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1 / Re: Disappearing sales
« on: April 26, 2016, 02:45 »
...sales come, sales go,
like the waves on the shore...

Pond5 / Re: Pond 5 review changes
« on: April 04, 2016, 13:13 »
Let's hope, new posh office on Park Ave. in Manhattan will inspire curators to work harder.

Do you really think curators work in this office? Once there was a talk about P5 outsourced curation to an Indian company.

Pond5 / Re: Pond 5 review changes
« on: March 27, 2016, 06:26 »
With 600 files video portfolio my last sale was on Feb 29. No sales since the membership program started. Maybe I am a little bit unlucky but I do think there is a shift in sales from the private portfolios to the membership collection.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5 Ranking without Video?
« on: March 24, 2016, 02:44 »

Now they seem to follow a macrostock or boutique agency approach, but they havent changed their prices.

If for video they would establish a new floor at 60 dollars, maybe the rejections would make sense.

But as long as you offer 10 dollar content you also have to accept 10 dollar files.

Very true.

They reject regardless of the prices.

They must either fix the prices and decide which files to be added to the database OR leave the prices to the contributor and accept the content if the file is technically okay.

Pond5 / Re: Pond 5 review changes
« on: March 24, 2016, 02:36 »
Last week I emailed them about my rejections. I explained them why my videos should be added to the database, one by one with the file numbers. They sent me a plastic, copy-paste answer, saying that I should send my best files?!...I think I will have a brake with them. Very discouraging...



ACS won the bet!!
Thanks so much KnowYourOnions, very keen and carefull search!

I have never been there, don't know the place but I have tons of photographs rejected for similar reasons :(

I bet it is the design elements on the pavement.

Newbie Discussion / Re: Newbie- Ready to make some real money
« on: March 07, 2016, 11:21 »
I am new to photography.  Looks like microstock is the perfect place to make some real cash! I will get my new canon from walmart and start shooting objects on the table- simple yet will make some real bank! Love it!


You reminded me the good old days when I started microstock in 2007.

Good luck!

General Stock Discussion / Re: Poll - Earning per photo per year
« on: February 24, 2016, 08:03 »
In 2015, only in SS, with 750 photos and 350 video clips (*); I made 2,4 USD per photo and 2,2 USD per video.

(*): Weighted average.

I started to make video clips for stock in 2013 and my experience is very similar to yours. As you mentioned, P5, SS, VB and (according to my stats) Fotolia are the agencies worth to submit nowadays and most likely they cover %75 of all the revenue made from videostock market.

VideoBlocks / Re: Many refunds at videoblocks (smells bad)
« on: February 20, 2016, 14:41 »
10 refunds in "how many" sales?

Gopro Hero?

(Time interval is limited to 0.5 sec though)

13 / Re: SS FTP upload down
« on: February 08, 2016, 09:26 »
I uploaded my firs two videos about a week ago. Still in pending... What is the average time for review ?


Around 2 weeks these days.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5 review times
« on: February 08, 2016, 09:23 »
They let my files in after 2 and a half months. %90 accepted, which is understandable. Just fyi...

Photography Equipment / Re: Sony A7R II for microstock
« on: February 06, 2016, 10:05 »
Any DSLR on the market suits the needs of the Microstock today. Even the cheapest one.

16 / Re: Exciting announcement
« on: February 04, 2016, 03:31 »
I had two "exciting" years with Canstock (It took me that long to reach my first payout). Than I closed my account and never looked back!

General - Stock Video / Re: Converting night clip from 15p to 25p
« on: February 02, 2016, 16:57 »
Peter, it was just a straight conversion from 15p to 25p. Please enlighten me because I don't really know much about video.

Which program are you using to convert from 15 to 25?

If you are not speeding up, just converting, than will end up with a choppy, unacceptable footage.

You should't shoot below 24p for stock. And if you shoot 24p send 24, if 25p send 25, if 30p send 30, if 50p you can either send 25 or 50, if 60p send either 30 or 60 for a smooth video.


...And.. If you do it for the money I'll say that the chances of success are absolute minimal. You should do it for the love of photography or for the love of being creative...

Well said!


