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Newbie Discussion / Re: Stock footage newbie
« on: March 28, 2021, 07:07 »
Hi there i'm a fellow newbie on the footage front. What quality do you upload, i've tried a ProRes file but a few seconds file is huge so wanted to know if that should be the standard or can i lower the quality a bit?
Prores if you shoot 10 bit or raw. H264 if you shoot 8bit.
Some agencies (like artgrid) accept only ProresHQ. Pond5 has an option for additional raw or non graded Prores. So it's up to you. But prores is preferred.
Thank you for that info.

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Newbie Discussion / Re: Stock footage newbie
« on: March 25, 2021, 03:02 »
Hi there i'm a fellow newbie on the footage front. What quality do you upload, i've tried a ProRes file but a few seconds file is huge so wanted to know if that should be the standard or can i lower the quality a bit?

General - Stock Video / Re: How bad is it for the rest of you?
« on: January 27, 2021, 02:50 »
Sorry to hear how bad things are Alexander, it sounds pretty much like South Africa where i live. It's very difficult to take out a camera in public for me, which limits one so much cos there's so many important stories to capture.

I'm currently making more from POD than from microstock.

Any good POD sites to recommend in particular?

MS generates a decent income for me, but nothing to write home about. It helps to buy some kick ass new camera gear every year and pay some bills. I'm a hobbyist-level stock photographer (portfolio size is currently under 3,000 photos).
Buy a new camera with microstock income for me, that impossible. My newer camera is a Canon 60D, the other a Canon XT.  And i'm ok with those old cameras, because if i try to do some photos in the street some  thief is probably would  robbed to me. In some places police could take my camera and take it. In Caracas, Venezuela people with cameras  have to be very alert, or go in big groups. When i go to street i use Canon XT. In my house for making some studio photos i use Canon 60D.

Between the declining income and the fact that micro sites have lowered submission quality standards, I don't think it's worth upgrading. Anyone who has a DSLR from the past 15 years should be fine.

That's unfortunate you have to work in fear. I travel for photography and have run into these situations here in the USA. Mostly in major cities in areas that are known for higher crime. And with all of the 2020 problems I now carry pepper spray and a heavy monopod. I'm now focusing more on beaches than cities. Usually more happy people there who don't want to rob or harm me. :-)

If you do want to get a new camera you may want to consider small mirrorless like a Sony a6600. DSLR quality images and the body and lenses are very compact. When walking with a DSLR and large backpack, I've found it draws a lot of attention. When using my Sony a6300 I can use a tiny bag and it draws almost no attention.

Caracas, is the capital of Venezuela, is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Here we have a lot of crime, robberies, murders and all kind of crime you could think. I don't know much about the USA, but my brother live in Houston Texas and there according that told me, it's a quite, the county where he lives.
When i go to the downtown where some risk zones, i use a point and shot camera, Canon Power Shot A810, it's a $50 camera you can find used for sell on ebay. Sometimes police and militar forces when they look at you with a camera, they ask you what you are doing, and if you are lucky the don't take you your camera, this situation happened to me in 2012, i was taking some photos alone and two polices in a motorcicle ask me what i was doing, and have to show my camera (Canon XT), they look and go. Now i use my Canon XT in the street but in safe zones. Maybe i'm a very affortunate person, because i can eat three meals times a day, and can pay for medicines. But a lot of people here can't. I have some money help from my brother, also i sell things on Internet, photography accessories, cheap things like, lens hoods, filters and lens caps, and some old lens i don't use, and anothers things. Also i have some sporadics jobs. Well, this the third world :)
Here i let you a link, where you can see Caracas as the second most dangerous city in the world.

4 / Re: Uploading New Files
« on: January 23, 2021, 09:33 »
Log out and back in again, it worked after I did that for me.

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Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe upload issue from Microstock Plus
« on: December 20, 2020, 11:20 »
I think it might have to do with the new signin authenticator app. I just downloaded the app signed out and in and got the code on the app and it worked again.

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe upload issue from Microstock Plus
« on: December 20, 2020, 03:50 »
I'm having the same issue. It does not give me the option to put my last four digits of my number in.

General Stock Discussion / Releases for stock footage
« on: December 15, 2020, 13:36 »
Hi there, i am fairly new to stock footage and would like to know the process to complete releases for stock footage please.

Envato / Re: Envato reaches US$1 billion in community earnings
« on: November 17, 2020, 07:12 »
Hi everyone,

Envato celebrated a huge milestone this month, with our global community of creators reaching a combined earnings of $1 billion USD!

More than 81,000 creatives have earned money by selling their creative items and skills with Envato, and 88 of these creative authors have earned more than $1m USD each.

The $1 billion earnings goal has been a guiding light for many of us in recent years, helping us stay focused and providing a strong sense of purpose. The journey of Envato has been paralleled by some incredible stories for our contributors. Weve heard about Envato enabling families to afford life-saving surgery, to pay for a dream wedding, and to support lifestyles that would not have been possible otherwise.

We gathered some of these community stories into a short video you can watch here
Thanks Envato its been a good journey

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I can easily shot 15 images a day. At 60 bucks per shot that would be 900 per day....Not a bay day rate...Sign me up...

That isn't the deal though, is it. They want to pick only the ones they want.

Can't compare apples & oranges.

