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General Photography Discussion / Re: Live music pictures
« on: June 13, 2016, 11:34 »
Alamy. But I guess you'd need to be accepted there first.

Cool. I already send a bit of editorial through Alamy, I'll try them.

General Photography Discussion / Live music pictures
« on: June 13, 2016, 09:32 »
Hi everyone,

I've press passes for a music festival here in Germany this weekend.
Does anyone know of any outlets to sell these photos through?


For airports/airplanes I would pick 400 instead of 200 + 1.4. Or 600 if you can.  :D

The extenders tend to disappoint on zoom lenses and only really work well (good sharpness) on the nice Canon primes (300, 400, 500, 600 etc.). But that will be much, much more than 500 euros...

Yeah, i'm always looking (dreaming, sorry) at the 300 f4 (or 2.8), 400 f4, 500 f5.6. At my local airfield the 70-200L is just about enough.
Of course, making some money out of plane pictures would be a lovely way to upgrade kit, although (as i've started discussing in another thread) i'm not too sure how much of a go-er it is.

Just submit as editorial - keep ppst processing to a monimum for stock , your only getting pennies

I gather you enjoy shooting planes. If so keep doing it for the joy of it and whatever you can sell and make a few bucks consider it as a bonus

What noodle said. Totally true!
I could probably double that 88000 figure if I spent enough time going through the archives!  ;D

You mean with the brands still there, is that what you're saying?

88,000 editorial airplane shots on SS out of 200,000+ total. I would say there's a lot around and yes, airplane photos sell but competition is incredibly high.

Thats right, with brands and everything still there (limiting them to Editorial only).
I'm fairly niffty with PS, but removing Branding is something i've not managed to make a good Job of so far.

Someone in another thread flicked a Switch in my head yesterday when mentioning Pictures of airliners as stock.

Vectors etc aren't my Thing, but i do photograph Commercial plane OFTEN!  :D

Is there a market for These sorts of Images in the Editorial stock world (SS and iS)??
Searching a few agencies there doesn't seem to be many Pictures around - is it because People don't offer These types of Picture often? Or is it simply because there's no market for them?

Thanks for reading  8)


The two I use are stockimo - who seem to reject just about everything I send them, and twenty20 - who seem to accept anything and everything.

With regards to stockimo; I've kind of given up on them. I submitted over 60 images I have active elsewhere, and they approved three (yes 3!!) of them. From what I've read, they don't really appreciate quality, moreover images that have been filtered to hell and back with as many mobile imaging apps as possible!

Twenty20 - 100+ active Images for two months - 1 sale = $2.

Hope this helps.

Planes are my Thing - but sadly not very saleable!  ::)
They are very saleable, Cameron Strathdee was doing very well before he sadly passed away but he was great with photoshop.  He was also one of the most interesting contributors here.  His portfolio might be of interest to you.

Thanks for the reply! A sad loss - some great Pictures there.
I have the Feeling a lot of the aircraft Pictures are the same aircraft on different Backgrounds. Cetainly do-able from my Point of view. Although, my planes are obviously all Commercial (and therefore commercially marked) and can only be used as Ed. I've uploaded a few to SS and iS as Editorial, but not a sniff of a sale.

a) the money won't grow while you sit on it
b) a grip is nice but doesn't extend your capabilities much; one speed light alone will never be enough; a tripod ring - helpful, but depends on the subjects you shoot - if I shoot on a tripod I almost always do it with wider lenses; 1.4 extender  - I can sell you one for little money, I'm quite disappointed with the quality (on my 70-200 2.8 IS)
c) the 24-105 is not really a portrait lens, much less than the 70-200
d) 70-200 2.8 non-IS might frustrate you, better wait till you can afford the IS version
e) you might wait of a very long time - and f/5.6 might also be frustrating
f) 100mm 2.8 macro (also good for portrait stuff)
g) won't work

Thanks for the reply  ;D

I missed a 400L 5.6 last night on fleabay - sold for 510 (500 was my absolute Limit).
How Little Money are we talking for the extender? It's the 1.4? 

I also have the Feeling that no Option is the right Option!

Alamy.com / Re: Any tips on keywording/workflow?
« on: May 30, 2016, 13:34 »
I usually only enter in the first two categories. Afaik, Lightroom keywords appear in the second category. I copy the most important ones to the primary box and move on.

Alamy.com / Re: Any tips on keywording/workflow?
« on: May 30, 2016, 13:28 »
I tend to do keywording in Lightroom now. That way, anywhere I happen to upload the image to, the keywords will be there already.
It's also handy to do it in Lightroom when you have multiple images with a simple subject; Metadata can simply be synced.

Good luck with the 'Finanzamt' if it's really a 'Schwarzkasse'.

It's more Schwarz with respect to the Frau than my friends at the Bundeskasse  :-X

From what I've seen it's possible if you are already famous and have a large fan base.

im sadly 19000 followers short of the amount of followers the guy in the article has.

