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The problem is Nadav is threatening litigation and he has a lot of money to hire a top London Attorney.

I would not want to spend thousands of $$$$$ defending myself in court. What if the court ruled against me?

Lose my house? Be declared bankrupt!

The apology given was very weak which infuriated Kander even more.

Now he has to pay up to a charity. What next if he doesn't pay? Go to court! Risk losing a lot. It's a gamble I would not want to risk.

Your weak apology to blame your wife went down like a house on fire. Take responsibility!

Read update here:

Does anyone know the photographer I heard it was "David Crausby"?

Only way to resolve this is to pay the requested charity promptly. You might not be aware but Nadav Kander is extremely wealthy and powerful and could sue you for a lot of money.

An Alamy Photographer has taken a photograph of a famous Nadav Kander portrait of David Lynch at an exhibition and it has been licensed to the Big Issue through Alamy.

You can read about it here

I'd advise the photographer that made this silly mistake to call him ASAP and apologise before he sues you!

What is the fastest way to accurately keyword a large archive with software? I have approx 10,000 files to do.

So far I've found,


Any others worth considering?

You did the right thing.

I welcome the reporting of these scam shops. There are hundreds of these shops reselling digital files, they are not even selling prints. They don't own the copyright to any of those pictures. The reason they sell so well is they have chosen the most commercially appealing images from stock libraries.

Why should these scammers who stay at home make big bucks of your hard work. None have even lifted a camera to take a picture!

Hi everyone,

I've been following this conversation and I just wanted to let you all know that I just reported 250 shops to Etsy who sell digital downloads that have prohibited stock imagery in them.

If you would like the list yourself so you can also report them all to Etsy, please ping me and I'd be happy to email that list to you. If enough people report these shops, Etsy takes the listings and/or shops down.

You are totally onto something. There seem to be alot of shops selling the same images and same subjects.

Now it's possible it is the same person or just alot of people copying each other. Nearly all these shops sell cute baby pictures of animals, beach sences, trees, abstract art etc

If there's a Getty spokesman who told the seller he could resell digital files, I think he told that to more than one seller ...
I already found two almost identical shops, in different countries :

You did the right thing. Why should shops on Etsy benefit financially from your hard work. It's not like they have even left the comfort of their home to get to a special location to get the shot. I like how she threatens you with big talk about talking to her lawyer!

All these frauds are doing is reselling digital files and watching the money roll in. The top seller is making $1000 a day!

The reason they only sell digital files is because it's so easy for their buyers to pop down to Walmart and get a print made. A print which is dirt cheap. Sending a physical print is a lot of trouble.

Let me state there are tons of these shops on Etsy reselling digital files from micro agencies. Someone high up in Shutterstock and Istock needs to take action because it's costing them millions of dollars in lost revenue.

All these shops need to be exposed. Why should they get away with it while hard working photographers struggle.

I've just had discussion with a shop owner on Etsy and she claims that Getty agreed with the resale of modified files purchased with Extended Licence. If this is truth, then perhaps Getty is to blame in this case.

What does 'modified' mean?

I got a similar mail from the owner of the etsy shop that sold my image (and was taken down after my complaint) Here's what she wrote and my reply regarding "modification":

Quote from: etsy_shop_owner
Hello Oliver,

My name is Amy and I am from Hello Gorgeous Wall Art on Etsy. I received a notice from Etsy on September 20th that a claim has been filed against me that states I am infringing on your intellectual property by selling digital art using a photograph unauthorized by you.

I am writing in response to your claim. I have legally purchased and licensed the photograph from iStock under the appropriate enhanced license and I am in full legal compliance to sell my file on Etsy.