That was the deal. he just didn't read the terms.
Actually the initial link to submit doesnt specify exclusivity, its with the acceptance e mail I saw its exclusivity and when you revert to the site that its specified.

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I can easily shot 15 images a day. At 60 bucks per shot that would be 900 per day....Not a bay day rate...Sign me up...

That isn't the deal though, is it. They want to pick only the ones they want.

Can't compare apples & oranges.
Nope its not, you submit images and they pick what they like.

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I was recently contacted after submitting a few images to their request for images. They pay $60 per image but i just saw they want all the rights to the images purchased. Daylight fcukery in this day and age

We are purchasing the videos/photos including all rights. This means that we will be the owners of the video/photo and will have full control over it. If we purchase your videos/photos you may not sell, transfer, sublicense or grant any rights in such videos/photos to third parties, or allow them to use or publish the videos/photos. You will retain your right to display these videos/photos on your portfolio.

Just had a bunch of images declined for wrong location and incorrect english titles that's written in english.

Microstock News / Zoonar price category changes
« on: February 17, 2020, 11:52 »
We have decided to offer only two price categories from this day forward in order to provide our customers with an easier and more streamlined purchasing experience. The two remaining price categories will be "Microstock" and "Premium", the category "Standard" no longer exists. It wasn't popular with our customers and never really caught on.

As a consequence of this we changed all photos with price category "Standard" to "Microstock". If you want to change that setting, please go to the "Manage Pictures" page and change the setting to "Premium". Please only use the Premium categ

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General Photography Discussion / Flickr sudden price increases
« on: January 22, 2020, 00:26 »
It seems Flickr is running into some finance problems. I will gladly pay but how i hate that Americans refuse to include taxes into the final price
To that end, effective today, the price of a Flickr Pro membership has increased to:

1 month: $6.99, plus tax
3 month: $18.99, plus tax
1 year: $59.99, plus tax
2 year: $117.99, plus tax

MicrostockSubmitter / Re: Updates
« on: January 10, 2020, 06:59 »
How do i activate the code i received?

Apologies for the late announcement!

This year besides the traditional New Year discounts we've added an extra bonus: every time you purchase a subscription to any of our services or top up your account balance you receive a gift for every 10 EUR spent. Gifts can contain promo codes for up to 100 EUR, free yearly subscriptions on any plan or free M+ Video Trends subscriptions. We wish you best of luck with the gifts!

Traditional discounts are up to 40% on 1-year packages and up to 50% on 2-year packages (compared to the full price of month-to-month subscription for the same duration) and they are already included in the prices.

So, if you were thinking of purchasing a subscription - now is the best time to do so!

The promotion will be active until 14th January.

Thanks for that info Sue

Hi Dennis thanks for your response. I always get the sense that the moderators just blindly reject any blurred (even when it's intentional) i've had a couple of blurred ones that are excellent backgrounds rejected. This image of mine is a constant seller on other platforms but was rejected on Adobe and yes i understand that certain agencies chooses certain images so the expectation cant be the same for all.

As always, it depends on the image or video clip and what story (if any) it is telling.  And, to be honest, moderators are looking at thousands of assets every day and so like any agency we don't always get it 100% correct all of the time.  Wish I could say otherwise, but that's the truth.

For video, I have challenges in trying to get moderators to differentiate between a good rack focus and being out of focus.  And some wandering focus can be okay if it's done well.  Sigh, there's never any perfect method, but we're working on improving guidelines and continually train our moderators on what's appropriate to accept.


General Stock Discussion / Royalty for images used in print run.
« on: November 25, 2019, 22:13 »
I just got my royalties for these two images used in this ad, from what i read it was used in a full page ad in New York Times. The royalties received was 12.50 each with the agency that's submitting to Getty taking 12,50 (50/50 split) i know the NY Times got a pretty large print run i would have thought the price would be more?

It seems Adobe Stock does not like defocused images. I've had a number of images being rejected with some of them being really good sellers elsewhere

Does anybody know if they just reject it altogether or are there any keywords i need to add other than blur, defocused?

I think Adobe Stock is showing great promise, in all the negatives we experiencing in the stock world the agency seems like the bright spark. Contributors are essentially left out, as agencies drive to sign up more clients with cuts being felt by contributors. The biggest winners are agencies and clients with the drive for unlimited subscriptions.

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe Stock Creative Cloud Bonus Program
« on: October 29, 2019, 23:54 »
Hi Mat I received a quote last year December Ive not used it yet and tried this morning but it told me its expired. Ive never used the code before.

Maybe I'm being too impatient but I wanted to ask. I had my last batch of images accepted over a week ago and now have over the 300 required images accepted for 2019. I haven't heard anything from Adobe yet so I was wondering if I need to just be patient and wait longer or if there's anything additional that I need to do.


Bonus codes are sent out in waves and are not issued immediately when you reach the threshold. If you met the requirement, we'll send you a code shortly.

Kind regards,

Mat Hayward

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Yes this seems like a get rich quick scheme for the owner of the site. Realistically its all about the owners and not the contributors.

I tried to upload some photos to them, because they contacted me on IG. But you don't have any account or stats.. you have to rely on them emailing you if get a sale.. and I wouldn't trust that. Haven't had one email and my photos are on the first page of some of the search results.  To me the owner(s) feels like someone trying to get som fast money for themselves by cheating on the contributors, after watching some videos and interviews about the site.

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