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Why didn't you write to SS and iStock. These people should be put in prison. We all should write to these agencies.

For two reasons: First I want you all to see before they were being removed, second istockphoto takes too much time to reply and since Im in Turkey I cant call them (its really expensive to make international calls here and I dont have a landline to call toll free number) I guess many people will call and or write them however many more people will be able to see these thieves for 1 or 2 days. I take stock photos for 6 years and I always called/write these kind of situations. So what happened? Nothing! They just block accounts! This time I tried different method...

Hello, probably we all have copyright related issues. I can't stand people to steal images, resell them and make money! I guess any of us can't. There are 2 different sites/people I just noticed. Here are the details:

Fist one is a Turkish site This is a site which people join and sell different services for 10 Turkish Lira (approximately 3.4 US Dollars) I'm ok with that. However there are many people who sells images from SHUTTERSTOCK. They have subscription pack. Download images for few cents and resell them for 3.4$! There are hundreds of buyers from these people! Few months ago I noticed this and wrote to customer services of At first, they claimed their members can do that since they claim they have extended license! After that I explained what is extended licence for and send them contract links. They removed  those offers. However today I checked again and someone else started to do that again. Here is the link:  He basically say that "I sell you any images from shutterstock for 10TL instead of 49$." This time I didnt write anyone but directly post here so everyone can see this before it was removed.

And the second part is inside us! A member of istockphoto steals other images from many agencies (mostly from shutterstock and istock) flips them over, uploads, sells and makes money! He is member since December 2015 and has more than 200 files with hundreds of downloads! (just arrange his portfolio as most popular, click to first 5 images and check their downloads rather then the downloads number in his profile page) Here are few examples with links(First link is stolen and second link is  original I think!:

I guess these are enough. I picked few images from his gallery and searched them again by using same tags and most popular filter. It wasn't hard to find the original files!

I didnt write to istock, shutterstock or bionluk. I want everybody to see these thieves and notice the danger!

I am into same research for my RX10 MK2. I have few options. I guess Manfrotto MV500 AH Fluid head is a good choice with good price. As slider, there are 2 options. First one is small, compact, easy to use and carry but expensive. I'm talking about edelkrone slider plus pro. Price is about 700$. On the other hand Konova K2 Slider is about 200$ but big, heavy, not easy to use or carry. You need 2 tripods etc.. However, test results of both sliders look OK.

Try Stocksubmitter program for multiple agency uploads. As for backups that you could reach from anywhere I can suggest Nimia account. You have free of charge 25GB of private space and it's practically unlimited once you submitting your clips to their marketplace.

Thanks for the advice. I've just downloaded Stocksubmitter but there is only exe files. I guess it doesn't work on Mac. Does it?

I plan to make a cloud back up for my published work. However my main concern is about offline archive and backup. Is Nimia worth to upload videos? I have never thought to upload there since it's not very popular (at least I guess it's not  ;D )

Hello all,
I have a newbie question. I started shooting videos and uploaded 8 of them to istock. I will cancel my exlusive contract for video and upload few agencies. I have heard and read a lot about using CSV files or metadata but couldn't find a "newbie guide". So I dont know anything about these two. If you know any guide would you mind posting a link here? If you don't at least a short information would be great. I upload my videos to istock via ESP and I use deepmeta for now.

Another question: (I searched forum but couldn't find this kind of topic, if there is a link would be great, if not I might start a new topic about this since its gonne be helpful for many people) I decided to "tidy up" my archive which includes photos (jpegs and raws) , 3D render (jpegs, 3D files and materials), 4K and HD videos (raw video, converted video, final video and project files). I have about 3000 photos, 100 3D files, 50 videos. I didnt mind to have a perfect archive until now however I will be moving to antoher country in few months so I have to become "mobile" and I plan to spend all my free time to stock (mostly videos).  I had a custom pc, imac and macbook. So videos and 3Ds were on my PC and photos on mac. Sold my PC today, copied everything to externals and I decided to keep my archive on mac since it is easier to manage files. I have 2.5inch external hard drives (WD elements and seagate expension 2TB) I dont mind buying new drives but I prefer to buy them after moving since they are double priced here. So how do you keep your files and back up them? I keep 2 different copies on 2 different drives of my photos. I dont have any back ups for my videos and 3D yet since I just started but I have to make it ASAP. Just don't know how to manage everything because of additional files. (such as project files 3D files, materials, converted footages etc..) BTW I shoot stock for 6 years but never complained about archive since I was shooting only photos   ;D 

General - Stock Video / Re: Thoughts on 360 videos?
« on: May 06, 2016, 14:49 »
Thank you for your replies. Honestly I don't prefer to invest more than 1000$-1500$ to a new tech which is kind of still in "test process". So I guess I should say goodbye to my 360 video dreams for now  :)

