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When I was selling at CM, they applied US tax on full amount buyer paid, not just your cut. It was one of main reasons why I stopped uploading there, it irritated me so much. That was couple years ago but it is possible they are still doing it.

That's not at all what he said.

No... he said that we can spend our money on CC, among other things. Truly enlightening.

Looks that we are not getting bonus for subscription anymore so it doesn't really matter.

April will be my best month this year, so if they really changed something, it was in my favor. But nothing lasts forever, I don't dare to be optimistic.

Adobe Stock / Re: Announcing Adobe Stock video subscriptions
« on: March 09, 2022, 13:35 »
More exciting news. The last thing that still provided decent return is gone. I used to upload my videos to Adobe first, see which ones would get traction and only then upload the low earners to SS. Now this is pointless.

Spend a pile of cash for very expensive 3d software and a powerful enough PC, spending hours and sometimes days modeling, texturing, lighting... Then rendering which also takes awhile, then editing, then keywording...
Good effort, here's a buck...

So true. I'm not even uploading some of my rendered illustrations anywhere, because I spent so much time and effort on them, couldn't stand to sell them for couple of cents... and I was learning a lot, hoping that I will get more with animation. Obviously it isn't worth trouble anymore, except maybe for work for clients. Or collecting likes on social media. :P

6 / Re: How does this stuff get through?
« on: October 27, 2021, 19:14 »
Looks that they are already down.

Canva / Re: Canva Etsy Copyright Problems
« on: October 26, 2021, 21:30 »
Milleflore, commercial use and reselling is not the same. At the end of article you linked, they say selling templates is allowed only if they are linked back to Canva.

Mat, many images which are obviously illustrations I am finding in Photos subcategory in Free section. And I'm pretty sure they were not there until recently. I guess they were marked as Photos while uploading but that doesn't make me happier to see them in Free section.

I'm having one of my top month this year.

Enjoy it while it lasts, I certainly did.

After my sales very much dried out, I took a look at free section and saw lot of images directly competing with my best sellers, which wasn't the case couple months ago. Well done, Adobe. And all of you who gave them for free, pardon for 5$, gee, thanks. Btw. some of my best selling images with this theme were sold more than thousand times.

Thank you Lina for your new try to force Adobe to clear the situation and give information about these cases. But do not expect them answering here. They will NOT. They hide themselves back doors like big Mafia bosses do/did.

I am not expecting anything anymore, I just summarized it because For Real asked me for other issues and I guess I needed to vent out my frustrations. I don't have time or energy anymore to search for answers, stolen images, stolen ideas etc. I am just sick and tired and disappointed because I really loved to work for microstock and now I feel forced to move on. That's all.

Absolutely. Very well said. I was also surprised how unwilling are many contributors to see what's going on, not just about free images, but other issues as well.

Interested to hear the 'other issues'   :)

For me, big issue is selling our images on partner POD sites without telling us how much we actually earn per sale. Yes, I have read somewhere Mat's answer that we are getting 33% of amount that POD site paid to Adobe for each sale, but we don't know how much it is. So theoretically for 100$ worth sold product we could earn couple of cents. That was first reason why I started giving up.

And this too:  Now everytime I see custom download I am wondering was it Pro Team or Pro Enterprise license, so they can use my images for whatever they want for couple of cents or dollars.

Regional policy so many images are not visible in some countries and in other countries is still not possible to buy web subscription so they certainly won't buy AS images:

Invitation-only policy for premium images and templates, so regular contributors can't participate even if they are good enough.

I think I covered everything that bothers me, but many other contributors don't seem to care or at least they remain silent. If I remember something else, I will let you know. :)

We can safely predict that the night follows day, without having to wait for the dark.  ;)

Such a large collection of good quality free assets is rather likely to deter buyers from buying more stuff, instead of stimulating them to buy more.
That's because nothing beats free, especially when the quality is sufficient for the purpose.

So when your work is offered for free, even if you got your precious $5, you will kill potential sales not necessarily from you, but rather from your fellow contributors who are competing in the same category.
In return, their free stuff will kill your sales in other categories, very likely beyond your precious $5.

The bigger this collection becomes, the bigger the losses will be for the contributor's community.

Too bad that many of us are wearing horse blinders, seeing only a narrow and individual short-term interest, instead of seeing how fast we are cutting the branch we all are sitting on!

Absolutely. Very well said. I was also surprised how unwilling are many contributors to see what's going on, not just about free images, but other issues as well.

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobes new REGION strategy and plans
« on: August 10, 2021, 08:21 »
Why I am not surprised that this POLL does not generate that much interest?

