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You understood it right. Except, when you register with agencies, you don't have to give your bank details, just your email address linked with Skrill.

Thanks again for the clarification, Dook.

Thanks Baldricks Trousers for your input. I'll do some research on Payoneer now. Could you tell me what kind of restrictions Skrill poses. In what way have you found Payoneer to be a better option over Skrill?
A long time ago Skrill and Paypal started asking for all sorts of documents that didn't exist, I got the impression they were both following the same regulations from the US. I can't remember the exact details, it was back in 2008, but it caused me a lot of problems  (things might have changed a lot since then, but after the trouble I had with them I haven't considered going back).

That sounds frustrating. I guess I wouldn't try Skrill if I had went through what you went but I haven't tried yet and there doesn't seem to be a better option than Skrill for me if I choose to contribute on shutterstock too at the moment in terms of low charge for receiving money. I guess shutterstock does wiretransfer too, right? And seeing the microstock poll results on the right side of my screen I'm tempted to submit photographs to shutterstock.

Skrill - you cannot use it for Istock, you can use it for Shutterstock and Dreamstime

Payoneer - you cannot use it for Shutterstock, you can use it for Istock

I dont know about the other agencies.

Thanks for your input Kaboom ;) So, I need both, Skrill and Payoneer.

Paypal and Skrill are not trustworthy. I know there are many people using it since years without problems and I congratulate them, but it seems to depend a lot on the personal configuration: where do you come from, from where do you login, what amounts are you transferring, did you had any connection to the wrong websites in the past, does your website show tits, are there any political flaws against your country of residence, do you have the wrong family members etc.  In any case, they cannot be called professional.

Payoneer is still my preferred and the most reliable. Sadly Shutterstock and Fotolia are still too lazy to implement them. Contributors? Who are those guys? Ahhh, our products come from them? Nahhhh, there are plenty of them, screw m. Their needs are irrelevant to our infinite success.

Beyond that: it would be really time for a professional, affordable and reliable international banking system. Sadly the pure existence of sites like paypal offers a excuse for many not to support and look for better alternatives and blocks the market for promising competition on the other hand.

It is quite sad that in 2015 so many of us still have to fiddle around with bank checks, friends in other countries who can deliver the requested - ridiculous - documentation and expensive wire transfers outside the SEPA system.

All these things seem to be a nasty business and you seem to have looked deep into these matters. Personal configuration seems to be unfavorable to me.

Payoneer sounds a better option and I'll certainly go with it too. I haven't started to contribute yet but you seem to have been a contributor for a long time and I can imagine the frustration one can go through when you are a part of the people who have made all these microstock sites owners filthy rich and they don't give a crap about you.

The trend of following what's been followed by the majority certainly seems to have hindered the possibility for something better to exist.

I appreciate the time you took out to present some deep matters here, Tror ;)

Thanks Baldricks Trousers for your input. I'll do some research on Payoneer now. Could you tell me what kind of restrictions Skrill poses. In what way have you found Payoneer to be a better option over Skrill?

I just did some research and this is what I've understood. With Payoneer I can withdraw money through ATM but with Skrill I can withdraw money to my bank account, is that right? So if I just have Skrill linked with my bank account then I can use Skrill for all the microstock sites you and I have listed in this post, right? I'm starting to feel much relieved now. Thanks Dook. So first I need to make a Skrill account then link it to my bank account and while registering for Shutterstock, istockphoto etc, I need to fill all the skrill and bank details or is it something that I can choose later while I keep making money (that is, if I make).

Thanks Dook.
You mean I can get a Payoneer card through the microstock sites your listed or I need to provide a Payoneer card's information while registering for those microstock sites? Sorry for my vague understanding of what you said.

Hello all. I'm new to this group. I'm from Nepal. I and a friend of mine want to get into microstock. We're from Nepal, a country located between China and India. Paypal doesn't work in Nepal to receive money. What could be the best alternate to receive money through shutterstock, istock, dreamstime and fotolia? Do these microstock sites send money through Western Union? Which option would be best to receive money with as low payment charges as possible? Please help me out.

Thank you all in advance. Any suggestion will mean a lot to us.

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