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Canva / Re: Canva details like Address, VAT?
« on: June 18, 2021, 02:27 »
Sounds annoying. I hope you can track the information down. In my experience it can take many weeks for them to reply to emails.

Canva / Re: Canva details like Address, VAT?
« on: June 17, 2021, 07:11 »
I think 110 Kippax St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia is their primary address but they also have offices at 

116 V. A. Rufino St
Coherco Corporate Center
Makati, National Capital Region 1229, PH

200 E 6th St
Austin, Texas 78701, US


3A Shilipu Road
Vanke Times Center
Beijing, Chaoyang 101101, CN

Not sure which you would invoice, or company number etc. hopefully someone else can help.

Could I ask why you are invoicing them?


Let us hope, you are right! And if Mat would have explained it like that, most of us could accept it! But he did not do it! So, it keeps up suspected.
And why ALL images WERE available in the past for ALL countries?
Does a country or organisation critisised Adobe in case of your esamples above, so that Adobe had to start to select images like that now?

I think the most likely reason for no reply is that he has passed it on to marketing so they can come up with a carefully worded response that avoids words like censorship or kowtowing to oppressive regimes. They need to spin it as actually being sensitive to peoples feelings (I mean people who can let them access the market, not people like LGBTQ communities in those countries), which is a tricky balance under the circumstances. You know, the usual.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Telifport, thieves or legit?
« on: June 17, 2021, 03:44 »
Seems dodgy or could be a partner site. They have some of my work and I have never heard of them

I dont think theres a lot of point analysing this by checking specific searches yet. Sounds like they are manually going through big contributors portfolios and okaying images for these territories. I would think there wont be much logic to what is up in those countries in terms of volume until further down the line. These countries' collections will just be whatever has come across the reviewers screens as they go through the portfolios minus what they censor.

From the explanation and the lists of countries involved my guess is that eventually these countries will end up with the whole collection minus any LGBTQ positive images, any images with what may deemed to have excessive skin showing. Maybe even minus anything deemed to be to empowering to women. Of course also anything that could be seen to be criticising specific regimes and their policies. Same old hypocrisy every big tech company does when breaking into these markets (so not a criticism of Adobe above the rest).

Okay, an update as it has been exactly one month and I have received several big payments via Payoneer by mass pay from the sites now.

The conversion this morning was over 2% (!!!!) better than Paypal. Rates have consitently been over 1% better at all times and usually 1.5%, apart from that first conversion which was 0.8% better.

I can't see any legitiamte reason for me to ever use paypal where payoneer is an option, it has saved me around 100 already, and I haven't even switched all my payments yet.


What do you do if some guy shamelessly claims that he made my photo 32 years ago? LOL. He refused to share a higher rez photo where the identical details would have been even more obvious, like cloud patterns in the sky, etc. He countered my DMCA report.

Etsy says that if I don't follow with a legal action they will re-instate that listing after 10 days.
I wrote them back saying that I'm 100% certain that the photo is mine, asking them to not re-instate it.

Any such experiences? I thinking about filing a claim with Copytrack, if Etsy doesn't listen.

It is very frustrating. Some Etsy sellers have found out they can just dispute the DMCA. It really isn't practical to take them to court. What does work though is to let other people know about the infringing shop and get as many copyright holders to complain about their work as possible. Etsy will eventually take down the whole store regardless.

Vector artists also, please do a quick search for "svg" and "vector" on Etsy and get these dirtbags making thousands off your work shut down. They bundle hundreds of stolen vectors together and sell the files for a couple of dollars, which they can do because they havent had to put in the thousands of hours to produce the work.

Illustration - General / Re: Any free 8 bit filters?
« on: June 02, 2021, 10:54 »
Do you mean to make it like pixel art? There really no automated way to do that and make it look good. It is a skillset all of its own.

I believe you are fine with the default/ included brushes

Newbie Discussion / Re: boycott shutterstock
« on: May 31, 2021, 07:37 »
I prefer using depositphotos.com they have more designer-friendly roylaties.

Errr, no they don't, much worse RPD. Much worse history of treatment of contributors. Very bad idea.