What about if the subject of your Images had a large fan base (not sure what i mean by that, but its an angle nonetheless)

Thanks for the replies!!  8)

Seems like you might be having an acute episode of GAS! I would say that you should just hold on to the money. Ask yourself what is it that your current gear cannot do, and if the gear will really be improving your photography. If you're really itching to get something, try borrowing/renting it first, and then think again!

If you REALLY want to buy something, get a yongnuo speedlight and one of those cheap chinese softboxes they sell on ebay for $5. The lenses you currently have are excellent, and it would probably be better to buy lights.

Is the Yongnuo also remote usable. The Canon speedlights don't have to be on my camera. I could pick up a 430ex II for around 100.

The tamron is not so great at 2.8 - i get a lot of rejections with that lens. From f4 it's usable though.

I also saw a REX lightbox online for 60-odd.

G seems the most sensible option but I can never resist spending the money.  Why not get the 50mm 1.8?  That wont cost much but gives you something new to play with.  Probably the best lens I have ever bought.

I just sold one of these - I really didn't like it at all! (although it was the original and not eh STM Version)

The Thing is with me right now, as is noticable in my Ports - i don't have any real direction right now. I'm not one of those People that send any old snapshot in for Review though!
Planes are my Thing - but sadly not very saleable!  ::)

Photography Equipment / Money burning a hole in my pocket!
« on: May 30, 2016, 03:50 »
Hi Folks,
I have a conundrum! Advice and opinions needed.
I've allowed what i call my 'schwarzkasse' to build up a bit of Money from Picture sales over time - it's now reached a Point where i'm itching to buy something.
I shoot 50% Kids/Family/layflat for stock and 50% aircraft (more as a Hobby). I currently have for this a Canon 7D, and Tamron 17-50 2.8 and a Canon 70-200L f4.

The schwarzkasse has currently 400 available to hit the used market with:

Do i:
A) sit on the Money, let it grow.
B) improve General kit capabilites by buying a grip and speedlight, maybe a tripod ring for the L and 1.4 extender. Or maybe some Studio lighting kit??
C) improve Portrait/stock kit - sell the Tamron and buy the Canon 24-105L f4
D) sell and upgrade the 70-200 f4 to either the 70-200 f4 IS or 70-200 2.8 non IS.
E) improve Airport capabilites by Holding out for a 400mm L f5.6 to come onto the market at the right Price.
F) something else entirely!
G) try to Forget photo Equipment even exists and have a good nights sleep!
 :o ::)
thanks guys!

Hey everybody,

as the title suggests really.

I recently came accross this article

it's got me wondering a Little. I have a small port on the usual agents, but what if it would be possible to self sell a limited run of prints as the chap in the article done, WITHOUT Setting up your own Internet site?
That's how ebay popped in to my head - as it's possible there to set up a sale with a specific number of products available.
In my case, both mehtods would be difficult as most of my personal Image library is airplanes, and therefore covered in copyrighted designs and logos.

But, i'm sure someone out there has attempted such a Thing before - any experiences out there??


Newbie Discussion / Re: Shooting editorial - any point?
« on: May 24, 2016, 03:39 »
Seeing that many of the agents accept Editorial Images, i thought i would test the System out to see what happens.

There seems to be some confusion about the difference between "editorial stock" and "news relevant images". When it comes to the regular stock agencies like Shutterstock or iStock, you will figure out that sometimes they approve images within a few hours, at other times it takes two or three days. Their processes are not meant to be used for newsworthy images.

Editorial in this context means images that are relevant to a more generic topic and used over the course of many years but can not be distributed as commercial stock images due to legal restrictions. For example, people standing in front of famous sights somewhere or images containing copyright protected architecture.

News relevant images need fast processing and need to be distributed quickly as they are being used almost live these days (or at the latest the very next day). Alamy is (to my knowledge) the only agency allowing submission to a news-oriented distribution channel through their site and app.

However, I doubt that any kind of local event will be suitable for any international agency. In most cases, only local/regional media will report on that kind of events. You are far better off offering those images to the local media directly.

Great post Michael, thank you.

The Alamy News feed seems to have such a broad mix that i'm wonding how much of it actually sells (which is Kind of why I uploaded to them during my 'experiment').
I've seen Pictures of such things as 'Sunny weather in Munich' which is probably about as interesting to the media as my Pictures of Japantag in Dusseldorf at the Weekend.  ::)

Newbie Discussion / Re: Shooting editorial - any point?
« on: May 24, 2016, 02:59 »
yeah, seems so.
Because i was taken by surprise by being accepted to all four at once, i was a Little confused as to who took what - which led me to waste half an hour searching fotolia for the 'Editorial only' button.  ;D

Newbie Discussion / Re: Shooting editorial - any point?
« on: May 24, 2016, 01:06 »
Thanks jodijacobson,

from what i gather, Alamy is the place for hot Editorial, and secondary Editorial has a better home on iStock. Would that be fair? Or does SS come in to Play here too?