When I started my shop on Etsy I had a lengthy conversation with iStock. I told them I was interested in selling digital art on Etsy and asked them specifically which imagery can I use to create my files and which ones cant I use. I specifically asked them how can I use the imagery and how am I not allowed to use it. I asked if I can sell my created files that include imagery on Etsy or on any print-on-demand website. I asked that if I am, in fact, allowed to sell them on print-on-demand websites, what do I need to adhere to regarding using any imagery to create my files. And lastly, I asked how can I be assured I am not going to breach any license agreement or find myself in any legal claims made by the original artists or photographers.

iStock informed me that I can use any image on iStock as long as:

1. It comes specifically from the Essentials collection.
2. It is purchased under the extended license.
3. The image is modified and that I have the Photoshop files to show how it was modified.

I was told that as long as all three of the conditions above are met, I can sell my modified art file as a digital product on Etsy and can also use the art as print-on-demand art for selling on print-on-demand websites.

The original image I purchased in reference to your claim is from the Essentials collection, I purchased it under the enhanced license, and I have modified it to create a my new file. I have met all three conditions listed above and I am legally in compliance.

It states very clearly in the Content License Agreement Section 4c that no image can be resold as a standalone file (meaning just the content file itself, separate from the project or end use). It was explained to me that standalone means just the purchased file itself, that I cannot purchase the file, even if under the extended license, and resell it as is, untouched. They clearly stated that as long as I change the original image and modify it in a new file (a project), it is no longer the original standalone file. They added that as long as I have the Photoshop file to show that the original image is modified, then I am legally allowed to sell my file.

I do not use, purchase, or sell images from a site called Dreamstime and I had never heard of that website until now.

After consulting with my legal council regarding this claim, we are confident that this claim made against me on Etsy will be retracted as soon as possible.

And further, that you inform your representative that his assumptions are incorrect and may possibly damage my reputation and business.

And I assume that he will further post a retraction on the Micro Site Group forum where he originally mis-stated that I do not have the legal right to sell my image.

Amy Peterson

My reply:
"Hi Amy,

you might have purchased an EL for my work on stock and I believe you that you acted in good faith, when you put that file on etsy.
But let me explain why you are still infringing on my intellectual property:

I sell Extended Licenses of this file quite often on dreamstime, since it is offered as physical wall art by major companies like Bed, Bath and Beyond and others. They purchase an EL for every canvas print they sell.
Now, dreamstime has a reverse search feature (like google images), so I can see where my images are in use. This is how I found my image in your etsy shop. This goes to show, that you didnt modify my image in a way that makes it a standalone work. Actually, as far as I remember, you just cropped it and made it a tad brighter. This is not enough to offer digital downloads, neither by the TOS of istock nor by etsys Intellectual Property Policy. If it was legal, it could easily destroy istock's business as well as the businesses of thousands of photographers.

Rest assured, if you continue to sell my file I can and will inform every single photographer whose works you are selling and in an instant youll receive tons of DMCA complaints and your shop will be closed faster than you can spell copyright



Sadly there are tons of these shops reselling digital downloads from micro sites.

I looked at another one of her beach prints:

on Shutterstock,

Just found another etsy member reselling images, here's an example with one of my photos

My original:

That seller has had 3385 sales and I bet none of the photos is her own work

There are plenty of Shutterstock files on there. I would not of made such a statement without evidence. Reverse image search does not work on many of the files because the images are flipped, cropped or placed in frames. Look deeper by searching for subjects. Some might come from other agencies.

Zero of those images have been created by that designer. What I think she has done is bought a basic subscription, maybe tweaked a few, made B&W and watched the money roll in. What is crazy is she is not even offering prints just downloads!

Here is one example:

Can everyone do that? Buy a basic subscription to Shutterstock, download hundreds of images and resell as digital files Etsy, no printing involved, sounds like a great plan to get rich!

I was shocked to find this shop called LILAxLOLA reselling tons of shutterstock files as downloadable digital files and making huge amounts of money, upto $1000 a day. (total $368,000!)

It's disgusting that this is allowed. It costs a lot of money to produce special photos for some lazy stay at home designer to resell for huge amounts of money.

Check your files are not on there, I noticed tons of Shutterstock files there. I emailed Etsy and they took my files down quickly.

