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Hi everyone,

I've been following this conversation and I just wanted to let you all know that I just reported 250 shops to Etsy who sell digital downloads that have prohibited stock imagery in them.

If you would like the list yourself so you can also report them all to Etsy, please ping me and I'd be happy to email that list to you. If enough people report these shops, Etsy takes the listings and/or shops down.
And you checked each and every shop to make sure they are selling the work of others? Or have you carelessly reported them all?

Be patient I'm sure you will know by Monday how little Getty paid you for your efforts

The past three months have been rather good for me.
And what does "good" mean to you?

Off Topic / Re: Plane crashed in my front yard
« on: May 18, 2017, 21:22 »
Wow! Glad you are ok.

Times are changing, but i can think of another name i would put a higher priority on.
I have two names in my mind.

5 / Re: Is iStock worth it?
« on: March 24, 2017, 18:37 »
As an exclusive I can say I'm excited about IS for the first time in a long while.  Jan. and Feb. earnings were better than almost every month from the past couple years.
Good for you.
For me, Jan and Feb were both far lower than every month last year. And every month in 2016 was the worst Jan, Feb, March since becoming exclusive in 2007. Certainly no reason for me to resume uploading - far too many tiny value sales (sub 10c as an exclusive) which isn't fair trade, but interesting to see at least one person is having a different experience.
The lowest you could get paid is 19c for subs.
Well, that was the theory, but the truth is that exclusives are getting as low as $0.02 per subscription.  $0.19 is already ridiculous, mainly for such a low volume of subscriptions that iStock has.

6 / Re: iStock February 2017 statement
« on: March 20, 2017, 21:43 »
Are you shittin me?

Mexico 100.00% iStock 0.42 15.00% 0.06

6 f-u-c-k-ing-cents? I think this is the end, they are driving all independents out with the insulting and repulsive commission. Two months to report that they just screwed us?
And exclusives as well!

General Stock Discussion / Re: I am a happy Contributor
« on: February 23, 2017, 13:07 »
I'm seeing figures going down, just not complaining about it in a happy person's thread.

So where ARE you complaining about it? The only posts I've seen from you recently are a couple where you pop in to tell other people what they shouldn't be saying and where they shouldn't be saying it.
Actually, yesterday she was complaining at the iStock/Getty forum.  And she didn't sound like the happy contributor she said she is.

8 / Re: I don't understand Getty
« on: February 23, 2017, 12:31 »
They need to do something to justify the 85% or more of each sale they keep.
But they won't.  They just think they are entitled to do whatever they want.   And they know there will always be stupid or desperate people willing to work for even less. 

9 / Re: I don't understand Getty
« on: February 23, 2017, 11:57 »
On perhaps a positive note, they used to be really strict on the technical side and these days pretty much accept anything.
It's been several years since they've been accepting anything.  And that's never been positive at all.

Buenas grupo!
Es realmente un desastre lo que han hecho con la unificacin de Istockphoto y Getty ? Yo no puedo ver nada, no puedo subir fotos, ni vender, ni ver estadsticas... desde hace 2 meses!
en el portal especfico de microstock lo explican a a fondo y no puedo estar ms de acuerdo con su anlisis.

Cmo no vas a estar ms de acuerdo, si t mismo lo has escrito?   Es ridculo y realmente molesto cuando alguien viene a un foro a recomendar su propio sitio web. Y encima, se trata de otro sitio ms dedicado a captar novatos y sacarles algn beneficio econmico.

11 / Re: ESP
« on: February 03, 2017, 11:26 »
If you don't get the e-mail just do the following:
Go to to receive your new username via e-mail.  Once you have received your username go to to choose a password.  That's it!

WARNING: As others have said, there's currently nothing no see in that page.

13 / Re: Reporting Of Credit Sales
« on: December 26, 2016, 22:59 »
Has it stopped now?

General - Top Sites / Re: Charge backs increased hugely
« on: December 11, 2016, 20:28 »
Is there any agency that actually refunds money?   As far as I know they just give customers the opportunity to download a different image or video.  Because after all, they have nothing to lose. 

15 / Re: IStock balance deduction
« on: December 06, 2016, 13:00 »
That's what they said would happen, as art of the move towards "unification".

