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So what did I miss?  The e-mail starts "In light of recent events..."  Did I miss something?  What big event took place the brought this on?

iStockPhoto.com / Re: Is ESP down again?
« on: March 31, 2018, 15:03 »
How many times have you EVER seen a major US retailer close their store for "maintenance?"  I can see the money going down the drain.  Of course, with my royalties tanking, I probably won't notice any difference.


If you are allowed to use the content commercially, if you can guarantee that a potential buyer anywhere on planet earth could not potentially be hassled for using the image commercially, then why not simply get a release signed by someone with the appropriate authority ?

And that authority would be who, the governor?  I'm sure he would love to sign a property release in his spare time.  With this thinking, eventually there will be absolutely no stock photography that contains any part of a building unless the photographer has a property release, even though property has no rights.  That should only include about two-thirds of the stock photography industry.

iStockPhoto.com / Exclusives - how are your sales lately?
« on: April 23, 2014, 13:35 »
I ask because my sales over the last two weeks have slowed significantly.  I was thinking it was perhaps due to the Easter weekend. However, they haven't picked back up this week.  My sales last week were lower than what I had over the Christmas break and the last few days has been equally abysmal.  I am hoping this is just a quirk and that things will pick back up again.

I know looking at sales weekly is not very reliable, but this new subscription model has me kinda worried.  If things stay this bad, I suspect I will regret not dropping exclusivity some time ago - I'll be behind the competition in uploading to other sites.

I had two deleted today.  Both of them were mansions owned by the state.  In other words, they were public property.  It was pretty easy to see that from the image, but I'm sure the reviewers are just looking for anything that looks like a house.

iStockPhoto.com / Re: Holiday slow down worse than normal?
« on: December 09, 2013, 15:28 »
So perhaps I am not the only one.  It seems this week might be picking up a bit (Wednesday-Wednesday), but unless things change in the next day, this will be my second worst week of the year, running a second only to last week.  I realize it is hard to predict trends based on one or two weeks, but except for this short recent period, my income at iStock has been up over previous years.

iStockPhoto.com / Holiday slow down worse than normal?
« on: December 09, 2013, 11:39 »
I have had a relatively great year, at least until Thanksgiving.  Starting Thanksgiving day (approaching two weeks), my sales are down by 60% for each week for those two weeks.  In fact, the week after Thanksgiving was by far my worst week of the year.  I am sure hoping sales pick up before the end of the year, but am wondering if there is something else going on.  Did I miss some big change or something?

It's pretty clear to me that they are holding everyone at least at their current rate for the entire 2014 - as they state your rate can't go down in 2014.

I think this is a clear sign that the site redesign, the site being down so frequently, the site's slow speed, and various decisions have impacted sales overall in a negative way.  I think they are doing whatever they can to keep exclusives from bailing.  I sure hope this trend doesn't continue as it's been a nice ride so far - would hate to see it end.

I have been contemplating increasing my microsctock portfolio with more sports images.  I was considering using some model-released images from games at local events, with the logos and other identifiable markings removed, and even some posed images.  Then I started wondering about what happens if those kids move on to NCAA sanctioned programs.  Could the existence of released images cause problems?  Would it matter if the kid were mine versus someone else's?  I am trying to figure how the money-making part would fit into all this and the NCAA sport.  It seems any photo of a kid making money could be an issue if the kid is in any way related to the photographer.  For example, consider these images:

I realize these are posed, but the potential issues seem the same.  Hypothetically, suppose one of these people later wanted to play college basketball.  What are the issues that could arise from these images being on a stock agency site?

iStockPhoto.com / Really suspicious refunds
« on: January 16, 2013, 09:17 »
I get five e-mails this morning informing me of refunds for 5 of my files.  I look at my download history - because I remember seeing those files go by in the download summary.  The refunds were supposedly from purchases on 01/11.  However, three of those fives files were downloaded again, in sequenctial order,  on 1/15 at the EXACT same time!  There are no downloads listed on 1/11 - perhaps erased(?).

I am not a conspiracy theory kind of person, but I would think the likelihood of three dis-similar images being downloaded again on the same day at the same exact time would be suspicious.  Note that I rarely get refund notices.  I have never received 5 in one day! 

Has anyone else had similar issues pop up?

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