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What sells is the content not the price...
Btw there is no need to price different from ss or as on pond5 marketplace...buyers with low budget moved from pond5 to subscription agencies...
Pond5 is a subscription agency...
It's not! They have the new hyperstock site that works on subscription...same owner but different site...
Not only hyperstock,
they also have the membership program which is a all you can eat buffet, much more dangerous than storyblock, as they actually have some excellent images at a ridiculous price.
Of course I am not saying that Pond5 is only a subscription agency

What sells is the content not the price...
Btw there is no need to price different from ss or as on pond5 marketplace...buyers with low budget moved from pond5 to subscription agencies...
Pond5 is a subscription agency...

Hi Max,
can you give us some more infos about how the Premium collection works?
I suppose it is only for still images, right?

Video Equipment / Sofware / Technique / North Iceland in summer
« on: October 28, 2019, 07:07 »
North Iceland in August. Drone footage, 4k timelapses and video with Nikon D850

4K timelapses and video with Nikon D850 during 4 days in Vienna (Austria) last July

I actually need to add a 5inch monitor.

I doubt you can find a light setup with a built-in 5-inch monitor, if that's what you're asking?

If you're looking for light, 4k60p, you've already found the camera - the GH5. I film with the viewfinder all the time and it's much easier to see details. I would never add a big clunky monitor on top, but then again, my eyesight is still very good (and will hopefully stay that way).

Are you asking if there is a camera with a BIG 5" display that shoots 4k60p that is also small and lightweight? I think the answer is no. :) I could of course be wrong.
I perfectly agree with the above.
The GH5 is the best for what you want to achieve, especially if you are (like me) interested in 4k at 60fps.
Also it has an excellent dual stabilisation system (both in camera and on lenses). In certain situations you will not need a cage or a gimbal

Shutterstock.com / Re: Shutterstock reviewers are idiots
« on: October 17, 2019, 04:30 »
hi have the same issue...a lot of no sense rejection lately...until they came up with the policy i had only few rejection in 8 years....i suspect they are using AI tecnology to review content...
They are probably using Artificial Idiocy technology

Drone footage and timelapses with Nikon D850 shot in July.
Both the medieval old town and the Georgian new" town

"No drones were hurt in the making of this video"

lol! Nice one :) :D

May I ask, @Brightontl, do you have an opinion on parrot anafi?
I read controversial opinions from unknown people in teh web,
I have noone using it around me, so I cannot extract a solid clear opinion.
Thank you George,
I am sorry, but I don't know much about the Parrot, although I can see that it is quite popular.
I know well many of the DJI drones, and I own three of them

Iceland is a true drone paradise: fantastic nature, but, even more important, incredible light!

There is one way to stop Videoblocks race to the bottom.

I think if websites would put an ultimatum to creators: If your giving your stuff away on VB
you cannot work with us!

If most contributors won't be there they will either sell a smaller collection or have to change policy.
It is an excellent idea and I perfectly agree.
It is not easy for other agencies to do it, but I hope they will

General - Stock Video / Re: Storyblocks - Member library
« on: September 09, 2019, 04:31 »
Only morons of all morons would sell out to that model.
Sadly there is a huge number of morons

iStockPhoto.com / Re: Video royalty's are worse then images
« on: August 21, 2019, 14:05 »
Why on earth anyone with some sort of mind sanity should even remotely consider uploading footage to istink?
Let them die by a slow a painful death

I had difficulty with SS when I tried to cut and paste keywords and it displayed one long line instead of individual words. The solution was to paste in the appropriate box and then click on the three dots to the right of the box....that seemed to work for me.
Great tip, thank you!
It works very well this way

Same problem.
It is the first time this happens to me

Hi Mat,
what about video?
Any plans to allow editorial it for footage as well?

VideoBlocks / Re: Storyblocks closing the Marketplace section
« on: August 08, 2019, 06:36 »
I just had a look to their membership library and it looks mostly made by really bad clips (and quite a small number).
I don't think many serious videographers fell for this scum, and I hope nobody else will

one is online in Internet and the other is my real life. And they do not cross each other except in my mind.
Real life?
Could you explain me what is it?

Hi Rasika,
very sorry to hear what happened to you.
I think you should contact Matt. He posts quite often here, is a nice guy and very helpful

Looks great. Not doing drone footage now. Still waiting that regulations for drone of commercial use are the same for all European countries.
In Austria i would have to pay 350 a year to register a small drone thats capable for doing video. In Italy it won't bee much cheaper, i guess.
I like this drone videos a lot. I heared that 2020 should came a solution for Europe. Then i will start my "drone carrier" :-)
Thank you.
Yes, new European drone rules are finally coming!

This seemed to be one of your relaxing pieces, always in my personal opininon! Wathing it, I thought (and hope) you could get stock sales in wide categories uses: travel blogs, TV, documentaries, or even films. Maybe you could inform us in the future months to come if such content sells more! Just interested! No, I do not do aerials or own a drone!
Thank you,
I do hope it will sell. Mountains and nature is a relatively new topic to me.
The thing is that with stock footage it takes a good amount of time to realize if there are good sales, at least two years

The time lapse is very good, reviewers for video at SS are notoriously total lunatics.
Simply resubmit and it will be accepted.
In a timelapse you can have choppiness only if the SS is too fast compared to the frequency of shots, but it is not really the case here (only a tiny bit of choppiness)

Monte Rosa and Cervino (Matterhorn) in Italian Alps by drone.
Mountains and castles in the beautiful region of Aosta valley.
I had planned to stay in the region filming for 20 days, but I had to cut it short because of incredible heat and very bad light. Even the mountains were melting down...

123RF / Re: No sales 600 images
« on: July 03, 2019, 08:41 »
Your technique is quite good, but as said above there are too many repetitions.
Some of your flowers images are very well made, but it is a topic that not sell much.
I think you know how to shoot, but don't know what to shoot. Try experimenting with different topics

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