets accepted

Another Josephine

Shutterstock.com / Re: Timing of the royalty cut
« on: August 12, 2020, 06:44 »
Oringer's selling 2 million shares and SS is selling 2.5 million at $48.50 per share. While he slides a couple of dimes across the table to us. https://investor.shutterstock.com/news-releases/news-release-details/shutterstock-announces-pricing-public-offering-common-stock

And some contributers are happy as a pig in mud to stay
Go figure

Envato / Re: Envato Certified as a B Corp
« on: August 07, 2020, 07:06 »
A useless certification for a class C company

Yea Josephine is a troll, crap disturber, agitator, rabble rouser, whatever you want to call it

I dont have a paid membership
I used to have around 200 images up there
In the past I made some $XX and $XXX sales
When they got sold to some Chinese outfit I had my first $0.04 sale
Yes  4 cents
After that I proceeded to remove my images and the few left on there are disabled for licensing
So if your intent is getting sales - I say move on
If you want likes for your photos, by all means enjoy

I am living in a country with no social welfare benefits like unemployment money, food stamps or stimulus check like in America. The alternative would be begging in the streets.
I envy people who can quit SS and argue about their lost self-respect or wasted time, because they simply do not depend on the money from SS. In times of corona I do more than ever before.
I am self-reliant, I am self-employed, I am proud of me and I am getting the respect from my family and people around me. Ten US cents here might be more then 10 Dollars in rich countries. In my eyes protest against SS is as useless as anything. And I am wondering where this hate and ire comes from?
If people with provoking opinions are called TROLLs, I am one of them.

Your position might be representative of other artists from underdeveloped countries who find image uploading to SS still worthwhile. Taking that into perspective and the low quality of new images being uploaded, SS may gradually become a go-to outlet for acceptance and distribution of the art work from the third world countries. If SS gets sold and the new owner moves their offices from the Empire State building to somewhere in central Africa, that could further reduce SS expenses and improve their bottom line.

Yuri did this as well to reduce his overhead costs.

The guy was ahead of his time and bailed SS waaayyy before this all went down

Typically I average about $.70 per download on SS.  Since June I have been averaging between $.90 to $1.00 per download. My ODs have been selling over the $2.85 levels plus higher EDs (over $28). Yeah, the dimes on some of my subs suck but it's the final numbers that count. I've already made more this July than last year's July.
Whats an ED?
A problem, or are you referring to an EL?
Those are very rare these days, ever since the terms of a regular licence Use has been broadened.
If you are making more at SS, you are in the very small minority I dare say. Maybe you are a fairly new contributer and your portfolio has increased substantially in relation to what you had last year. Or your numbers are low enough that a RPD statistic can sound great, but in reality, if the sample size is small, it is an insignificant statistic.

By far, the complaints of contributers who have been on SS for a fairly long time and/or whose ports are a fairly good sample size when it comes to downloads, are experiencing vastly reduced incomes.

The outrage is significant enough that it is not just a small group of disenchanted contributers.

If your case was the norm for most contributers, there would be threads of overjoyed contributers here and on SS forums, celebrating and extolling the virtues of SS.
Take a look at their own forums.
Even contributers that have decided to stay with SS are NOT  singing their praises.


Besides the whole market is up 30%+ from March lows - the economic realities will sink in at some point and I wouldnt be surprised at another pullback at some point in the near future - maybe well even retest the March lows

Id rather buy gold at this point than SS stock

Hope this Pig goes down!

My goal is to licence my work for a fair royalty

SS does not provide that anymore, therefore I have disabled my entire portfolio, and will likely have to delete it altogether.

I need a sense of value and respect for my works, and for me that means not supporting outfits like SS

If you let people step all over you it never ends well

Jon keeps selling
Insider trading? Cashing out before it goes to $16 a share? looks like he's staying under a specific amount per trade.


Thomas R. Evans

Insider People sell shares for many different reasons, buy a cottage, boat,etc
But Insider people only buy for ONE reason
Thats what I would be looking at
Not what stock options they get as part of a bonus or salary, but if they are willing to put down their personal funds to buy more into the company

A brief translation:
1. Install Tampermonkey, Greasemonkey or whatever monkey is native on your browser.
2. Get this script https://openuserjs.org/scripts/fokas.pokas/ssRemover - there's a simple Install button in my case.
3. Go to Catalog Manager
4. See the grey button "Delete Images" near the Add to Set, Create Set, on top of the page
5. Select images, press the button
6. There will probably be a counter at the bottom of the page. You should wait for the countdown end and report of success. Or just wait long enough.

You can also see the pics in the post. It may be helpful.

THIS IS AWESOME.  300 images gone in 5 minutes.....only 5500 more.  I just do not trust SS with my content and using "disabled" numbers as part of their portfolio count.  I do not care if I lost positioning/ranking of my images. I have images that have made me $2k. I'll just re-upload later if anything positive changes enough to warrant resubmitting.  But for now, at the end of today I will have removed 6,890 assets from SS, both video and stills. I will keep my account open, but with no content.


Positive changes ... yeah, I guess its possible, but not very probable. They have shareholder mouths to feed and toys to pay for. I did the same as you, deleted but kept my account open. Though I did leave one image in my account, but they deleted it.  :o  😯 I want to be able to see if any rejects mysteriously appear.

I, too, will leave one image and one video.  One thing I noticed was a lot of images reappeared after deleting them.  Perhaps just system issues because I don't think they keep rejected files longer than a few weeks, then they get wiped off the servers.  Sad time as I have 13 pretty productive years with SS.  The income was over a grand a month and helped pay for a lot of stuff without me having to pilfer my savings.  But I have accepted that those days are long gone and do have a plan to get that money back through other channels.  We'll see but glad I have a day job.

It looks like the script does not work for video.  But done with my images.

SS screwed up the whole industry
Now I hope it screws them in the end

I have decided to delete my content on Shutterstock, not just disable it. Someone wrote a script that can do it for me. One by one would take forever.  Can anyone share what that script is and how to use it please?

I have a much easier way, email them and tell them to walk off a bridge. I did and voila, all content is gone!

Was that the Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridge?


how are going to carry that many bottles on your bike?

I have an awesome wicker basket



 There must be hundreds other more dignified or gratifying ways to earn money.

Collecting refundable bottles would be one idea
Go around the neighbourhood on garbage day and take bottles that people would rather throw out than return for 10 cents.

You dont need to invest in any fancy equipment
Use your bike or walk around the neighborhood
Youll also be doing yourself a favour by excersizing


Shutterstock.com / Re: Why not accepting the 10 cent sales?
« on: July 04, 2020, 14:46 »
She got blowed up real good

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