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1 per 200 (actual = 1:196) equating to ~28% of my earnings.

General Stock Discussion / Re: where do you get inspiration
« on: January 27, 2015, 08:47 »
my question is simple, where do you get inspiration for sock photos with models ?

Go to Google and type in 'Babes with socks' - I will tell you that  I was very 'Inspired' from what I saw on the sites!  ;D

Were the images socksually explicit?

Symbiostock - General / Re: Bye bye
« on: July 04, 2014, 16:12 »
Thanks for the update, guys.

Hope things improve for Leo.


Software / Re: Apple announces death of Aperture & iPhoto
« on: July 01, 2014, 12:12 »
interesting to know.. don't know about captureone before. Anyone knows good raw editing softwares other than lightroom? i know there is 'bibble' which is free? but I think it is also got out of the market.

I never used either products but I agree that the concept of Adobe having an even bigger stranglehold on photographers  does not make me fell all warm and fuzzy. I like Lightroom and I use it as a primary tool for post but I would like to have other options available to me. Realizing that there are a few products out there that are competitors, none are in close competition like Aperture was. Sad really.

As a heavy user of Lightroom, from the beginning, I have been very surprised by the results that I have got with CaptureOne 7.2 after only few minutes of use.
I just can imagine what I could get with this program if I would know to use it well (!)

Under some aspects I have found it even better than LR: better management of highlights, better denoise, excellent management of colors (with a completely different approach than LR), dedicated instrument for skin tone, tethering with live view and control of the main parameters of the camera from the software
You have a catalog manager/library too, but not so efficient than the Lightroom one, but I hope that they will improve it in the futur upgrades.
So, IMHO, a software maybe not to use if like me you are satisfied by Lightroom, but to absolutely try, even if it is only to know what is one of the stronger Lightroom's competitor.

Bibble is now defunct; it became Corel's AfterShot Pro (now v2). Currently, this costs 60 GBP and is cross-platform; it is even available for Linux.

Apple aren't helping users with the transition to LR; it was initially reported that this was the case but later this assertion was withdrawn.

Adobe, however, are going to increase support to encourage Aperture users to migrate.

Many commentators believe that Apple's plans are not as catastrophic for pro photographers as first appears. I'm just fed up of the uncertainty and the games that Apple play. Why not just come out with it and say exactly what their plans for the Photos.app are and what it's going to be capable of?

Adobe Stock / Re: Fotolia D-Day (Deactivation Day) - May,1
« on: May 09, 2014, 13:46 »
I've closed my FT account.

It was only a small port but I feel a little better for it, all the same.

EDIT: I told them that the DPC was a factor in my decision too.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Histogram and white balance
« on: December 13, 2013, 08:02 »
Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle can be expressed as w=(r/b)*k where

w = "My certainty that these photons are absolutely spot-on"
r = "What the reviewer thinks of the photons"
b = "What the reviewer had for breakfast"

k = nominally a constant but when it comes to reviewing, it turns out that it's a variable and an irrational number too

w then, as a measure of certainty, tends toward infinite uncertainty

Software / Re: Do you use smart collections in LightRoom?
« on: December 09, 2013, 04:43 »
OMG, LOL. I see where that went.
... bigger snip...

Hopefully this is still on subject for the OP.
I don't want to hijack Alexa's thread. If anyone is interested they can look at Matt K's blog.

Actually, I don't think this is a thread hijack - Alexa should have a read of that too.

It's a good discussion that sheds a little light on the philosophy and practices of DAM in general. And since Alexa is just starting out, now's a good time to get a solid system in place that isn't going to require too much tweaking in the future. (Although never be afraid to tweak systems if it's going to make life easier in the long run).

And after Alexa has read it, she should accept that chronological folders is the way to go and rename files using a YYYYMM-xyz-sequence template, not to identify images by date but to guarantee unique names for images.  ;D

For the record, whilst my images are in folders that run chronologically, they're not arranged as YYYY>MM>DD Event. I subscribe to Peter Krogh's "bin" or "bucket" system, limiting the number of files to approximately 1,000 per "bucket". So images in folder _002 were taken after those in _001 but before those in _003. If I want exact dates (or specific events or subjects), I can use metadata Smart Collections.

Now you must immediately go out and buy a cat  to keep from violating the  international animal rights law.  section 4 subsection 2  "pooper scooper but no cat"   law

And report the original owner to the authorities, obviously.

Software / Re: Do you use smart collections in LightRoom?
« on: December 03, 2013, 07:49 »
Smart Collections and Collections work well in Lightroom (as they do in Aperture, where they're called "Albums").

For what you want to do, one scheme is to have a Simple Collection that you drag your stock images to and call this, say, "Stock Images". I have separate folders for RM and RF images.

You can either colour-code or label your images according to agency but this would limit you to five agencies. To get around this, you can use private keywords (i.e. non-exported keywords) for the name of each agency. You could also do the same, for instance, if an image was exclusive, if you wanted to separate out images that way.

You then need to set up Smart Collections using filters. In this example, you could use the filter <Collection contains "Stock"> AND <Keywords contains "name_of_agency">. After you've dragged your images to your global "Stock" folder, the Smart Collections filter them based on keywords. If you were so inclined, you could also use the non-exported keyword "_stock" and set up a Smart Collection rather than dragging images. (Note I tend to use an underscore for my non-exported keywords in case they can also be genuine keywords).

Having said all that, some might argue that you don't actually need to do any of this. They take the view that if any images are rejected from one agency but accepted at another, don't bother re-submitting. On the other hand, I know that others like to manage everything, setting up spreadsheets recording downloads and earnings across agencies to the last penny, all tied in to their image database. YMMV.