My balance doesn't match with my Dec balance, but it'll presumably even itself out in the future.
Current balance seems to be including subscriptions from Nov 25th to Dec 4th.

You will enjoy higher royalty payments than you currently receive from subscriptions where customers have lower utilization
Well, in some cases that utilization will have to be really low:

At current price, Essentials/Year 750 downloads/month: Non exclusives will need the customer to download no more than 85 files to keep the current $0.28 per download.  That's about only 11% of what they can download.

At current price, Essentials/Month 250 downloads/month: Non exclusives will need the customer to download no more than 106 files to keep the current $0.28 per download

the lower download subs (like our 10 download per month products) have a much higher price per file so even though these subs have higher utilization, you will see higher royalties, on average, from those subscriptions.
The only way to get higher royalties from such package will be when customers download no more than 5 files! Non exclusives currently make $1 per download from that package.

1st image is nice but no copy space
2nd image under exposed no copy space
3rd image no copy space
4th image composition is weak, no copy space
5th image probably too small because the majority is white space plus its not a good isolation
I think you're overrating the need of having copyspace.

18 / Re: iStock Unification Email
« on: October 31, 2016, 15:32 »
Enterprise Submission Platform. It's what video contributors currently upload by but will now be for still images as well.

19 / Re: iStock Royalty Change
« on: October 30, 2016, 21:50 »
Some subscriptions we'll make more, but the big buyers and the 750 yearly we'll make much less. Most of the volume comes from these high number subs not the small packs where we can make more. But the bottom of this is locked at 15% for us, 85% for them.

I think ilbusca didn't consider the fact that each download from 1 Month Essentials 10 or 25 currently pay $1.00 to non exclusives.  So, even those small packs will bring a cut for non exclusives. 

Only the 1 Month Essentials 50 is in the safe zone for non-exclusives

The only non exclusives who could really see some benefit from this change, would be those who are former exclusives with lots of signature files.

20 / Re: iStock Royalty Change
« on: October 27, 2016, 21:13 »
my sub sals are .75 to 2.50. Not .38
Well, get ready for much less than $0.75

If you are at 40% and a customer gets a 1 year $319/month package (750 Signature/month) and downloads more than 170 files, you'll make less than your current $0.75.    And to make $2.50, no more than 51 files should be downloaded from that package.

In many of the packages, the maximum number of downloads that will allow exclusives to keep at least current earnings will have to be really low.

21 / Re: iStock Royalty Change
« on: October 26, 2016, 18:47 »
I can't imagine why exclusives would submit new material when mostly it'll sell as subs which will mostly earn us a lot less.
And the indie rate is criminal.
I know you are an exclusive, thank you for the frank and honest view of the situation. You are 100% correct. No positive news for anybody.
I agree.  There are no good news for anyone. With these new changes to royalties, there are many possibilities that exclusives will also make even less than now.

Uploading new material to iStock stopped making sense long ago.  New material mostly sells as subs and volume of downloads is too low. And now, these new changes will make things even worst for everyone.

Newbie Discussion / Re: First time shooting with model
« on: September 16, 2016, 18:07 »
One more thing... If. The model is sexy, dont wear trackpants
Best advice.

There's no need to try anything 'sensual'.  Keep her in regular clothing and work on your lighting and posing.
That will potentially be at the end - if all goes well. But I agree.

You sound so unprofessional.   She obviously doesn't know anything about GWC's...   

This definitely seems like the lead-up to the release of iStock September Self-Destruct v3.0, as they drop everybody's royalty rates to the flat Getty 20%.

Now that would be an improvement on the crappy 15% they give to none exclusives
with no chance of making it to the 16% threshold
I wouldn't count on that.  They could rather drop all non exclusive's royalties to 10%.    :-\

Upload to Getty and it is there forever...

If you are non exclusive, this will be a problem. And if you are exclusive it means, if you give up artist exclusivity you can no longer take your best work and offer it to stocksy or other places. Or add exclusive images to Adobe etc...
And that's why non exclusives and even exclusives considering to cancel exclusivity, should better deactivate now any image that could be sold exclusively somewhere else. 

After Aug 20 we can test the new system and see whether deactivating an image to sell it exclusively somewhere else is possible or not.  If there's no problem, we can re-upload or re-activate our images.  If Getty says that's not an acceptable reason, we'll be happy to have deactivated our valuable images then.

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