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They're obviously just searching for a somewhat  relevant post to tack their ad on.

Clearly.  There seem to be more posts nowadays from cottage industries related to microstock than there are actual posts about microstock. Free software, keywording, free books to tell you what you are doing wrong, what you should be doing, and what other people do. And dont forget "how to become a millionaire shooting stock photos".

How to become a millionaire selling a book about how to become a millionaire shooting stock photos.
I promise it's not just a blatant ad. I sell stock music and stock video on multiple stock agencies, so I'm developing the website to upload to multiple at once and keep track of sales. The beta test is free. Shoot me a message if you want to give it a test run!

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I'm glad you brought this up. I'm releasing a free web program that will automatically address alot of these issues for you. I'm accepting beta testers now. Interested?

Audiojungle has the best prices. Pond5 is really good too.

Pond5 / Re: No sales at pond5: over 3 years now
« on: October 10, 2016, 14:35 »
My best sales are on Pond5, but I sell stock footage and stock music, so I really don't think people go to Pond5 that often for images compared to 123rf, dreamstime, fotolia, etc.

I make the most on pond5. Audiojungle does well and then dips quickly for me.

Hey all! I'm recruiting for a new site that allows uploading your stock video, music, photos, etc, to all stock sites. As well as keeping track of all earnings etc. Please reply to this thread and I'll send you an email about getting involved for free.

Hey there! New to this particular forum, but i have been making money of stock sites for a few years. Just out of curiosity, if I was able to tell you there was a site that was insanely easy to use, and you were able to upload your footage/stock photos/stock music/any stock media, and they distributed it to all your stock accounts across the much would you pay monthly for that? Especially if it was unlimited and allowed you to connect your google drive/dropbox accounts?

Oh...also you can do your name, descriptions, tags, all on this site, and they autofill it on all the rest for you...

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