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Digital to film still exists and film to film (only slightly higher and harder to find still exists) Even though the lack of machines and demand has made it harder.

Processing film even larger sizes as well to.

Digital no matter how high to film for darkroom and other things does not give the same effect as real film especially when applied for darkroom or other things where pure film quality makes the detail and is the whole purpose to begin with.

I've searched for a really long time and I haven't gotten one site or comapny that will offer slide/negative larger transparency duplications, rentals or older outdated, damaged  or decent originals.

I am particulary looking for cheaper/older kinds with royalty-free licenses.

I have tons of catalogs from 1999-2002 where this STILL used to be an option. Most notably, Letraset's Phototone, Tony Stone, the Stock Market and Photodisc. 

I find it strange that smaller stock places don't have this option other than the 1 in 1000 travel stock photos or fine arts photography that can give you dupes for film for very expensive prices. Also digital slides are not of my interest.

I think a wide variety of ones, (non-digital) any size. Anything you'd find in $50 cd packages (backgrounds, textures, situations, objects, people, themes, symbols,  etc..)

I'm using this for the following reasons:

Here's why i really need them:
Graphic design : Zines, Magazines, Packaging, Publication using traditional non-digital (Paste-up methods) Where any kind of a file is not used.
Darkroom: Transfering color slide images onto large format ortho and lithofilm alongside experimentation. Montage/Collage, Silkscreen, and other things where film expsoure adds an extra quality and is the only way.
Art :Drawings/Sketching/Painting reference (through a projector) away from the internet, google image search and photos out of my reach.

too many too count...

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