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mmm thanks for your thoughts Leaf!
I can also put up something in the local surf shop. "Models wanted"
I can offer them the pics/clips, maybe under CC so I still get my link if they put it on YouTube etc. (I doubt it but hey I can try)
Or something like a 50 eur.

I am in the market for a camcorder.
I am eyeballing the reviews from the announced Panasonic and Sony camcorders on CES 2012.

The Sony CX760V looks really interesting with the new "Balanced Optical Steady Shot"
But I am mainly interested in both brands because of their AVCHD formats, able to shoot HD 1080 @ 60 frames per second.
I am shooting sports and 60p is great as a base for slow motion etc.

BUT, I am in Europe so living in the PAL side of the pond, which is... 50fps.
All camcorders here 50p.

Now I am thinking to get my new cam from B&H, they ship internationally and make you a quote on checkout including shipping, import taxes, VAT,..
So I did check it out and for the $1500 camcorder I pay $2200 to ship to Italy.

Now my question is if you think the $700 extra is worth it?
Does stock video shot at 60p make more sales than 50p, in an international market??

Any thoughts very welcome.

Hi guys,

I still need to research a bit about the Model Release thing.
Apart from a quick look on Wikipedia I have no idea, let alone experience with them.

One thing that will not be easy is to have the surfers sign them. Even if I can find out a way to contact them I have doubts that most of them are WILLING to sign such a thing.
I think they will be very suspicious. Why? What about my personal data? Ok but you should give me a part of the pay,..
I need to find out a good way to explain to them what and why... if I completely understand it myself first that is ;-)

Thanks for the advice guys, it looks like I found a great forum :-)

I am just shooting these clips for fun and I never really thought about selling - sorry, licensing - them.
But some extra money to get better gear sure is welcome!
I will do some more research, thanks for the agency suggestions.

Although I just shot these with a GoPro, it looks like this footage is pretty unique, because I shoot this from in the water. I even have been contacted by the manager from on of the Pro riders who asked me if I could upload him a video from his guy.
I have no problem giving them away to surfers (under a Creative Commons license) to get some exposure but I IF I can make some extra money from them I want to learn how to do it the right way!

I shot some surf video with the GoPro Hero2 and uploaded the footage to Vimeo.
A Vimeo member for the company cashforclips.net contacted me asking if I would sell him 15 clips for $100 or $200 when I supply model releases - which is very difficult because I don't know the surfers, need to find them and have them sign the model release.
The clips are about 10 sec long, HD 720p60 quality.
You can find the clips here:

Now I would like to ask what do you guys think of this price?
$6.5 a clip is not much is it?

It's the first time I am being asked to sell something and I now I am researching the possibilities to sell.

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Ok I need to ask something...

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