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Now the $4.3M for a photo looks like a bargain lol

Pond5 / Re: zero sales
« on: May 20, 2013, 10:03 »
^ Their rise would be great for all of us. Especially for "few" of us who don't make videos.

It would be a shame if they don't put some effort to push "stills" to start selling.

4 / Re: the END of microstock !!!
« on: May 18, 2013, 10:22 »
Yeah, there will be more room for others 8)
Precisely. The day when Yuri leaves the microstock agencies should be celebrated as the international holiday, The New Microstock Day.

Good for him since he will earn more, and good for us for being a little more under the sun.

75 million dollar painting :O

:not worthy:

@Xanox - I agree.

6 / Re: review time up at SS
« on: May 17, 2013, 04:00 »
I am talking about emails which they send to people to confirm that they received the upload. That was obvious right from my 1st message. Even too obvious, so I don't know what are you trying to do here. Surely not anything constructive.
If you really just misunderstood my message, you could just check or ask instead of posting your smartass reply.
So it's ironic that you call me a troll, because this "discussion" seems like your pathetic trolling attempt (or maybe just the lack of basic manners?). In either case, this kind of forum shouldn't be the place for these stuff, so I won't spend anymore my keyboard on somebody like you.
And I definitely won't give you back a minus - degrading myself to your level would be quite terrible.


7 / Re: review time up at SS
« on: May 16, 2013, 03:59 »
Initial review of new accounts may take 7 to 10 days.
Then you simply can't read properly... and you just have a need to "correct" and laugh at people, despite that you can't even read a simple paragraph as a whole. But ok, you are not trying to be a smartass...
Needless to say, we all know that these 48-72h for review and a week for initial approval (10 photo application) was exactly how it was 2+ years ago... Now they should change that paragraph because it looks silly for a long time now, especially because it seems that it might go even higher than 10 days. Clear now?

8 / Re: review time up at SS
« on: May 15, 2013, 19:53 »
If the 1st sentence really refers to that, than the other one sound even worse - it states their review will take 48h "in many cases".
Regarding getting online, it's always in less than 24h in my case...

btw, don't quote the post above yours if you wanna be a smartass.

9 / Re: review time up at SS
« on: May 15, 2013, 18:59 »
Old thread alert.

review times are 7-10 days in 2013. 2008 was a different decade
And that doesn't stop them to still keep their "Please allow 72 hours for your photos to be processed" message lmao.

@ cthoman

I can't imagine (despite being imagein lol) that most of us "mortals" can replicate our earnings from SS on any of these sites. Not even on all of them together.
Ok, those sites would probably sell more with 20M photos, but still not nearly enough to compensate earnings from the top4, at least not for the most of us. Maybe in 5+ years, but not everybody is ready for that process, which is btw very uncertain...

For making some drastic changes we would need some drastic actions. So before switching agencies, the most influential artists would have to start a marketing process, together with those agencies. What was the difference between Deposit and other newbies? - thats right, the marketing...

@ dirkr

Buyers doesn't care where the most artist will send their work, so random agencies won't sell more just if they reach 20M photos. It's not nearly enough just to stop send to one place and start send to other.

This is about marketing, and marketing costs (unless there is a lot of buzz on the internet). If those agencies can't or won't put their effort in marketing, somebody has to...

Not the digital photo, but it's close, and the marketing logic is the same.

Someone paid $43.8 MILLION for this abstract painting:

And unfortunately, none of these can really sell. Unless if you are sending videos to pond5. Or if you simply have 10k high-end images...

14 / Re: Change of Most popular
« on: May 14, 2013, 05:33 »
I'm not a high volume seller (~100$ in April), but having 0 sales for the entire last weekend is a huge drop for me. I also had a technical problem on the site - it constantly loaded all my pages in German.
Now it looks normal again, and hopefully the sales will catch up too.


I plan to build my online store so I was thinking to become a little active in this community. If this makes me a "scammer", then I guess the most of the forum members are the same... btw, I follow this forum for some time and I've learned a lot, so I like the forum despite nobody answered my question in my 1st topic.
And specifically, my interest in this subject got inspired by this funny video:
Please Give Me One Million Dollars
so I searched up... Sorry for being such a sinner...

Peter Lik and fellow Australian Ken Duncan are reminders of how business ability is much more important than photographic ability when you want to make serious money in this business.
Exactly. This is the essence.

This is not about the artistic value, commercial usability etc.
Especially because there are really some super rich people who spends their money on stupid things in the name of "collecting stuff". Their desire to be "different" and to say to people "I paid x millions for this uber cool thing" drives them and sometimes it doesn't make any sense. They are like blessing from above lol.
But what exactly they would like to "collect"? I think the image has to be different (not necessarily artistic) and maybe to have some sort of "story" and "history". Standard stock wouldn't work in this case. And of course, we need to reach this kind of people somehow...

I've never thought that selling photos for tons of money is something possible, until today.

offered for $1M:

Obviously, none of us really knows how exactly is possible to sell an image for millions.
I can assume that it can be done with high traffic and / or by getting in touch with the right people (idk how). Or is it simply "the right place at the right time"...

Share the knowledge and share more examples like these if you know or find any... Because I think we have had it with earning peanuts per sale with agencies lol.

Symbiostock - General / Symbiostock custom payment gateway?
« on: April 26, 2013, 05:42 »
Hello everybody :)

First of all, congratulations to Leo for his great work. Leo, you do a wonderful job with this theme and independent network, so keep it up!

Now the question - there are countries which are not supported by Paypal, and there are also their unsatisfied customers. And ofc, there are better payment processors which support multiple payment methods, currencies etc...

So regarding Symbiostock's customization, I was wondering, can the Paypal integration be disabled?
And can the custom buttons be added on the page that opens when you click the image? I would need a custom "buy" buttons which would be linked to payment options - credit card, paypal etc, provided by the payment processor.

And one more question - does every buyer needs to register first before purchasing or is this optional? Forced registering is quite a turn-off, especially when something is new and unknown. People loves flexibility and it can only bring good, so if I would use this theme, I would like to be more liberal.


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