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General Stock Discussion / ATT : all microstockers
« on: June 04, 2009, 16:13 »
1) Photography is an art and a job, it provides full-time work for 1000s of photographers around the world since many decades.
All this can exist because taking good saleable images is HARD, * hard.
Some pictures just need for you to be in the good place at the right time, others need hours and hours of time and energy to get the right shoot.
Snapping shots is easy, making something good enough to be sold is way more difficult and requires knowledge and experience, that means time and time IS money however you wanna look at it.

2) Buyers come in every form and shape but they've all one things in common : they're NOT able to make
by themselves the pictures they need, or they do but have no time to waste.
They're more than willing to pay us for our pictures, as long as they can easily find them and grab them to their enslaved editors to photoshop and resize and being printed out.

3) All this was running fine for decades and it was a win-win scenario.
But NOW, some geeks decided to give away their images, just because they can, or just for fun.
And then they became hundreds and thousands and millions of images all available for next to nothing
with a few clicks.

4) Micro snappers were not just happy to shoot for free, they wanted more : more more more !
They were glad to make the covers of Time or Newsweek for 0.33$, or just to do it for free, who cares,
how happy must they have been snapping a cold bottle of wine from the fridge and telling the wife they made the Time cover ! In the meantime, serious macro shooters were in the field to pay their bills and
they see dark clouds at the horizon.
The horizon is getting smaller .. it's getting MICRO !!

5) Let me conclude : Microstock doesnt mean small stock, it can only mean one obvious thing : MICRO EARNINGS for you, HUGE savings for the buyers.

buyers win big time, they cant' believe it.
you microshooters get credited, if any, and get a 0.33$ as a pat on the shoulder.

wow, what a win-win scenario we have.

now tell me.
i've no issues losing my job because of you Flickrs.
if i'm really an old fart, so be it.
i saved enough bucks in my career i'll certainly dont need to beg for money in front of a KFC or flipping burgers at the nearest mcdonalds.

when you'll become adults, you'll understand you not only made a big big mistake, but you also
trashed what was until a few years ago a great market open to everybody producing high quality stuff and making everybody happy.

microtards are just unfair competition.
i can't compete with people selling my same photos at 300x times less.
and i do NOT want to.

my price is already the right price, no discounts needed.
it includes taxes, time, energy, expenses, experience.

now you're young and you think to have found the mythical golden egg chicken.
i want to see you all, FIVE years from now, and calculate coldly how much time
you spent to make microstock and how much bucks actually ended up in your pockets.

is it worth it ? is it really worth it ?

if macrostock dies, what else do you expect if not macro shooters going micro as well
and flooding the whole micro industry with top quality images leaving you hobbysts
in the sh-it ?

you'll be left with subscriptions and free-baskets, you know it better than me.
micros are MANIPULATING wannabe photographers from the very beginning,
don't you really get it ? how dumb you are ?

working for a hobby ? then do your * hobby, fine !
working for money ? they ask the * right money, mate !

micros are a monster with NO reason to exist and the more you contribute to it,
the more you are part of this SCAM and of this disgrace.


General Stock Discussion / Re: Food photos ?
« on: June 04, 2009, 11:47 »
I'd ordinarily try to help you and answer your questions, Old Hippy, but after reading numerous posts where you called us "microtards," I'm not feeling so inclined.

ho ho ho

maybe becayse you are ?


this is my last post ever.

posting here is a waste of time.

REAL photographers stinks.

this is so true i can tell by the smell if someone is a good shooter or not.
you gotta trust your nose, so to say.

General Stock Discussion / Re: 10 images a day
« on: June 03, 2009, 18:13 »
Why would I use web scripting language for uploading? Images are my my local hard drive and I want to pick some of them and upload to multiple ftp sites. All tools are available on desktop: scripting language, ftp clients. If I want to use cannon to kill a fly I would write a program :-) Some hard core programmers would even write ftp client :-)

believe me with PHP it's a matter of few lines of code
to manage ftp uploads, file renaming, deletion, etc

and you can compile the PHP into an .exe as well if you
really want it desktop-run.

It was a funny headline however. Something you might expect to see in The Onion.

to become a good troll you need talent and experience.

General Stock Discussion / Re: 10 images a day
« on: June 03, 2009, 17:40 »
Most of programming languages got some sort of random number generation built in

no no i mean the whole script.

General Stock Discussion / Re: 10 images a day
« on: June 03, 2009, 16:50 »
you can also do it in PHP.

He is uploading to Alamy. I like Alamy, but it is not traditional stock agency and he is not macro stock shooter. Anybody can upload to Alamy, that is ok, they have their own business model. But, try to get accepted by Getty, Corbies, Veer, UpperCut images etc.

and who told you i dont ?

too many trolls in this forum.

i give up.

If only. 

I guess we can expect to see you back with another tired rant in a week or so? 

But first, remember to throw a big hissy fit and tell us all off in terms profane enough that Tyler has to edit your post. 

