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Pond5 / Re: Is POND5 still active?
« on: March 03, 2018, 16:52 »


Hey! Is that your writing? Thank you very much for this enlightening article.

Pond5 / Re: Is POND5 still active?
« on: March 03, 2018, 16:47 »
Have you contacted them? At one point my entire account went offline, all clips wouldnt show up in search for about three weeks. Contacted them and they said it was just a glitch, restored everything the next day.

Something similar might be going on...

I contacted them with no answer. Maybe it's some invisibility spell.

Pond5 / Re: Is POND5 still active?
« on: February 28, 2018, 18:15 »
Pond5 is doing well. I suspect this situation was an anomaly. Try again.

Ok guys thanks all for your replies, I just deleted the rejected entries and uploaded 2 clips. I'm hoping the review will be done this time, otherwise it might be something about my account.

Pond5 / Re: Is POND5 still active?
« on: February 28, 2018, 15:32 »
Thanks for your reply. About Videohive, there's no much I can do. Do you have good experiences with them?

Mine is: my prices are average. But it really pays little - 30% of the price - to the seller. From that, the US cuts some 30% in taxes, so I basically earn $2 for selling a $10 clip. On top of that, it's very annoying to prepare material for them: you have to upload the file, plus make and upload yourself: a watermarked smaller preview video, a jpg frame at a specific resolution and a miniature. They haven't automated the generation of those.

Now, I guess After Effects templates that sell a lot make serious money, even at these paying rates. I'll try that soon.

About Pond5, are you selling well?

I'll try to upload something again and see what happens.

Pond5 / Is POND5 still active?
« on: February 28, 2018, 14:33 »

Hey, I'm relatively new, and just adventuring into creating stock footage since a couple years (I'm working and studying so no full dedication, but I'll have plenty of time in some months.)

I have successfully created a portfolio in videohive, shutterstock, videoblocks (now storyblocks) and some others that I now discarded, so I can focus on the ones that sell/pay better. I'm sticking with Shutterstock and Videoblocks. Videohive is an exception. I use it because it allows to search and find out what's selling and build some statistics on  ideas to produce. I've sold many items there, but it really pays too little.

Now, Pond5 was always a mistery. I have bought clips there before and I thought it was great, but when I started submitting, my uploads didn't get reviewed.

I went up adding my portfolio there, some 32 clips. Then I quit trying, since all were marked 'Pending review' for several months.

Now, after more than 2 years, they finally REJECTED all of the 32 clips at once.

For the records, I am a video and animation professional and have worked at both sides of advertising agencies for years (as art director and as video provider). I know that is no warranty of acceptance or quality, and I'm sure there are lots of professionals that are better than me, but I'm pretty sure of what is useful for video, and I have been selling the same clips at at least 3 stock companies for the last couple years.

Is that what I should expect from Pond5?

Hi everyone!
I am very happy to have found this group.

I have some newbie questions and I would like to know your opinion in these matters:

- I uploaded some SIX items to Pond5 and VideoHive. No big deal, just good quality images with minimal color grading, not technically or topic-wise controversial - (i.e. a timelapse driving on a road in the country, some angles of bingo balls rolling inside a cage...). However they are sitting there for 10 days now awaiting review. Is this normal? How much time do Pond5 and VideoHive take for review and approval?

- Maybe a dumb question - to those who sell in several sites, do you have a unique username for all of them? Or different names? What do you suggest?

- I also do motion graphics and music, and I intend to sell some motion graphics related 'gigs' in FIVERR. For instance, selling a template AE project in VideoHive and Pond5, and at the same time selling a 'service' in fiverr which is using my own template to produce videos for the clients there (i.e. a photo slideshow). I wonder if you guys are doing such a thing already. Are there any legal problems with this, using my own template, which sells in VH and Pond5, to do gigs online in Fiverr?

Thanks very much for your illumination!

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