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Image Sleuth / 52112.com STOLEN CONTENT OF ALL KINDS
« on: November 17, 2022, 09:31 »
52112.com is selling stolen content without shame. There is content from the best contributors on any major site. But isn't China part of the WTO? So we shouldn't have intentional copyright protections?



By doing a bit of Googling with google images and your own images I think you can find the results. You cannot start from the home. There seem to be various Chinese who simply download and resell.

These are only TWO very evident samples about content I know, because I love that creators.

iStockPhoto.com / Browser notifications "CHANGE" not working
« on: August 17, 2022, 02:26 »
Since - they say -"they listened to us" and now there would be this wonderful and very useful information function tailor-made for us (thank you, how nice!) , I went to click "CHANGE" but nothing happens.
Exactly the same way nothing happens by clicking , exactly the same way, "ticket submit." And it's interesting that by contrast clicking on the link next to "forum", that one instead strangely works immediately. As if to say: help yourself?

I don't understand why both adobe and getty go out of their way to disseminate information in a thousand different streams when all you have to do is send us an e-mail newsletter with information. Do you want to make the information (the same!) available in multiple channels? That's perfectly fine, but keep using the ones that have been working great for ages.

Or at least make the new ones work.

General - Top Sites / Re: I'm the guy with the grey beard
« on: June 11, 2022, 21:21 »
Now, Instead of pulling your punches because you "sell", it would be more helpful to know HOW MANY pieces you sell per DAY and how much money you make PER MONTH. This is useful. Looking at your photos can help us a lot.

Of course, the race is always with yourself in improving: you can improve all you want as a snail, but if you are competing with supersonic missiles they will win. If they are 4000 supersonic missiles, producing ALL 10000 images far better than yours, you can win the race with yourself all you want, but they will saturate the market with products that outclass yours.

So: how many pieces per day and how much money per month? THIS is useful, since you want to differentiate yourself from the other useless jugs.

Joe didn't give any real numbers - at least not here on the forum. But here in this post


he wrote a few facts, which - I have to assume - refer to shutterstock:

Here's the thing for me, Stock Performer tells me I'm in the top 80% on downloads.
But I'm only in the top 30% on income and now I'm in the top 60% on uploads.
The problem is obvious. I need to create more images people want to pay for.

I don't know why people waste so much time obsessing about me. They (you) would be a lot better off obsessing about your own port.
I don't see anyone posting their income, so why should I?
I don't see people posting the link to their port, so I stopped doing it.
Is it me that's at fault here because I'm not nosy about anybody else's port and business?
Move on!


People don't get upset about other people's success.
People get annoyed when someone comes in AS IF they have a two-meter-long dick when in fact they are just SAYING they have one.
You come in here and tell OTHERS that they make useless posts, but your post only becomes useful if you show us these facts beyond talking about them.

Let's see this beast, man. Otherwise your initial post you can say it out loud to yourself in front of a mirror.

You have no real good advice for anyone to prove, numbers in hand, anything. Which wouldn't be a problem, if you didn't come in here looking like a know-it-all old fox teaching others how to live, and not doing nonsense, which you - the greater - don't do. Instead, you are identical to those you criticize.

You're just saying --which is not so much more useful than advising people not to hold the cap in front of the lens-- that improving yourself is a good thing and shooting what FOR YOU sells is a good thing.

Wow, that's brilliant!  ;D




In my opinion, as a contributor, I feel that $5 per image for a non-exclusive, 12 month agreement is fair and reasonable, so I have personally opted in the majority of my eligible files. The eligible files in my account were not generating consistent income for me and I don't see why that trend would have changed.


I totally agree. And I apologize that my knowledge of the English language and use of translators may have made what I posed as a hypothesis more aggressive than determined and clear: an "if so, then so, otherwise something else" form.

But you have made it perfectly clear that it is all fair.
So I renew my apologies for the aggressive over-form: you do not deserve it, nor does the initiative.

