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Selling Stock Direct / more than a dollar
« on: February 06, 2020, 10:48 »
I sometimes have crazy thoughts. In this case I wondered if I wanted more than a dollar for some photography; I could sell through Getty, I could put things just on Pond5 picking Stocksy like prices, or just Alamy? Any suggestions, including forget it just upload as normal. (Thank you all for your other posts and replies.)

Adobe Stock / Re: Seasonal uploads
« on: December 10, 2019, 14:34 »
Should I just take this down as asked and answered in other places/

Adobe Stock / Seasonal uploads
« on: December 10, 2019, 14:20 »
I wonder if there was an opinion on whether to upload Christmas, for instance, now, when most of the pictures have been bought or wait until August/September when advertisers are starring to make Christmas plans. I know I have worked summers on Christmas shots for consumer product companies catalog. I guess the question is does 'newness' count in searches and should I be uploading Valentines day? (And in addition I thank you all who comment regularly, I benefit from your knowledge and experience.) 

StockFresh / Re: Stockfresh email about new curation standards
« on: August 07, 2017, 03:30 »
Looking at StockFresh for the first time, I like the fact that they accept PayPal. I won't buy from sites which don't accept PayPal. But like most of the microstock sites they seem to have a big problem with keyword spam.

It's getting more and more difficult to find the right content to buy at any of the microstock sites. I've spent most of today looking for a handful of images of 'brunch' in a certain style. Should be easy - in my head I can picture the sort of stuff I am looking for. But far too many contributors just add all food related terms to any image of food. Brussel sprouts, a glass of wine, Christmas party, birthday outing etc. It's very annoying. When narrowing down a search, it would be great to be able to hover over an image and select to exclude all results from that contributor. When you end up looking at thousands of results there needs to be a way to quickly exclude spammy contributors. Gets quite depressing.

Since the sites don't seem to want to do that I see a business opportunity - open an API site and remove the spammy contributors from it. I'm sure for most searches there are plenty of decently keyworded images available. Just search on the top few hundred search terms and then remove the ports of the spammy images that show up in the first few pages. I bet it would clean things up a lot. I am sort of amazed that some sites haven't done this (or at least pushed those ports to the back of the line). They could request a readmission after cleaning up their act.
Search Brunch at Stockfresh and you could see the frustration, the five Christmas presents, the girl with balloons, the plants, I guess the best is the cartoon bear on a branch, although the vector Hawk is a close second in the nonsense category.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Getting payed for comments?
« on: June 29, 2017, 13:43 »
I'm kinda' pleased that people with experience and knowledge share it.

From a friend
Client: "There is a lot work coming up if we could get a discount on this first project."
Photographer: "Sounds great, pay full price on the first project and I'll give the discount on all of the projects that are coming up."
You guys probably can guess the result.

I am pleased when I see the portfolios of the various posters to these forums.

"I think most of the content comes from istock exclusives. They also have individual contracts with larger studios and smaller agencies."
Getty recently emailed and invited me to submit, based on things they found on my commercial site, and I'm a little guy. Thank you all who take the time to comment, this is what I have been thinking about for some time. My ignorant, (inexperienced) thoughts are that if you have content that is some what unique, give Getty a try. Thanks again.   

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