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For the rest of us we are in my opinion still waiting for a start up that has:

1. The right pieces (commissions, UI, content, money, differentiation......what's unique that a buyer would want to leave Stocksy or SS or IS and come to Ingimage?)
2. Is able to get ample buyer traffic.

Hi Mantis,

Ingimage is not a start-up, we have grown gradually over the last seven years - not through traffic but through sales generated by traditional marketing methods and word of mouth. We are not huge, but our traffic levels are in a similar league to Stocksy - more importantly our loyal customers represent the majority of our traffic, and that group is steadily growing. Many of our present contributors already make very significant royalties through us.

I appreciate we have not reinvented the wheel. But as a smaller collection we do offer a different experience for buyers. Customers do choose us over larger collections as they prefer browsing our edited library.

We offer high royalties compared to other subscriptions  (we are accepting applications until April 30th - Ingimage Application Page)

Thanks for all your feedback, this is very much taken on board.

  • To clarify, Ingimage does not require exclusive content.
  • Our royalty % is lower than single-purchase / credit based sites - but as a subscription site our 'per download' royalties are high.
  • We are a smaller library catering to a more specific market - the small size of our collection means that we can & do provide a steady & significant extra stream of income to our photographers and artists.

If you'd like to apply here's the link: Ingimage Application Page

Hi Jo Ann, thank you for your comments.

We do not work on the fixed fee per download model but note that most subscribers download nowhere near the limits. Based on figures from the last quarter, our average subscriber will download 350 files over the course of a 1 year subscription (by far our best-selling product, c.80% of our sales). This average is fairly consistent sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more as it is calculated from thousands of subscribers. If you wish to compare this to SS, Ingimage actual royalties per download last quarter were:

$0.57 (sub download)

$1.98 (credit download)

The higher sub royalties, plus the benefit of having less competition against images on the site make our royalties equivalent to a Middle Tier site.
I can also clarify that there is no lock-in period for images uploaded to Ingimage.

'Product' refers to collections of images we sell in DVD format, not on Ingimage. Contributors have full control of if their work would be included in a DVD - they receive a written invitation which they would have to formally accept. These do bring a large boost to royalties and the 3 year lock-in period is necessary so we can invest in marketing and producing the DVDs.

General - Top Sites / Re: iStock and Shutterstock web traffic
« on: February 24, 2015, 12:26 »
As the analytics guy at a stock library (Ingimage) I may be able to shed some light.

Generally I find it is not at all precise (esp. per country) - but as a simple indication it's okay. For example it says 18.2% of Ingimage visitors are from Finland... whereas Google Analytics tells me the number is actually 0.81% (someone with the Alexa toolbar in Finland must love us!). Whereas more gerenally - over the last two years our traffic has increased around 80%, and our Alexa rank has climbed steady with it (from c.80k at c.35k).

All the stock libraries do seem to have been sliding down in unison since October 2014, but that looks to be leveling off now. I can't speak for others - but for us this directly reflected real traffic trends - October is always a peak for us (c.150k sessions), December a low (c.130k), then expect to be back up to full speed in March.

Hi Semmick,

- We do not require exclusivity
- We do sell RF
- We do not currently sell editorial


Hi dirkr,

I'm afraid we don't offer commission on a per-upload basis, but thanks for your comments.

To give you a sense of the royalties you might expect - our recent contributor feedback has been that their earnings are similar to Middle Tier sites here.


Hi Semmick and dirkr,

The honest answer is that the royalty % is calculated on what allows us to grow our business and support our team.

We have a traditional sales team & customer service led approach which has high running costs. Each of our subscribers has a personal account manager that they can call & and who will give them updates throughout the course of their subscription. I am aware this sounds old-fashioned, but there is a niche for this - with many customers choosing us specifically because they enjoy the experience of working with a smaller company.

Our subscription pricing reflects the more niche product & smaller collection size.

There are higher subscription royalty rates elsewhere, however, on a big subscription-based site each image is competing against another 20M - 50M, on Ingimage the choice is smaller - as a result each contributor ultimately receives a much greater share of our revenue.


Hi - I'm Henry, the Marketing Manager at Ingimage.

We've made a few changes to our library that I wanted to share with you. I'm also pleased to announce we are now accepting new contributor applications:

Changes to the website:

1. We now offer an Extended License option - a single image cost $80 or $40 if the customer has an active subscription with us. Your royalties will be the regular 20% ($16 / $8).

3. We have launched a new search engine. This will introduce a new default sorting system under Relevance - this gives more weight to newer images & images that have downloads related to the searched-for keyword (the Editor's View option will also be kept).

3. Royalties can now be viewed and requested automatically through your account (...I appreciate we are very much late on this development, but we're doing our best to catch up). Go to My Account > Contributor Area > Royalties.

New Content:

Ingimage is now accepting applications for new contributors - Deadline of April 30th.

1. New video contributors (applications can be sent directly to [email protected])

2. New photographers & illustrators, particularly with portfolios covering the following categories:

- Authentic-looking People (ie. not too model-ly, with a range of genuine emotions)
- Education (all ages)
- Content created in Asia, South America & Africa
- Workplaces / Professions - eg. care workers, tradesman, designers
- Sports

Ingimage Online Application Form here.

Any questions please let me know.


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