Thank you for your help.


 ... cut ...

Having content in the paid collection of a similar nature to what is in the free collection can only benefit you as opposed to not having it online at all. I do expect to see expanded searches from people driven to the site by the free collection so if your content is displayed in those searches, you have the potential for sales you would have never seen otherwise.

fact of which we have no possibility of having any knowledge, have we?

Mat will correct me where I am wrong, but here are the answers to your questions:

are you and adobe employee or do you have official sources with documents citing data to give these answers? I think this space should be leaved free for Mat only about answers, and for us to only ask questions, leaving private messages the privileged way for us to discuss, in this specific thread.

Let me know your questions, I'll be around all day.


Mat Hayward

About automatic renewal:

for the works involved in the automatic renewal, will there also be a new automatic payment in the same terms as the first one? otherwise they should automatically go out of the period.
Too convenient and not very honest to leave it to OUR difficulty, attention and use of time and resources to EXIT a condition that benefits Adobe at our expense.

If, on the other hand, the payment (but I don't see any mention of it in the addendum) for automatic renewal is itself automatic, then fine: can you clarify that explicitly -- and officially -- for us?

And if you can, please let know Adobe whenever they treat contributors as if they were employees they also have to remember the part about the salary.

Thank you! YOU are very kind and helping.

Hi Everyone,

Moments ago we launched a free collection on Adobe Stock. We'll be sending an email to contributors later today with this announcement but I wanted to give you a heads up in advance.

I expect you will have some (many?) questions and I'm happy to answer any that I can. We have put together a Learn & Support page with details and an anticipated list of FAQ for you here:


You can view the collection here: https://stock.adobe.com/free

Let me know your questions, I'll be around all day.

Kind regards,

Mat Hayward

Okay, so let's ask some questions:
why can't we have statistics about the files involved in this operation, during and after this operation?

Assuming you're not going to give us these numbers in the end anyway (and that's not a good thing), will their value still be calculated in the rankings?

Do they exist, these rankings?

One of the things that amazon does, for example, is look at the data of products that OTHERS sell in their marketplace, and then they themselves at a lower price produce a competitive product precisely with those who trust them as distributors, not competitors.

We these sales data (from which we will only benefit with a flat rate) cannot even have them, if we stick to the comparison. It would be very useful for us to have this data.

Second question:
in what "many ways" (apart from any initial flat rate remuneration) should contributors benefit from this operation? Could you list them explicitly? :)

Thank you very much for your effort and commitment.

General - Top Sites / Re: I'm the guy with the grey beard
« on: May 30, 2022, 21:23 »
... cut ...
Yeah, that's me in the long gray beard. Yes, I take selfies. Yes, they sell. All the time.
I've not done any for several months because after I hit 10,000 uploads in one year I decided to take a break
... cut ...

I find your intervention interesting and a little bit USEFUL, clear and simple. But one important piece of information is missing. Everything sells, for anyone. Photography and stock videos make sense on quantity: you don't tell us HOW MUCH you sell and FOR HOW MUCH MONEY per month.
You said the other guys who post complain and are not helpful. Can you be MORE helpful and give us this kind of information?
Stock photography always sells, something sells. Photographing a goat, an apple, even a rock. But if you sell for $1 a day, it's a hobby, if it allows you to sustain and support a family, it's a job.

Now, Instead of pulling your punches because you "sell", it would be more helpful to know HOW MANY pieces you sell per DAY and how much money you make PER MONTH. This is useful. Looking at your photos can help us a lot.

Of course, the race is always with yourself in improving: you can improve all you want as a snail, but if you are competing with supersonic missiles they will win. If they are 4000 supersonic missiles, producing ALL 10000 images far better than yours, you can win the race with yourself all you want, but they will saturate the market with products that outclass yours.

So: how many pieces per day and how much money per month? THIS is useful, since you want to differentiate yourself from the other useless jugs.