Anyways, after several weeks, my camera arrived and I never did any of those again. Today, when I see this guy doing all those simple movements, and with the knowledge, technology and experience I got in these five years, who knows, maybe I give it another shot :) I think he must be selling something cause he wouldn't be doing that much clips if there's no money out of it. And he already got the keywords ready from photos :)
Sorry for the long post. Back to lurking.

Thank you for the inspiration! 10/10!

I wonder why he didn't make them 4K in the first place?!

Photographs looks professional but videos not!

This may work for some specific type of photographs and it is almost indistinguishable when it's done properly but this is just simple pan & zoom effect. Angle of light, perspective, depth of field doesn't change and I don't think that many video customer would pay for it 100 times more price.

Step through your rendered movie frame by frame and double check that there's no repeating frames. That's the biggest frame rate problem people have.

I didn't understand. And if I found a repeated frame, what should I do?

If you find any repeating frame, do not resubmit. It will be choppy. But it is a painfull process, if I were you I would invest my time creating new clips.

Some cameras, in S mode (shutter priority) allow you to shoot below 1/25 secs. Lets say you shoot at 1/10 secs and you are recording it at 50 frames per second. In this case your cam repeats each frame 5 times and this cause choppiness. And this happens especially in low light situations. Shoot at manual exposure mode, and keep your shutter speed value 1/25 or 1/50 or 1/100 etc. Never go below 1/25. These settings are fine for 50p mode and 25p export from Premiere.


I checked it. I shooted at 50p (50 frame per seconds progressive mode) and I outputted at 25 frame per seconds
So how I can fix it? My camera permit me to shoot at 50i or 50p so I am obliged to opt for 50p. So I have to output at 50 frame per seconds? Am I right? I use premier pro cs6. Do I have to flag some options in exporting settings window???....for instance "Use Maximum render quality" or something else???

Thanks in advance

You are doing right. Shooting at 50p and exporting at 25p is good to have smooth motion. Actually your actual frame rate should always be equal or double of your exporting frame rate.

What might have happened?

1) it was a low light scene, you shutter speed was below 1/25 secs although your recording fps was 50.

2) due to the nature of the scene it looks like as if it is choppy but actually it is not. It happened to me once when I submitted rain drops on window timelapse. The motion itself was choppy because of the wind pattern.

3) the reviewer hit the wrong button.

If it is not (1) try to resubmit.

Thanks both. Really helpful. I'm not at all sure if it is for me, but I'm just considering options....
Nice point about the internet. Ours is really slow but I hear there is another provider now in our area with a better ie faster deal. I am seeing him tomorrow.
Did the spec of my camera sound good enough? If not,then that is a showstopper in any case and I won't waste any more time!

From Olympus' website;
Full HD: 1920 and1080, 30p (29.97fps)* 20Mbps (fine) / 17Mbps (normal), Aspect ratio 16:9
HD: 1280720, 30p (29.97fps)* 13Mbps (fine) / 10Mbps (normal), Aspect ratio 16:9

It is technically okay. But you will use 1080p 30p (or 29.97, same) and fine 20mbps settings. You can use it.

When shooting stock video, you need to make it in the first place. I mean composition, lighting, exposure... Editing without degrading the quality is almost impossible for a beginner.

Photography Equipment / Re: Sensor quality vs lens quality
« on: January 28, 2016, 04:46 »

What I've never understood is if - or at what magnification - there would be an appreciable difference in sharpness between the 2 images. I get that the image from the full-frame camera would now be down to around 13-14MP but wouldn't the APS-C image only come out sharper if the lens can deliver enough detail to let it do so?

If those sensors from two cameras are identical in terms of resolving ability, there will be no difference in terms of sharpness when looked at %100. But there will be a detail difference; 20 MP one will have more data then the 14 MP one. Lets assume that it is a rural landscape photo. In the 20 MP photo (APS-C),  the tree in the middle of your frame will be %42,9 larger than the tree in the 14 MP (FF) one. If it is 100 pixels wide in the FF 14 MP one, it will be 143 pixels in the APS-C one.

25 / Re: Uploading to iStock Is About To Get Easier
« on: January 26, 2016, 01:44 »
IS has been accepting almost everything to its collection in the last couple of years with no visible quality concern. And this tool will speed up this dilution process in the collection. But good for you. Lots of luck.

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