They say they have relationships with some top agencies and one of the options is selling a portfolio. What's the bet that the one agency they have a relationship with is freepik, which is run by the same people, allowing them to pocket back a nice chunk of the price they pay for images?

I have read with Payoneer you can have a prepaid credit card, do you know haow many dollars you have in Payoneer account for this?

Sorry I only use them to transfer out to my bank account so dont know.

How complicated was Payoneer to set up in the UK?
Super easy. I needed a passport number and that was it if I remember correctly. I know they didn't need document scans like Paypal did.

my size theory is not it, i tested it

could it be that he uploads an image and then have bots click on the image and maybe download a few from a buyer account to propel them to teh first spot??,
Yes this is my guess too. They have probably found it only takes a few early sales and/or clicks to get an image to the top and that across a portfolio it adds up financially.

I have not used Payoneer for a few years.

The reason I left was because of their hidden "cross-border" transaction fee. Since it is located in Belize, it was highly unlikely that anyone could skip this fee.

I hope they no longer charge this hidden fee.
They still charge a big fee for transferring out USD if you aren't in the US. Transferring out USD to my bank account in my local currency (GBP) has much better conversion fees than Paypal though.

Still c**p compared to other solutions like Revolut and Wise (was Transferwise) but until the agencies start offering these Payoneer seems to be much better fee wise than Paypal.

I found violation of my work here.
I reported, and they acted deleting the files but...

The sellers are allowed to continue without any issues... only files reported are deleted.

https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/Designesque (86 678 files sold!!!)
They need several strikes against the account before they delete it. If you see other people's work let them know so they can report also.

I have reported 30-40 listings in the past 2 days.

Gosh, it's maddening. But the reporting is quite easy and straight forward.

I really did find that after doing that a few times over several months my worked stopped cropping up there. Good luck with it.

In case anyone wants to go the DMCA route here's the form:


You can report multiple listings in one go

Thanks I appreciate the feedback and will let the forum know if I get any similar problems.

from my experience i can say that payoneer sucks...no customer service,if you have any problem it's almost impossible to contact them...at the beginning of this year i had to send them documents to prove my residence,it took 2 months and many attemps to get this documents approved...not to mention the issue with their card holder last year when they blocked all the cards...
Sounds rough, but I have heard similar about Paypal too if you are unlucky enough to have to deal with them outside of basic transfers. I haven't had any major problems in that regard (just hate their crazy fees and not allowing foreign currency transfers out). I am transferring to a bank account. Could I ask roughly where in the world you are based?

Anyone else had similar problems with Payoneer? This worries me...

Mat, when did this get rolled out, started? I've seen earnings tank at AS and just wondering if this is the reason. If this is the cause and this new earning level will continue then it looks like this will be an end for me.

I'm sort of hoping I've read this wrong and that AS hasn't basically got rid of higher value sales and replaced them with 0.30 ones. I normally get quite a few of the larger ones but nothing over the last 10-14 days. Those larger value sales were the only thing that makes it possible to continue supplying AS.
I suspect the drop could have more to do with the regional changes with the algorithm, I would also like to hear from Matt when we should see the first sales from the new scheme


If you care to look at the sales that don't have pink or yellow in the top 12 rows, we get paid the percentage as promised.

Is that actually a percentage of the revenue like Adobe offer with their new plan for Creative Cloud for Teams and Enterprises? If not what is it a percentage of?

At least for GBP from USD, until agencies offer payment methods from providers doing conversions at mid market rates.

I finally got round to opening an account, switching some of my payments and doing a comparison.

So far rates have been roughly .80-2% better than Paypal (sadly they don't allow withdrawals of USD without a big fee unless you are a US resident so similar to Paypal in that respect)

Anyway, I've been wondering for a while and thought someone else might find it useful. I would highly recommend switching. I will continue doing the comparison for a few months at least and update if this stops being the case.

I used to find hundreds of my works on there whenever I searched. I reported DMCA'd as many as I could find for a few months and now rarely if ever find abything. I think there a re a few people/ groups responsible for the majority of these huge portfolios featuring stolen vectors. It becomes too much hassle for them if you keep up with the reports. I know that a few of us working as a team got some of the biggest ports shut down a while ago and would repeat each time they reappeared.

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