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I was Design Manager for a fire sprinkler contractor for about 10 years...  Now I'm hoping to get completely out of that and focus on a career full time with photography. 

General Stock Discussion / Re: yuri interview on John Lund
« on: January 25, 2011, 02:53 »
Well there's a bloke called Yuri Arcurs who has 25k images at TS for example;

There's something strange up with that.  Many of those 25k images appear to be exact duplicates.  In just the first few pages there's a closeup of a blond girl holding out a cellphone that is repeated several times, and also a portrait of a dark haired bride, and a photo of a groom sitting at a table giving a thumbs down.  All appear to be from Hemera.  Wonder why there are so many repeats/identical (as opposed to similar) images...?

There are strange images in that collection, e.g. illustrations which I don't think belong to Yuri at all. And what are those Gorilla images?

I would suggest these are leftover images maybe he didn't believe would sell or get accepted on the top tier agencies, but might on the lower tier agencies..  Maybe higher acceptance rate for repeat images etc.

Photos are amazing, thanks for sharing!!

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