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Newbie Discussion / Re: Tagging Videos, such a pain for me.
« on: January 04, 2018, 11:55 »
Hello. I use StockSubbmiter app for tagging and uploading videos. It is very useful, for photos I use Adobe Bridge. Yes, it takes some times to properlly tag your files but it is an investment. The stocksubbmiter app also let you upload to multiple sites directly. Give it a shot, they have a free version also.

Your last e-mail helped :) Thank you very much :)

I have replyed to the mail and have send 3 error reports. Nothing. I still get the same error to videohive.

I have write it an email to you or the members of your team. Shortly - your suggestion did not work since I was logged in with my account, not a guest account. The problem still persist. Thank you.

Generally is working fine for me too, but this bug keeps popping up from time to time. Last time was with alamy, the same thing! And usually it dissapears the next day, but this time is allready the second day in a row that is doing the same thing!

Hello everebody. I have been using stocksubmitter for more than a year now and I am preatty happy with it but one bug is driving me CRAZY specially the last couple of days!

I have a unlimited subbmition account so when I receive a message that all my submisions are used allready is driving me nuts! The last couple of days is only for videohive site that is giving me this error. I have tried contacting the support but, as usualy, nobody is answearing there and the last couple of times I receuive the message: [6:17:45 PM] [System]: Disconnected from the chat server :(

Did somebody else had the same problem lattely?

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