I am usually reading this forum from phone and poll is not visible in Tapatalk app. So I went to my computer especially to vote, but it possible that most people won't even notice and that's maybe one of reasons why there isn't much interest.

Most of you who are posting "5$ is better than nothing", I don't think you are seeing bigger picture. With appearance of free sites, prices are constantly dropping, buyers are getting broader rights with standard licenses and so on. With more high quality free pictures of any kind, there will be less need to pay subscription to microstock sites, prices will drop even more etc. Plus, contributors are already moving on or becoming demotivated, so nice and original images are hard to find on some stock sites and buyers who need something special will search somewhere else.

I am designer, just couple years ago most of my clients had some subscription to microstock. These days most of them think there is no need to have subscription because there is great choice of free images. Even if they can't find exactly what they want, they will stay with free rather than buying images. Just my 2 cents.

This Geoblocking comes from where and whom? Did Adobe geoblocking these countries from themselves or that countries did not allow Adobe to sell there software in that countries (maybe because these countries are mostly not really like America)

As far as I know, it was Adobe's decision to geo-block these countries and still does it for some other countries. I already placed availability link in one of my earlier post here. For all our questions when they are planning to allow us to buy their online subscriptions, public answer was: "We are working to bring Creative Cloud to as many markets as possible." Maybe is harder for Adobe to do business with some countries because of their laws, but I don't think that these countries don't allow Adobe to sell software.

There are still many countries where Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock is available only through resellers and only for teams and enterprises:

If it is any consolation for you, @arapix, your country and other new markets were geoblocked before and couldn't buy individual online subscription at all. Other options are very expensive and probably nobody was buying images from AS anyway, there are other stock sites which are not geoblocking any country. So this is baby step forward, I guess? My country is one of new markets too, it was done very quietly, no advertising, no promotion emails, nothing. I found out that we can now buy software online, because someone posted it in one of Facebook groups, otherwise I wouldn't know. I am graphic designer, one of potential buyers btw. I don't know, it is like they still don't want us to buy their online subscription.

I just don't understand why in AS "Call for content" often is local food, traditions, national heritage etc. What's point of shooting local images if these images are not available in countries where someone could be interested in buying them?

@arapix: True, I don't understand why they are doing that either. Some adjustments what buyer can see first in search might be OK, but this doesn't make much sense. May I ask where are you from? I am trying to understand if it depends on contributors country or type of images.

Lina, I am sorry to ear your case. Probably you need to be in the same "page" as them.

Anyway just let you know that you can import psd files into Affinity and also convert to be open in photoshop.
There are tutorials around internet and youtube that can help you with that.

Oh! One other thing... Affinity is now 27,99/lifetime but you can try it for free too.
Maybe you can see if this can work for you.

Thank you for trying to help! :) I have Affinity Photo and Designer. Great software, only bad thing is that Affinity Photo doesn't support smart objects, at least it didn't last time I checked.

I am working mostly in InDesign. As far as I know, Affinity Publisher is still not on same level as InDesign and I am afraid to even think of all issues that could happen in conversion. And yes, I have to be on same page with my client so I can't work in other software and make conversions all the time.

It's OK, at least Adobe graciously allowed us to buy web subscription from beginning of this year, until now in my country we had only option to buy "For Teams" version which is expensive as hell (around 550$ for single app/year).

I saw that problem somewhere already. Try to change country or maybe log out from Adobe when you are looking from buyers side.


Actually you can if you choose to. My long time graphic designer friend dropped Adobe for Affinity and loves the savings. He introduced my wife to Affinity and she too loves the savings and they both still design.

As mentioned above I dropped Premiere for Da Vinci. The program does more than I need or even what I am capable of in editing and the monthly/annual savings is noted.

My biggest clients have CC subscription, we are sending files to each other all the time. So I really can't.

As graphic designer, I can't use another software, but I happily started deleting images I like best. Not to shock them, but because my dignity. Maybe I would wait and see if it was just change in earnings, but I won't give my work under extended license for cents or couple of dollars, no chance.

I hope that other contributors will do same thing, if not immediately, then after same time. It seems they prefer premium images anyway, so be it.

Thanks Adobe for helping me get rid of my stupid microstock addiction! Shutterstock started it, but you definitely finished it.

Leremy, is Canva also offering extended license for unlimited sales, so buyers can resell images and earn money from them while artist gets peanuts? I don't think so.

I really hope that 'karma is a bitch' works for microstock agencies too and that they in near future won't have anything good to offer to their unlimited buyers.

So, if downloads are unlimited, how will it be calculated per one sold image? How will AS know how many images buyer is planning to download?

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