Shutterstock.com / Re: Contributor forum deceased?
« on: May 09, 2022, 19:45 »
I tried the links you posted and they redirect to the contributor dashboard. 2022 MAY

Yes, it does. I keep forgetting to switch it off so it shuts down my PC while there are still files being uploaded to other sites.

this is interesting; is yours an Mac or Win pc?

this feature never worked for me ... and I would have found it a really handy feature.

Thanks for sharing

iStockPhoto.com / Did Deepmeta shutdown after upload ever worked?
« on: February 07, 2022, 19:06 »
It doesn't matter if DM has been started as administrator or user, if I check this feature, it never shuts down pc after upload operations in my PC (win)

So, now we are going to be forced to use these new Enhanced model releases. That's it, I have no problem with that, I am this side of the lens.

But it's funny the answer to "What if models don't want to sign an enhanced model release?" that I read as "if they don't sign this, you can't work with them, stop."

This is great, because GDPR and every other kind of data protection laws are created about freedom and people's control concepts. But their freedom is take it or leave it kind  ;D

I've clearly read that they state "we will continue to accept non-enhanced model releases for the time being" but I have plenty of OLD shooting model releases and I hope that, in regards to the old releases, they don't want to consider this stuff retroactive in the future.

Image Sleuth / Re: is VECTEEZY partner site of some kind?
« on: November 06, 2021, 07:51 »
They give away a lot free content, including a LOT of stolen stuff, but are also a referral links site for IStock. So some of the premium content there will just link to your image on IStock. Basically the same model Freepik used.

I checked, but there is no trace of istock/getty links or writings.

Image Sleuth / Re: is VECTEEZY partner site of some kind?
« on: November 06, 2021, 07:48 »
I think the fact that my images there are labelled

iStock by Getty Images Sponsored Vectors

gives me a clue

this is very interesting, because mine are not. They are watermarked with vecteezy logo and logotype, and there is no trace of getty/istock.
Can you link your case or, if you prefer, put here a screenshot with the part you don't want to share obfuscated?


Image Sleuth / is VECTEEZY partner site of some kind?
« on: November 06, 2021, 00:20 »
I found my photographs AND the ones of a friend of mine on VECTEEZY

Photos are under my standard username and my most used avatar, as like as it was really me. But I don't know who they are.

Some cases:

1) they are a partner site of someone: where are partner site lists? I have to know who transfers what to whom.
2) image are stolen; this is a crime: not only I want the image to be removed, but also they to pay for a THEFT crime: where in the world if a steal an apple and you spot me if you catch me just say "ah ok here I'll give it back"? In real life you go in jail.

iStockPhoto.com / DeepMeta Italian/Spanish added
« on: June 16, 2021, 12:18 »
Did you see? If you speak Spanish or Italian now the GUI offers these 2 languages too, and it's different from the keywording language. Not bad for the ones hating the GUI in a different language from their own! :)

Discussione Italiana / DeepMeta Italiano!
« on: June 16, 2021, 12:14 »
ho visto che adesso DeepMeta anche in Italiano! Quello di iStock/Getty! :)

io preferisco sempre taggare in inglese e usare anche l'interfaccia in inglese, ma un sacco di gente odia avere l'interfaccia in inglese! :D Se vi frega... sappiate che adesso esiste... non so da quando in realt!  ;D

I think the issue is with Bridge. Adobe does drop the ball on this one. When Bridge works for adding keywords and metadata it is wonderful but when it decides to not save your efforts it is hell. I have talked to them multiple times and the problem is always my computer  ;) ;)

Try clearing all the caches, then also try clearing the cache on the one clip, and if all else fails remove bridge from you computer and re-install. Always seems to go wonky on videos only and usually after some sort of update.

Adobe gets a fail for this in every way...