After reading all and making more research, I decided to start with pond5, videoblocks, shutterstock and istock. (actually I dont want to sell videos for few pennies but I already have my main portfolio in IS for photos so why not to upload vids to see ho do they sell) on the other hand, I'm confused about Fotolia. Is it worth to upload videos to fotolia? Looking for advices. Thank you all  :)

Hello kaanates,

I wouldn't worry too much about your original question: "Which one is the most international?".
Generally USA, Canada and Japan broadcast at 30fps NTSC (technically 29.97 but lets keep this simple) and most of the the rest of the world at 25fps PAL.
This is because the electricity in these zones is output at different frequencies. NTSC countries operate at 60 Hz and PAL countries operate at 50 Hz.
So for example in Canada the electrical supply is 110 Volts and 60 Hertz (cycles per second). In Turkey the electrical supply is 220 Volts and 50 Hz.

Notice that one half of 60 = 30 (60 Hz and 30 fps) one half of 50 = 25 (50 Hz and 25fps). This is no coincidence and is a "relic" of the old broadcast days having to broadcast 30 or 25 alternating lines in order for standard definition TV sets to receive and subsequently display. I wouldn't worry too much about this as modern technology from filming, to editing, to post production to broadcast is way more flexible and forgiving today than it was even ten years ago.

So here is the question you should be asking yourself: At what shutter speed should I be filming at?

I apologize if this seems confusing - if so - then just read the next bit...

If you are in Turkey I would advise you to stick to 25fps (or multiples of 25 i.e. 50fps or 100fps) and set your shutter speed to twice the speed of your fps.
This reduces flicker and creates a more natural motion blur.
Meaning if you film at 25fps your shutter speed should be set at 50 (one 50th of a second).
50fps at 100 shutter speed and 100fps at 200 shutter speed.

If you are in Canada I would advise you to stick to 30fps (or multiples of 30 i.e. 60fps or 120fps) and set your shutter speed to twice the speed of your fps.
Meaning if you film at 30fps your shutter speed should be set at 60 (one 60th of a second).
60fps at 120 shutter speed and 120fps at 240 shutter speed.

Confused? Sorry.

We do this in order to eliminate flicker. So we come full circle here. Remember that Turkey has 50hz so you will want to film at a number neatly divisible by 50 (25, 50 or 100). This is mostly to do with tungsten lights, fluorescent lights and LED lights (dimmed) flickering out of sync with your shutter speed.
So if you film at 30fps at 60 shutter speed (meaning that your shutter will be open 60 times per second) in a 50 Hz zone (where your tungsten light will be flickering 50 times a second) you will experience flicker in your shot. if you do this - your stock footage is likely to be rejected. Reply with a smiley face if that last sentence made you read that section again  ;D

Honestly - just stick to what will be best for the shot and don't worry too much about whether buyers prefer 24, 25, of 30fps. In my experience it doesn't really matter.
I have 24, 25 and 30fps footage and they all sell equally well.

Thank you for detailed information. At the begining of your post I was confused but after finished reading, all things became really clear for me. I guess I'm gonna print your post and keep it in my camera bag  ;D I guess I totally got the NTSC/PAL and electricity things but now I have an other question. So how is that possible to shoot at 24(23.97) in studio without getting a flickered footage? And if I decide to stick 24(23.97) from now would that be rational? In other words, my camera (Sony RX 10 II ) can shoot at 120 fps in NTSC mode and 100 fps in PAL mode. What I'm trying to do is to shoot at 120 fps and slow my footage down to 5x instead of 4x(100 to 25) at 24 fps. (I know that doesnt fit your 50hz, 60hz tip but keep reading please) When I shoot 4K, my lovely Sony can only shoot at 30 or 24 fps in NTSC mode. So if I don't plan to make slow motion I just switch to 4K in 24 fps without changing camera mode. Because I have to restart my camera (which takes a few seconds) and format my memory card (which is a problem in the middle of shooting)

General - Stock Video / Re: Thoughts on 360 videos?
« on: May 05, 2016, 13:09 »
I plan to invest about 500-1.000$. What are your suggestions? Have your ever experienced any of these cameras? My biggest question is about software. Can we post process these footages by Premiere Pro or similar softwares? I made some research and people talk about the most important thing is software of the camera and I have no idea about "software of camera" Hope someone with some experience and knowledge would give some important tips and "must know" infos about these cameras.

Don't do istock.  ;)

Honestly I am happy with istock as an exclusive photographer. My doubts are about video and I guess I will cancel my exclusive video contract with istock and go with many other but which ones? I guess pond5, videoblocks and shutterstock are top 3 but still not sure or should upload any others as well?