I tend to use Smart Collections to control workflow using labels so I know which are selects, which need further tweaking, which need metadata and which have been published. I'm not too bothered about whether an image made it into SS but not DT. But I am bothered about whether I've keyworded and captioned or not. Again, YMMV.

General Photography Discussion / "Selfie"...
« on: November 19, 2013, 03:54 »
...Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year.

We need another neologism - perhaps "candie", so that candid portraiture is once again an acceptable form of photography...

Off Topic / Re: The Sky is Falling!
« on: November 13, 2013, 06:52 »
So far, the tally is zero...

As far as we know.

*does the Twilight Zone theme tune*

Shutterstock.com / Re: How are sales going?- Shutterstock
« on: November 12, 2013, 03:59 »
My tiny 80-image port on SS is punching well above its weight at the moment. Made payout within the month last month. Slow but steady so far this month.

General Stock Discussion / Re: model might try to sue me
« on: September 24, 2013, 17:52 »
I would delete the photos. Forget the legal aspect, avoid possible trouble and let her have her career.

This. For peace of mind.

She's still deluded, mind.

Symbiostock - General / Re: Woohoo... first real SymbioStock sale.
« on: September 17, 2013, 13:37 »
Great stuff, everyone.

Symbiostock - General / Re: Woohoo... first real SymbioStock sale.
« on: September 11, 2013, 18:18 »
Good dog(ford)...  ;D

iStockPhoto.com / Re: New Pricing
« on: September 11, 2013, 02:20 »

...a french saying: armons nous et partez I don't know if it exists in english, but it could sound like "Let us arm and let you go"

The equivalent English language saying is, "Let's you and him fight".

I know the posts are from a few months back but I can also confirm that 60 days after closing my iS account, they paid me all that was due assuming that the PP payments were correct too.

Symbiostock - General / Re: Backing up
« on: September 09, 2013, 11:17 »
The fair-minded man in me feels obliged to offer a small apology. JustHost support have informed me that even though I can't access my Pro backup package through the normal clicking route, I can access my backups by clicking the free backup icon instead.

But why I had to contact support for them to tell me that rather than them sending out a group email to all affected users, I don't know. I mean it's not like it's important or anything...

So there we are. Unfortunately, that doesn't help to Christine of course but it may be of use to someone else here.


Symbiostock - General / Re: Backing up
« on: September 07, 2013, 11:41 »
Hahaha. That's priceless JustHost. Your backup system that I pay for is stuffed so I have to FTP my files instead.

What do you do? Why you throttle my account, that's what you do. Customer service-tastic.


Symbiostock - General / Re: Bluehost backing up tutorial
« on: September 07, 2013, 11:33 »
Thanks Mark. Saved my bacon today now that JustHost has thrown a backup wobbly too.

Symbiostock - General / Re: Backing up
« on: September 07, 2013, 09:08 »
Yes Christine, I'm just producing a queue (again) in Filezilla as per Mark's tut. My first attempt failed - I think because of permission problems.

Unfortunately, I've signed up to JustHost for two years. Unless they dramatically up their game, I think I'll cut my losses and just shift to a more reliable host. I doubt they'll refund me anything pro rata despite not delivering on their promises.

Sorry to see you're having an even harder time because of JustHost too.

Symbiostock - General / Re: Backing up
« on: September 07, 2013, 07:00 »
Bah. I've just bought Leo's upgrade to install and sort out this weekend but JustHost's backup system is down the pan.

The last backup I downloaded is from the middle of August and I wanted to d/l my most recent site/DB backup from their server (should have been from overnight last night).

I paid 20 GBP for their "Backup Pro" package when I opened my account with them. Today, clicking on my cPanel Backup link, takes me to the "Upgrade to Pro" page rather than my backed up files.

/irrelevant rant on/ Plus they owe me a 15 GBP refund after I paid in full for their recommended Sitelock security upgrade but are blaming Sitelock for not letting them know soon enough and now won't honour it because it's "outside the window for refunds".  So this rant is vicariously directed at Sitelock too. /irrelevant rant off/

It seems an almost universal truth - there do appear to be one or two exceptions - that web hosts don't cover themselves in glory.

So I'm off to read all the other MSG posts on backing up via FTP/SSL/whatever and if that works, maybe I'll save myself 20 quid next year and forever more. So maybe this is a good thing. Right I'll stop rambling. Just needed to vent.

Symbiostock - General / Re: English native speakers help thread
« on: September 07, 2013, 06:23 »
I just put a new slideshow on my site using these four text snippets:

Stock photos direct from the artist

Reasonable pricing starting at $4

Network with over 100.000 images

Secure checkout with PayPal

I hope they sound like English English, not like German English  ;D

A minor point (pun intended) but most of the World would write ein hundert tausend as 100,000 or 100 000 rather than the Continental 100.000


We've put in the modern bootstrap 3, and along with many other perks the whole theme is 100% responsive, no questions asked.


Looks good Leo. But JTLYK, on my iPad, your logo and anything above it can't be seen beneath the floating search box thingummy. This happens on every page. iOS 6.1.3 Retina display

ETA - it's even more marked on my iPhone 4S (also v6.1.3).

Symbiostock - General / Re: Woohoo... first real SymbioStock sale.
« on: September 07, 2013, 02:55 »
Kudos Ron.

Symbiostock - General / Stripe - a heads up
« on: September 05, 2013, 05:28 »
I'm not sure if this is on the Symbio roadmap or not but I've just seen on PhotoShelter that Stripe have expanded their service to the UK and Ireland. AFAIK, they still don't cover mainland Europe.

https://stripe.com/blog/introducing-stripe-uk & https://stripe.com/blog/stripe-ireland

From their FAQs, "We're also available in private beta for businesses in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands.
We're actively working on adding support for other countries."

So is there the possibility of integrating Stripe into Symbio in the future?

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