Owing to the loooooong pending time for normal stock on iStock i uploaded some secondary Editorial (20 or so Images), all screened and available pretty quick, but after a week not even any views. I know they're a drop in the vast ocean, but my Images on fotolia have several views recorded.
I obviously Need to up my game drastically  ;D ;D

Newbie Discussion / Re: Shooting editorial - any point?
« on: May 23, 2016, 12:55 »
Thanks for all the great replies!


Editorial/news-worthy is something that really appeals to me. Although finding those news-worthy subjects and situations is something that I wouldn't know where to start with. Despite living in an area with a population of over 11 million (1.2 in my immediate area), I still wouldn't know where to start. Needle and haystack spring to mind.

From a personal point of view, I'm coming back into photography after a very very long break. I studied photography in the late 90s and held a football league license for 2 seasons. After that period, and the difficulty of trying to work sports as a teenage freelance, I slipped away from the whole thing.

I'm a little overwhelmed by returning to it and trying to make a few quid, more so surprised by the fact a bunch of rustily produced sub standard 'tinkering with a camera for the first time in years' shots got accepted first time by everywhere I applied.

It's left me somewhat bewildered lol.

Thanks again for the great input everyone!  ;D 8)

Newbie Discussion / Re: Shooting editorial - any point?
« on: May 23, 2016, 04:27 »
Interesting post ShadySue, thank you.

I think the day was fairly successful as an exercise to test the whole workflow from snap to sale.

Had i have been Aware of the Alamy RM Situation (which i do remember having read somewhere last week) I could have saved myself the time of uploading to iS and SS.

I've certainly learned a lot by doing it, and I think my decision to withdraw early from Shooting in order to upload would have kept me one step ahead of other snappers on the Event (of which there were many!), should it have been something of interest to the media.

An interesting prospect for my photography - if of course anything interesting happened here - ever! lol.

Newbie Discussion / Re: Shooting editorial - any point?
« on: May 23, 2016, 03:39 »
Thanks ShadySue,

So the question is then, which site to send Editorial to? Are Alamy the best shot?
I've tried searching for the (apparently active) Images on IS and SS and i can't find any of them - so Alamy wins already from an availability Point of view.

Newbie Discussion / Re: Shooting editorial - any point?
« on: May 23, 2016, 03:17 »
I found the Images on the Alamay live News feed  8)

So whats iStocks excuse  ;)

In the unlikely Event of Alamy selling one of These, is it advisable to remove them from iStock/SS?

Newbie Discussion / Re: Shooting editorial - any point?
« on: May 23, 2016, 03:03 »
Hi Sharpshot,

thanks for the reply.

I didn't realise Alamy was only RM. Should I remove what i've sent to shutterstock? Or only upload newsworthy to Alamy in the future?
I don't expect to sell anything i've uploaded this Weekend, but the info is certainly very helpful indeed.

Newbie Discussion / Shooting editorial - any point?
« on: May 23, 2016, 02:17 »
Hi everyone!
First post!

Firstly, i'd like to thank everybody here for the amount of Information and good advice they share!!

My question, as per the title suggests, is with regards to Shooting Editorial - newsworthy Editorial as opposed to product shots etc (apologies for random capitalised words - im using a German Version of Windows!).

I'm new to stock, and in the last couple of weeks, applied and was accepted to Alamy, SS, IS and Fotolia.
I've always been interested in the idea of 'what if i had the right photo in the right place at the right time' - how would i distribute it.

Seeing that many of the agents accept Editorial Images, i thought i would test the System out to see what happens.

...aaaaanyway - on Saturday we had quite a large Festival here (perfect Editorial shoot oportunity), not a particularly news-worthy Event outside the area, but a good exercise for me nonetheless to test the Editorial workflow!

I spent a couple of hours Shooting, then at around 15:00 retired to a cafe, hit lightroom for half an hour and started uploading.

Alamy (via live News) approved my Images within an hour (!) - but they're still not searchable or available for sale!
SS approved the Pictures around 21:00, they became available for sale last night (so 24 hours later).
iStock were also quick to approve, around 19:00 on Saturday, those Pics only went live this morning!

As far as Fotolia is concerned, I couldnt find an Option to upload Editorial Images.

So - my question - whats the Point???

Would agencies have photos available quicker if they were of Gerorge Clooney falling drunk out of a Revue Club (obviously wouldn't be sending a Picture like that to SS!)?

Should there be any small time photo Editor from a local paper/Magazine/Website etc looking for photos of my Event - then he would only find them for Publishing today! Far too late, no longer News worthy, and not even really any interest any more to anyone who was there.

Am i missing something, or is that just the way it is? I was expecting that as soon as i hit the Editorial button, things would move quickly - espcially in the case of Alamy calling their Service 'Live News'!!

Many many thanks for reading!!!

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