Seems to be your modus operandi,  and interestingly,  that of one other former/current/former/current member.  ;)

sometimes when uploading huge batches of JPG to your macro agency you wonder what to do in the meantime,
that's why i hang here.

too many trolls in this forum.

i give up.

how ironic the buyer in question sells ripoff services for people with "bad credit".
if the istock guy keeps selling his images for 0.25$ he will soon need their services while frying chicken legs behind a KFC counter...

he's indeed a pickle head.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Lightbulb moment
« on: June 03, 2009, 08:11 »
it's too late darlings.

even retiring from micros you sold already your pics as RF, people with RF can do whatever they want, forever and for any kind of commercial purpose.

your images are "lost".

you better decide once and for all to stay on micros or to stay on macros.
there's no middle way.

i'm trying micros now just to sell some crap i can't sell well on macros and for what i've
no hope whatsoever about price etc, just for fun and for the sake of it.

if you thought photography was already going down the drain, please check this out :

this guy sold a picture of his face on iStock, got paid barely half a dollar, and
now the buyer printed a giant wallpaper advertising with hif face on top of a pickle
advertising expensive financial services :

now he's glad to be called "pickle boy" by his friends, while the buyer is racking up piles
of dollars on his face.

until there's people like this around it will be more and more harder to pay not just your bills
but even a coffee or a beer with photography.

General Stock Discussion / Re: OLD HIPPY QUITS !
« on: May 28, 2009, 17:16 »
please guys, DO GET A LIFE !

as soon as i said "farewell" i received a few private mex praying for me to not leave this forum
as they already kicked out other valuable members and bla bla bla.

listen, i dont give a crap, nor i'm gonna reply to this idiotic priv.mex.
i just came here to sniff out whats about micros and learn something, no more no less.

there's plenty of forums about photography, dont waste too much time here please
unless it's for research, development, and productive reasons.

i can't believe there's people so shy to make these things even in the internet covered by an anonymous nick name !

and farewell again.

General Stock Discussion / Re: OLD HIPPY QUITS !
« on: May 28, 2009, 16:17 »
sorry to ruin your party but i'm neither batman nor whoever else you guys enlisted.

nor i'm a microtroll :

if i really have to be a troll then by all means i'm a MACRO-TROLL ! :)


General Stock Discussion / OLD HIPPY QUITS !
« on: May 28, 2009, 07:45 »
thanks to all you who helped me learning some more about the micro market.

it was nice and informing to read your replies and have an exchange of opinions, i did all this while uploading some more pics, i'm sorry to have been felt as a bit intrusive and bad mouthed,
but i think i spent a bit too much time in here.

see ya again next time when i'll get some results from the editorials i uploaded on a few micros.

Old Hippy


Good point, however the closure of istock, in the long term wouldn't be any more beneficial for Getty, the company. I believe Getty realizes the potential in istock for opening up the market and tapping into the 99% of the internet thats not buying images. The price point makes it more accessible for everyday people to buy images..

Just quoting myself here..

And, more relevantly, read this quick statement this morning.

that's not a problem for macros :

buyers can be more choosy but prices for macro images are rising.
Alamy lost 30% of earning in december according to their blog,
but it's still alive and kicking, opening up new office in NY and India,
Getty is still king of the hill, Corbis is surviving, and the list goes on.

what is really decreasing is the perceived value of photography as a whole.
photo journalists are getting miserable payouts nowadays, even sport
shooters in many cases due to extreme competition and cheaper prices.

problem is, photography was way over-rated before and it's right that
now it settles on normal prices since it's getting easier and easier to produce
hi quality pictures unlike just 5 or 10 years ago.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Food photos ?
« on: May 28, 2009, 06:48 »
of course i do.

you only talk about the money you get from micros at the end of the month.
but this is a blind view on the phenomenon.

if the micro virus expand out of its natural borders it can very well destroy
the whole macro industry as we know it.

any macro photographer is rightfully scared by micros for very very good reasons.
one thing is to sell for few bucks your leftover pictures, another is selling Pro
for less than a coffee and in plus with RF licence !

it seems to me you don't grasp the big mistake you're doing with RF.
all you care is about money but one day you'll understand.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Food photos ?
« on: May 28, 2009, 03:06 »

on the other side, no offence, but i'm as well surprised by your sheer ignorance
towards macrostock but hey to each his own.

If what you say is true then please let the oh so mystical well of knowledge runith over!

i know crap about micros
you know crap about macros

but at least i'm trying to research about micros.

right, he would have to shell 125$ for an EL but still it's cheaper than RM and it's still RF.

better than nothing, but you must admit it's not the right price to pay.

let's face it, this pricing is good for people living in India, not in the west.

that's the foolishness of selling RF !

not only your client is allowed to use your pic as a cd cover, but being RF he can use it even for the cover
of Time Magazine, books, funzines, t-shirts, mousepads, whatever he wants, worldwide, no restrictions, and FOREVER.

and all this for few bucks.

I don't think anyone here takes posts from anonymous posters very seriously.

nowadays you better keep an eye on your personal data, not just in forums but also
on social networks and many more other services including stock sites.

there's people for instance that searched for my images and concluded i'm a sort
of junkie tripping in asia and getting sick staying close to beggars or poors o whatever
other crap ...   be very careful unless you only shoot neutral
subjects like food or sunsets etc .. i've got a friend asking me if i checked myself for HIV
after all this time in poor countries... that's not what you like to hear after proudly showing
around your best pics, but hey people in the west is often like this, so you better keep a low

Perhaps researching and producing for micro is a better way of testing the waters..

That's the best advice you can get, Old Hippy.

yes i'm testing the waters but the more i test the more i realize my photos arent cut at all for micros.
i've no glossy and marketing friendly stuff.

my stuff is good for travel editorial and nothing more.
i think i've zero chances of selling food and other niches on micros judjing from the ones on sale
on istock and others, all very "micro style" and done in industrial quantity.

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