One more question is I guess it is legal to work with istock as an exclusive PHOTOGRAPHER and non-exclusive VIDEOGRAPHER at the same time but still if anyone could confirm that would be great.
Yes it is.
In the old days, if you were exclusive in one media, you had to be in exclusive for them all.
However, once they went onto the RC scheme, they split the RCs across the media, and soon afterwards they had to admit that thereby they should split exclusivity also.
Just read your Exclusive ASA - Clause 1:
"Because iStock offers different categories of content, this agreement may differentiate among categories of content that you produce, such as still photography, which includes all raster files (for greater clarity, raster files include, but are not limited to, photographs, 3D renders, photographs of works of art that otherwise meet iStock standards and digital scans) (collectively, Photo Content), illustrations (for greater clarity, illustrations include all vector files) (Illustration Content), or video files, animations (Video Content) and related material produced by Supplier. Exclusivity with respect to one or more categories of Exclusive Content (as defined below) depends on your qualification under each such category, and to the selection of the chosen categories under the Exclusivity portion of the preferences panel in your account profile on the Site." - though they flatly refuse (deliberately IMO) to use Plain English in their agreements and it's a bit obtuse, to say the least. The red portion is your proof.

Thanks for the info. Do you have any other advices about my "which agencies" question?

Hi all,
I'm currently working with istock as an exclusive photographer. I'm starting to shooting videos as well and I became an exclusive videographer with istock however I only have 8 footages uploaded yet. After digging web, I have doubts about working with istock as an exclusive videographer (at least as a newbie) on the other hand I'm happy with istock as an exclusive photographer. I used to work with many agencies in the past but after comparing all of them I decided becoming an exclusive photographer with istock was the best option for me and have no regrets at all. So what are your advices for me? Should I stick with istock as an exclusive videographer or selling on many other as non-exclusive? Honestly I prefer to become exclusive since it is easier manage and upload. But question is which agency? I guess most of you will suggest me to try all of them and find my best option then my question is which agencies worth to upload footages since it takes time? By the way I shot both 1080 and 4K.

One more question is I guess it is legal to work with istock as an exclusive PHOTOGRAPHER and non-exclusive VIDEOGRAPHER at the same time but still if anyone could confirm that would be great. I also plan to ask directly to IS but first I need to decide what to do.

Thank you all for your answers. After reading answers and talking to few friends who buys and sells stock footages, I guess 24p (23,976) looks like the best choice.

I'm no expert but If you are moving to Canada, sticking with NTSC seems sensible.  30fps must be fairly easily convertible to PAL 25fps or we wouldn't have so much bad US tv in the UK :)
Use higher frame rates if you want slow mo but I think the bitrate is lower, so use 30fps for standard footage.  I use 25fps for anything from the UK but switch to 30fps if it has nothing to do with a PAL region.

24fps give a more cinematic look but maybe not as good for stock?

Thank you for your answer. I don't think I will be able to make professional works as a freelancer for a while so my main concern is stock footage. Thanks to sony, it doesnt drop bitrate in higher frame rates. Honestly I was thinking just like you but found out dropping frames makes the footage worse but adding frames is not a big deal since software will add duplicated frames. Most people say that however most of people say same things as you. I also saw 29.97 is very common however 30 fps isn't. I'm still confused about 23.97, 24 and 25 or 29.97 and 30.

Hi all,
I am a newbie as a videographer and about to freak out. My main question is which one is the most international one? ntsc or pal? 24 or 30 fps? In my point of view as a photographer, 30 fps should be the most international, if editor needs 24 fps they might just drop 6 frames, thats all. However after researching for hours I found out thats not that simple. I have sony rx10 mark 2 and canon 5D mark 3. I use sony for video shots. So which one should I chose from camera menu, ntsc or pal? I know I dont have to worry about aspect ratio since both are same in HD world. However I cant decide to fps. My other question is whats the difference between 23.97, 24 and 25 fps? and whats the difference between 29.97 and 30?

Other quesiton is I prefer to shot 100/120 fps in case of I need slow motion. Things are more complicated here. Lets say 24 fps is the most common which is PAL fps. In PAL mode I can shot with 24,50 and 100 fps and in NTSC mode I can shot with 30, 60, 120 fps. So lets say I want to slow it down 3.5x. What I think is I should be able to slow it down 5x and render at 24 fps. Then open a new 24 fps project, import footage and make it faster 2x (or whatever), edit and render at 24 fps and everything should be fine. Am I right? Confusing part is I shoot in PAL but outcome footage becomes NTSC. Doesn't it?


As additional info I live in Turkey (PAL) but I'm moving to Canada ((NTSC) in September. I found out people usually use same system with their region and dont care much about other things. Actually I'm moving to Canada to start a digital video school and I'm pretty sure about I will find my answers there but I'm just trying to learn basics and create few footages this summer.

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