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Illustration would be first choice?

On most sites I submit to there is no illustration category (maybe only bigstock, not sure). Also, it is a vector, so it is often labeled as an illustration automatically. But out of the categories I listed, which one would you find most relevant?

General Stock Discussion / What category would you select?
« on: April 09, 2018, 02:50 »
I find myself struggling with this question often for different images.

Which category do you think is the most relevant for this image: https://stockfresh.com/image/9075282

1. imaginary animals -> mermaids
2. people -> children
3. nature-> sea
3. seasons -> summer

Thank you!

What does it mean to sync my Fotolia account with Adobe Stock?

When you go to the adobe stock website and click on the button of "sell photos", the website will ask you if you already have an account on fotolia. and if you do, it will offer you to sync the accounts by clicking on a "sync" button.

Honestly I am not sure what benefits we get from doing it but I synced anyway :)

iStockPhoto.com / Re: ESP vector file upload fails
« on: May 08, 2017, 03:13 »
Wow, so embarrassing, I lost this thread and couldn't write a reply.

Thanks everyone who replied!!

I didn't touch the istock thing for a while (took me long to get used to it and i didn't have the patience, but eventually I got back to it.
The solution for my uploading failures issue was also embarrassing...

Turns out i had to select "istock creative illustration" instead of "istock creative image" in the overview page (after hitting "upload and review" content).

If somebody is still having the same issue make sure you tried it out...

Thanks for the replies!

I sent an email to the website.

Very painful indeed to see the images that we sweat to create being given for free on the internet. Especially when they are my main source of income.

Let's see how it evolves.

- Ayelet

I found a website that offers my images (and others')  for download for free, for personal use (as the site states) and also specifically for sharing on facebook. Each image is offered with a code for posting the picture in websites and as a signature in blogs.
Basically people can browse and share the images in their medias.

it's possible that the site operator purchased my images from one of the stock sites. In that case, is such usage allowed? if so, What kind of license would the buyer need?

I want to know before I contact the site operator.

Here is a screenshot.

Thanks for the advice!


iStockPhoto.com / Re: ESP vector file upload fails
« on: February 27, 2017, 15:51 »
Try the following method:

1) Save you vector file as EPS (Illustrator 10 compatible)
2) Upload your content like this:
  • one eps file
  • one jpeg (high res / generated out of the main eps file you are uploading)
This should work.

This is what I did. After uploading eps8 failed I tried with eps10 and it also failed. only the jpeg is uploaded, the vector not.
I don't use DeepMeta3 (actually not even sure what it means 0_0'')

iStockPhoto.com / Re: ESP vector file upload fails
« on: February 27, 2017, 15:49 »
I have the exact same issue! I tried to contact them through the new esp portal but the button to email them does not work. I have contacted them via the old istock way, I have sent two emails and still I am being ignored it would seem! If they do reply with a fix then I shall let you know. I also don't like the fact you can't edit or see your old uploads. I went to add and change some old keywords to photos but (at least myself) can only see the new esp uploads?! Seems like it is a bit of a mess :(

Thanks for the reply! You are right, it IS a mess :(
I read somewhere in their FAQ or the help section (can't really remember with all the pages and emails and double sites...) that in case of such issue we should try a different browser. But I think it also said somewhere that the uploading system doesn't support internet explorer.
So I tried firefox and I couldn't even log in!! not sure why, the logging just doesn't work. I tried internet explorer just in case and the log in also doesn't work. I'm so frustrated!

iStockPhoto.com / ESP vector file upload fails
« on: February 13, 2017, 06:19 »
Anyone else tried to upload vectors to the new istock-getty-esp thing?

I am trying to upload an eps.8 file - the same type that I always uploaded - and I get an error message saying:
"the file could not be uploaded because it is not the supported filetype".

Can someone help me?

Adobe Stock / Re: filling tax return - fotolia data
« on: April 05, 2016, 05:05 »
thanks for the reply :)
in fact i did contact fotolia before posting here, and i was told that the form cannot be provided (i'm not a U.S citizen, maybe only U.S citizens get it?)

i was wondering if someone else here is in the same condition, and if so what can be done so that i can ask for a refund for the taxes i paid needlessly. 

Adobe Stock / filling tax return - fotolia data
« on: April 04, 2016, 05:34 »
i believe this was asked before but i can't find the answer anywhere:

how do you report your income and taxes from fotolia in your annual tax return to the IRS? fotolia doesn't provide 1099 / 1042-S like other sites.

(i am a non U.S citizen.)

my accounted said i have to file my return asap so that i can receive tax refund for previous years therefor i'm in real need for solution.

thank you!

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