... Oh hang on, I keep forgetting it's my computer  ;) ;)

I feel fine.

iStockPhoto.com / FOOTAGE keywords not loaded in deep meta
« on: May 24, 2021, 10:20 »
A friend of mine called me because his video files, tagged with Adobe Bridge weren't correctly loaded in Deep Meta with their embedded meta-tags. It seems they sometimes receive keywords and sometimes they don't. Unpredictable result. Weird.
So I asked him to give me a couple of his files: one working and the other one failing to have keywords loaded in deep meta.

But since I was lazy, before starting this check with his files, I shooted a micro-video with my camera, downloaded on my pc, tagged everything as usual and dropped into deep meta... BAD SURPRISE  :'( title and description were there, but no keyword was loaded. So I skipped the check with my friend's files: also MY files had now a problem.

I think the problem is in Bridge, but really... I don't know!
I'm very tired and frustrated about these piece of software that work one day and the following day don't.

Anyone else with these kind of problems?

Scenario: every piece of software updated constantly. Windows 64.

Image Sleuth / Alliance 4 creativity
« on: January 09, 2021, 20:52 »

this seems like BSA ,
but I can't see ANY of our agencies doing this: protect our assets as an alliance, a strong force against robbery.

We are always asking for more money and so on... but we should ask agencies to protect IP assets!

iStockPhoto.com / Re: deep meta site status?
« on: January 09, 2021, 14:17 »
It's working fine here. Looks as though I hadn't been on DM since September (I upload directly) as I had quite a lot of synching including 2 months of statements. Maybe I'm on an older version though: 3.18.3. Also, I didn't try to upload anything. I synched then looked at statements, batches, sales and statments, all seem OK.

So, out of curiosity I then updated to v3.19.0 (Windows, 2 Jan) and can get on to all the above pages and others, but again I didn't try to upload anything.

Hope you get sorted soon.

Added: I was trying to find out what had happened to a particular image which seems to have disappeared from my port. Sometimes imn the past I've found these in DM under 'inactive', but maybe only if it was removed since the last sync. Anyway, as an adjunct to that, I see that DM says I only have 10 active files on iS keyworded Dublin, but according to iStock itself, it's 82 (visible in my port). Weird. Also, under Sales keyworded Dublin I see 0, but I know from iStock and TodayIs20 that's not true.

Maybe, as the API is down while it takes iS a long time to work out our percentages for next year, DM can't pull all stats at the moment? I'm not getting any error messages as of now.

sorry Shady, it's not deep meta itself that's not working, I'm talking about the website, using a web browser, the one you use to check help, history, information about the software. Download of new version works. But when I went to the site to check for info, it answers with "ERROR, refresh"

Off Topic / Re: stock photo reviewer job
« on: January 09, 2021, 14:12 »
Hi Sanjiv,

can you tell us some more about the job you did so we can help you?

yes, something like a CV, the learnt skills, what your previous employer needed, how this job works and so on.

Any updates?

I wrote to iStock, but did not get any answer to this,. But they answered another request already. That alone is already interesting.

Very interesting: iStock seems react on my request about promo.com! I wrote them that many contributors proving now a law suit against them, if that is not legal offer all images for free on promo.com.
Yesterday I checked again my images there and it seems like all my iStock images disappeared now. That is for me a sign that it was illegal.

I know many other contributors here alos wrote a request to iStock and Getty. Any answeres yet or same experiences like me: images disappeared oon promo.com?

I made a request to iStock the 23th of December to remove my images from PROMO.com. No response from iStock now till now and my images are still available on PROM.com.

I also posted a message on iStock forum. Here is the response of an iStock employee:
   Question: ... do you have the official 'spin' on this site? How does it benefit us, the content producers?
   Response: Not a site I was aware of but will ask

But no update from iStock on this site till now.
This is illegal I never agreed to give away my pictures for free.

is there a PUBLIC interrogation place to work out these problems with SS *and* iStock ? different places? ok! but are there?

iStockPhoto.com / deep meta site status?
« on: January 08, 2021, 15:49 »
Hallo, are you having problems with that site too?
It keep on saying "error, refresh" ... no matter what's the page.

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