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Off Topic / Re: Why are we losing so many members?
« on: June 12, 2014, 07:08 »
You won't be losing me as a member.
However, my participation will be "moderate" in the near future until the atmosphere of the forum improves..
When I suggested  recently that there was a vein of negativity running through this forum, I was quickly  shot down .
Now, as we can see from other posts in this thread, there are others who also believe my take on it.

For me it's just too much of an arena where confrontations abound, point scoring is high on the list, and putting down people to try and show that they are better than others.
I recently put up a thread which was challenged as if to show my stupidity.

Maybe those who write in such a dominating way would be better spent in creative mode, making images to sell rather than coming in here and trying to boss people around.

I have written this in defence of the many decent long standing members who partake here and who sadly have been subjected to some of the above.

The situation can only get better!

Off Topic / Re: Why are we losing so many members?
« on: June 11, 2014, 15:52 »
Why are we losing so many members?  I think that should be obvious.

This place can quickly get confrontational, insulting, and off topic over the most innocent of posts. Even people with the thickest of skin have a rough time here. Insulting someone is easier when you're not face to face. I don't come here or post as much because it's mostly arguing, very little help, and when people try to help nobody listens or they're told they're wrong or have their motives questioned.

I totally agree with you!
Quite a few here now who like to score points, challenge posts and try to make others think that they are much smarter than them.
It leaves one thinking why bother participating and that's probably the reasons why members drop away.

Waiting for the angry mob with torches and pitchforks.

Well done!
We sure could do with some Crated Clarification!

Donding, do you think we should start a Thread here 'Clarify Crated' where all questions could possibly be answered in one place by their support team.
It's frustrating to say the least for those submitting when they don't know exactly the workings of the site are. I feel it is in their own interest to address this pretty quickly by putting things down in black and white!

No sales either - but my images are not very long up.
Along with 'Newest' and 'Curated' we now have 'Upcoming'

I'm not sure what 'Upcoming' actually means. Anybody have any ideas.
From what I think, when you click on 'Discover' these are works that have sold.
Am I right on this?

6 / Re: "Confidential" email from Dreamstime
« on: May 29, 2014, 15:44 »

I have opted out of (all) alliances as soon as I got their email stating they wanted 39 of my images.

If the beta test fails I loose nothing (of nothing).

If the beta test is successful (and I'm pretty sure we'll all hear about it PDQ) then I'll opt in to the program ann benefit from the success.

I am quite happy to let 'others take the risk' if they want to (and thank you for that) and I'll join in later  ;D

If DT think I have 39 images worthy for the beta test now, I'm pretty sure they'll let me join the program once it's proven, to make sure it continues to be a success in the future.

And do I feel guilty about my stance on this?

No I do not. Why should I?

There is NO risk in this beta test.  The ACTUAL risk is in it not going well and the partner not wanting to proceed.

You read that right... there is NO risk to you!  This is for an online advertising platform.  Testers of this program would NOT be buying your images elsewhere if they didn't have access to them through this test.  They just wouldn't be running ANY images in their ad if it weren't for this test.  You are out NOTHING.  And DT says they will actually try to compensate you for images used in the test!  What have they done to you to earn your mistrust?

Everyone is fixating on these few weeks of POSSIBLY unpaid image usage during the beta test!!! Don't you see the forest for the trees?!!  Do you really want this to fail?  Imagine who this big player could be and what this could mean!

I have to say Marketeer that I agree with you.
Having been a member of these forums for a number of years, I have constantly observed that any new plan/proposal from Agencies has nearly always been met with mistrust and suspicion.
DT has never given me any reason to doubt them and I see no reason now to change my opinion on that.
Suspicion ( which broke many relationships) breeds negativity of which sadly there is a lot to be found throughout these forums!

It's getting serious now. Nothing seems to get by those reviewers.
Had more rejected this week.
A lot of people saying what's the point and I don't blame them.

If SS are reading these forums they should realise that their reputation is at stake.
Rejections like these are unacceptable and are insulting to the artists who submit.
It's not good at all!

Looks like it's the same thing Pere.
Well, they are searchable and also newly submitted work is being displayed.