Report the shop on the Etsy home page, bottom left where it says: "Report this shop to Etsy"

Also report to Shutterstock. This thief must be stopped!

Stocksy / Re: Call To Artists is Open!
« on: September 16, 2017, 08:39 »
A colleague makes $10,000 a month on a big lifestyle portfolio.

with a portfolio of 10k at shutterstock you can expect to earn about 3000$ per month. What about Stocksy's?

Wow, what a question. It would help if you included which kinds of images you shoot and perhaps an example :)

People, lifestyle

General Stock Discussion / Re: Anyone Sell on Blend Images?
« on: June 22, 2017, 12:05 »
Do you shoot ethnic models, that is what they specialise in. A good niche to be in.
I think its pretty hard to get in and you are expected to shoot regular briefs of models.
Could be worth your while if you are interested in shooting ethnic models on a regular basis.

General Stock Discussion / Re: What would you advice me?
« on: June 22, 2017, 11:45 »
I know of at least 2 video suppliers making over $1million a year, however they spend alot on models, locations and retouching etc.
If you want to do well shoot lifestyle and supply at least 5 agencies.

I got it too.
I think they are wondering why people are not supplying more high quality images, especially for creative briefs.
Well it's pretty obvious it's not worth the time with falling prices.

Getty has reduced prices to compete with Shutterstock and it has worked because sales have increased by 4% but that is no use for suppliers as returns are lower than ever.

Its fine but the Panasonic cameras really struggle in low light. Sony in that respect is better.

General Stock Discussion / Print on Demand license.
« on: March 21, 2017, 09:04 »
I have noticed some print on demand sites using micro pictures on their websites.

Do all the micro agencies request clients purchase an enhanced license to do this? Or do they only pay when a print is made?
It looks like on Shutterstock you definitley have to use an enhanced license.

Do any of the micro agencies allow digital downloads/prints with a standard license?


General Stock Discussion / Re: site for celebrity pictures?
« on: November 12, 2016, 11:47 »
Shutterstock bought REX which was a big celebrity library.
Contact them.

18 / Re: Income lose 2013 to 2016
« on: June 04, 2016, 14:26 »
If Getty was not run by Greedy bankers they could of kept istock loyalty but they couldn't do it!

Stocksy / Stocksy seeing huge growth!
« on: June 04, 2016, 04:17 »
"Stocksy has reported another year of impressive growth with gross sales of $7,928,745 million in 2015. That is up 126% from $3.5 million in 2014. The great news for image creators is that Stocksy paid out $4,323,735 in royalties. Thats 55% of gross revenue collected. In addition, because the company is a Co-Op, they were able to pay out an additional $200,000 in dividends to members who sold images during the year." Pickerell.

20 / Re: Income lose 2013 to 2016
« on: June 03, 2016, 13:48 »
Getty really messed up with Istock making Shutterstock grow so huge, so shortsighted.
So true the bankers at Getty have treated it like a piggy bank, asset stripping and loading with huge debt.

The shame is no agency has been able to fill their shoes. Alamy had potential but it's strategy is all wrong.
A new agency needs to fill the gap when Getty goes bankrupt!

The costs must be huge plus steep learning curve. The people doing well are 100% professional aerial cameraman. Not possible for average joe.

A better question would be how much can you make from Drone work?

General Stock Discussion / Re: Eyeem market
« on: May 25, 2016, 16:23 »
If Getty are giving them 20% your sale would only be for $50!

These distributors hardly make any direct sales from my experience, all they do is send files out to other 3rd parties and take a big cut. So yes you will see plenty of tiny sales. Most of these distributor agencies made most money from Corbis and Getty, now Corbis is gone and Getty is selling more for low prices.
People are doing less better in Moment but a few are reporting good sales each month. Try and join westend. Test them out.

General - Stock Video / Re: Thoughts on 360 videos?
« on: May 24, 2016, 12:33 »
Alot of 360 cams on the market!
Anyone know what is the best for a good price?

Good luck to you!
Any sales are welcome in these tough times.

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