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Could 50 keywords be to many? Or if they are relevant its ok?  I know that is the limit on the sites I use, like shutter stock, p5.   But is that the best thing to have?  All 50?  Or could search results be better by some chance if you just had 10-15?  Thanks

Clips Show price lower than what I have put in?  Best Price Guarantee?

I have some clips that are on pond 5 that I put in my own prices 199 for 4K, but it still shows a lower price 111 for 4K.   Is that how the best price Works?
Whats going on here?   Yes I have some clips on shutterstock. 

I changed my prices to 199 4k 135hd     Does anyone know if the price changes are not immediate? Because I had a sale after I changed them back, but a clip sold for my old price.

Well I was hoping it would lead to more sales, so in return more monthly pay.

My experiment has not gone on that long at all but lowering my prices has not helped at all.    had clips at 199 for 4K and 79 HD,   whent as low as 50 4K 25 HD    and it has done nothing.   its only been about 14 days so I guess I cant really tell to much. 

Any thoughts?

I feel like if someone wants a clip, price is not a big deal?

Could it be a good thing for Pond5 video sales, that StoryBocks no longer sells marketplace videos?

So its about the same on SS and Adobe.  I have lots of City Timelapse shots and they all get rejected because of "INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY REFUSAL"

Is this normal?  Cips that practically show the whole city skyline get rejected.

No issues on Pond5.. 

Should I not mess with these sites for city shots?


Do you ever re-edit a good selling video clip?  Make it better?

Went exclusive on P5 not sure if it was a smart idea...  Starting to question every decision I have made lol.   
How long should you give it?  Sucks because I deleted all my videos on 3 other sites.

Anyone think of just adjusting the saturation 10% or whatever and the video is considered different enough to be uploaded on other sites? Not just your Exclusive Site?

So like to sell it only once for a super high price? like 500-1000+   then no one can buy that clip?  Or is that dumb?

Newbie Discussion / Tagging Videos, such a pain for me.
« on: January 04, 2018, 09:40 »
Anyone else hate tagging videos or photos, Its easier for me to go out and shoot a timelapse for 2 hours than tag one video, lol.
I just can't concentrate or something.

So I logged in to the ESP site and looked at the royalties, and it just says this, "below"  am I not looking in the correct area of the site?  Not sure why it would just be .71 cents for a 4K video clip.  Thanks

Minimum payment not met and carried forward  Additional information $  0.71
Payment amount $  0.00
Currency exchange rate 100.00%
Payment amount (in payment currency) $  0.00

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