I also got the Curated Mail today. I think I had to wait about 5 days.
Was doubtful if I was going to get it, so you never know!

Good luck to all of you waiting!

Do you know if you are actually "curated" at this point? Or are your images just "findable" via a search?

Hi Martha,

Below is the content of the email I received.

 We really like your art and you've been promoted as a featured gallery on Crated!

Your work will now appear in search results and will be cycled within our 'Discover art' page.

Well, I received the "curated mail" today, and now can see my images searching them by keywords and in "discover art".
It seems images are indexed very fast: I uploaded 2 images 1 hour ago, and can see them searching by keyword.

I also got the Curated Mail today. I think I had to wait about 5 days.
Was doubtful if I was going to get it, so you never know!

Good luck to all of you waiting!

Still in the process of uploading but wouldnt mind some support  ;) ("Warning": some images are NSFW)

Nice folio - hope you get in there - Good Luck!

Funny idea.  And I get your point.  How would someone new, thinking about getting into microstock, possibly make sense of this craziness and decide who to submit too?

At this point in time, a lot of us who once thought they might be serious about have decided it's doomed, and given up.  But what would a new guy think? It's not like he could buy "History of IStock" from

I guess he'd just look at the royalties being offered, and at the sizes of the existing agency collections, and decide whether to give it a go, without any clear idea of whether it could ever pay off.
If I was advising anyone starting in Microstock, I would say look no further than the Top 4 and Middle tier. It may be difficult to get on board some of these but if you do it will be worth it. Like many others I suppose, I spent much time and wasted energy trying out startup sites which yielded nothing.
Some sites work better for some people, I think it depends on your style of work.

General Stock Discussion / Re: How Long In Microstock ?
« on: May 22, 2014, 14:16 »
This poll may help to show how many have taken up Microstock recently.

Why would I want to know that?

To show why there is no more opportunities in this business anymore for rookies or event Veterans   8)

Well, it might indicate how competitive it has or has not become for all of us over the past few years.

General Stock Discussion / How Long In Microstock ?
« on: May 22, 2014, 09:27 »
This poll may help to show how many have taken up Microstock recently.

Yes! same here and has been like that for some time.
It's hard to understand, but at least if an image is going to be rejected we deserve a proper reason, not ones that are so blatantly wrong!

The commissions are less an issue with me.
An increase in sales is what I realy need first of all.

General Stock Discussion / Email from Pocketstock
« on: November 02, 2012, 05:42 »
Just got an email this morning looking for artists to contribute with a special rate on royalties offered.
Had a quick look into their site but the quality of images doesn't seem all that great.
Any takers on this?

18 / Re: anybody else having poor sales
« on: November 02, 2012, 05:37 »
I find my sales at DT tend to come in bursts.
Can be quiet for quite a time and then might get a number of downloads in a short space of time.
Overall, in genera -l sales haven't be all that great.

19 / Re: Shutterstock Love/ Hate
« on: October 07, 2012, 13:29 »
The way I feel about it -
Be thankful for what I already have there, which continues to earn well for me.

And just keep plugging on!

20 / 'On Demand' (decline in downloads)
« on: January 02, 2012, 05:53 »
My 'On Demand downloads' at SS have really declined in the last 2 months.
Has anyone had a similar experience?

Microstock News / Re: New Website: Stock Photography News
« on: October 13, 2011, 14:12 »
Well done Henry!
Sure to get even better!

I had a reasonable Summer with sales , so can't complain too much.
September has made a good start so far.

Being only your first season in Microstock, you may feel the hit a bit more, as it takes time for your images to bed in and get established in the rankings.

23 / Re: shutterstock rejecting everything,Why?
« on: September 06, 2011, 13:29 »
Best option (I think) - Hold fire on your images till this flattening hurricane called "Rejecta" blows over.
Only thing is - it could take time!

General Stock Discussion / Rejection Reasons (Closed)
« on: August 22, 2011, 08:49 »
Topic closed

General Stock Discussion / Re: Bad July sales
« on: July 11, 2011, 04:06 »
It appears slow this month, but as said previous - it is early days.
And it is summer - why not check with last year, it probably is very similar.

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