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For now FTP upload still works for me.

General Stock Discussion / Re: European Union suing Apple
« on: May 04, 2021, 07:56 »
I agree with Desintegrator, this has nothing much in common with microstock. Following a claim from Spotify, the European Commission accuses Apple of being both a distributor and a competitor in the distribution of music streaming apps through its App Store.

Is there any such option available for customer side?

4 / Re: Istock acquires Unsplash
« on: April 08, 2021, 11:00 »
So are you saying all those ads between the paragraphs, don't show if I have a better ad blocker?
Yes, like ShadySue I only see the video. I use AdGuard, it's free and much better than AdBlock.

5 / Re: Istock acquires Unsplash
« on: April 07, 2021, 12:52 »
Opinion piece:
A series of clichs and banalities. Boring.

But look at the highly irritating ads between every paragraph and the pop up video, bloated page with junk filled distractions.
Dont know, I use ad blockers. You should try, it will change your life.

In today's world stock/micro stock is really nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.
Absolutely not ::). Earlier contributors are not paid with funds from the more recent contributors.

8 / Re: Unable to Log Into Shutterstock (Bug)
« on: February 04, 2021, 03:59 »
I'm actually quoting what Shutterstock support told me. They suggested using a VPN, so I've found one to try now and I can get in. In case anyone else is having the same issue. I'm on a PC, using TouchVPN.
What country are you located in ?

That's weird, because the form told me that French is required, then I filled everything it offered by clicking yellow button and then it appeared to be signed and filled only in French. English fields are empty.
Does it count?
I think the language is only for your convenience, it should not matter whether you signed it in english or french. The most important is that you understand what you sign for ;)

OK - so how do you actually sign this thing?
Doesn't accept text as far as I can see...
First choose a language at the top of the form. Fields are already pre-populated with your informations in the form corresponding to the language you chose. Then choose a signature by clicking on the yellow arrow.

Yeah, iStock collects DACs 'for us' (taking their percentage) too, no option to opt out to do it ourselves
And their commission is 50% of our collected royalties... See ADAGP - Payback Form Request on Getty's website.

It sounds a bit like the DACS payment we get every year from Alamy ?
That's it. See Collective Licensing Royalties on Getty's website.

I avoid this by setting up a virtual dollar card in Revolut. Then when I have built up a few hundred dollars in paypal I transfer it to my Revolut account in dollars. I can then exchange it to another currency when I'm ready with no fees and a good exchange rate.
I tried this with a Revolut account and Paypal flately refuse to let me take my money out in Dollars, even if I set my default currecy tp USD. They claim it is due to new legislation (utter BS). Which country are you in may I ask?

The UK. I don't know if it makes a difference but I haven't linked the Revolut bank account. I send the money straight to a virtual revolut visa card which I have added to paypal as a payment method. I just did a transfer to check it still works and it went through no problems.
I tried this with a standard (non professionnel) Paypal account and a standard Revolut account but I'm not able to transfer money from my Paypal account to my virtual Revolut card.

Very useful blog post, very informative, thanks !
Too bad you got the header illustration on Freepik...

The rule is : old sketches, paintings and other works become public domain 70 years after the creator's death.

This rule may be different considering the country of the author and/or the editor.

In fact the copyrights length can be very different from a country to another

The rule is : old sketches, paintings and other works become public domain 70 years after the creator's death.

This rule may be different considering the country of the author and/or the editor.

I'll just take the time to do translate on each paragraph.

Or you can just copy/paste the url into Google Translate and get the whole page translated ;)

You'll find all the useful links and explanations here :

Someone in the Stock Coalition Facebook group thought these super-low video royalties were from this new partnership with Projector

I asked how one could know where the royalties originated - like the Facebook integration for images, it was always a guess when you saw a 38 royalty in the SOD column.

I think there is the same kind of partnership between iStock and online editors like Animaker, Wibbitz or Playbuzz.
SS is following in the footsteps of Getty.

So much for $1.50 sales huh? I'm done with these morons

I want to mass delete my portfolio from this giant steaming turd of a company...any ideas? The only way I found is one by one. (I don't want to just disable, I want 100% out of this dumpster fire)

There is a very helpful script (ssremover) to remove files from SS in a batch. Explanations are here :

There is nothing complicated, just install the extension and the script in your browser and you have the ability to delete several files at a time. It works fine for me with Chrome on Mac.

I installed PVS, I think it's that? Photo Video Store. Seems like a good one. Uploaded images and tried to configure, I have nothing. I guess I need to more simple, step by step instructions, or I'm just getting slow in my old age.  :) I haven't added the part that takes payments, because I have a gallery that no one can see not even me.

I don't think so. Photo Video Store is a WP plugin but PhotoStore is a standalone software based on the classic trio PHP/MySQL/Apache. If you are not familiar with these technologies they offer free installation and can install PhotoStore for you.

I don't work for them ;) but each time I take a closer look at their product it seems more interesting. If I was to sell my pictures by myself I would consider this soft seriously.

Jon is right about one thing. If I could self host and sell on my own, I would.

But I've been saying that for so long, that I'm getting tired of reading my own posts.

Why isn't there one, simple self hosted software platform, for individuals? One that works? If there are all these thousands of artists out there, wouldn't it make sense to have a basic, digital download software package, not WordPress. One that actually handles display, search and transactions? Is it that complicated or is the prospective market so small that no one wants to develop the package?

Maybe this is the right time?  ;) Thousands of people who want to go self hosted.

Do you know PhotoStore ? I don't know it but it seems to fit your needs.

The pitch is promising :
"PhotoStore is a professional photo gallery and shopping cart. Sell images, artwork, digital files, videos, prints and more direct to your customers with your own website! No commission fees. Great for event photographers or selling stock photos."

You can manage multiple currencies, languages and even rights managed pricing. The pro lifetime licence is only 29$.
Seems to good to be true :o

23 / Re: The attitude of a real capitalist
« on: June 24, 2020, 02:01 »
Someone at Stock Submitter Coalition captured the tweet below before it was deleted. It's a chilling reminder of what we are. We are the slaves, and we should keep working no matter what the pay is. I'm no Communist, but this is the very reason why Karl Marx published Das Kapital back in 1867. We are back in the same situation as industrial workers of the 19th Century together with Uber drivers and other participants of the growing gig economy.

Please stop comparing contributors to slaves. We are free, slaves are not. And they do not get any pay at all.

Boycott Facebook

Too little percent of contributors are ready to strike.
I would not be surprised to learn that some of the people who are now protesting in the streets in support of black people, at the same time, continue to upload images to Shutterstock!

Are you serious ? How could you be serious ? How is it relevant ? Let me guess... you are not part of the protestors, aren't you ?

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