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And although the US is only 4% of the population, a disproportionately large proportion of my micro sales (iS) is to the US, even though I have very little US content and no 'styled' images.
Whether the US making the lion's share of micro sales, probably overall, is chicken and egg or not, I couldn't possibly say.

I think it's a chicken and egg thing.
My IS sales are only 30% US last month, then goes Germany, UK, France.

We all shoot what is popular on the main page and since US was the first and only market for a while and top producers like Arcurs were obsessively focused on that style, we were copying it too, maybe not even realising it.

But now market is truly global and it won't work anymore in the future.

I tried to find european interior decor content for a blog, there is NONE. And who in their right mind say that there is no market for it?! :)

maybe they were going to say that not all images should be styled for the US market.

Oh yes, like on Stocksy, right? :D

Well, maybe... :)

And of course it is predominantly US at this moment, how they can grow a customer base in other areas if they go everywhere with this "important diversity" again and again and again and nobody understands what are they talking about and why should they buy that irrelevant content! :o

We don't have such problems here, sorry. We have other problems and social issues.

Population of United States is approx. 327 mln. Population of the planet is more than 7 bln.

The United States is slightly more than 4% of the whole world population.

Sorry, you can't be a "global" company, if you reflect the views, values and issues of just 4% and ignore 96%!

It would be great to have local "Heads of Content" too, who understand the whole picture and interact with each other. It will be better for business in the long run, if you want to sell to more than 4%...

Any place considered a city really. It can be different in smaller towns and countryside, but that's the case everywhere.

Sorry, but I can't "unsee" my neighboors and children in kindergarten and all other people who aren't expats who came for work for 2 years in a bank or drives uber eats for 1 month and goes back home, but who actually live in the country with their families and are citizens.
Where I live here is no children in schools of other race, I haven't seen, means they don't stay here and don't bring families. And most of the time those who come for work don't even speak the local language, only english because they work for international company and it's all temporary for them...

I believe you might have different experience. Europe isn't a small place :)

We only see what we want to see; we only hear what we want to hear. Our belief system is just like a mirror that only shows us what we believe.

I live in Europe and see all kinds of races everywhere, every day.

Me too, in Old Town today ;) and in the most touristic spots as usual.

Or do you mean London, Paris and Frankfurt with "global" corporation offices again?

So are you saying that the US is the only country that would ever buy images showing diverse people? No other country in the world concerns themselves with wanting their local customers/employees/whatever to know they sell their product/deal with everyone and anyone, regardless of race, or religion, or whatever? Hmm.

You forgot to call me racist at the end of your message... :)

Yes, imagine, we sell cheese and shampoo and books in our languages to each other, we can't sell it with asian and african models, because they aren't here, don't speak our language and not interested in buying our baguette tomorrow...

And when I travel to Asia, I don't see a blue-eyed european girl on billboard selling me soda. What a surprise! :) They're definitely uneducated and unprogressive bigots :D

I'm talking about fake reality and lack of emotional diversity. How many people turn up at their doctors in extreme body pain looking perfectly healthy with a big smile on their face?

Yes, I understand :) it is true
but I tried to explain another "fake reality" :)

I understand lack of emotional diversity because we are still in business of marketing... And "happy smile" brings sales.

But is microstock really used only by "global"=(american) corporations who need this specific kind of "diversity"?
And never by local companies worldwide?

Or those markets aren't that important? I won't be surprised if not (and even would understand why).

Just would be great to know that here is one and only "client" we all work for... And make decisions based on this knowledge then.

So do you only ever see smiley, happy caucasian people? I see smiley, happy african-americans, and asians, and females, and males, blonde hair, brown hair, no hair, and all kinds of other people. You know, people. Yet the images depicted in stock are mostly smiley, happy, white, blonde, pretty people. I thought that was what was meant by diversity. People. All people. Regular people.

If you dont want to shoot diversity, dont go to the webinar. If you do, go see whats up.

I read articles by stock agencies and they always mean multiracial and multireligious.
I see 99% white europeans, not all blond though. If I would live in multiracial society I would shoot that.

"That time you didn't want to understand what the market wants"

Well, maybe.
I just doubt that customers from Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Japan, New Zealand and others don't want to see their definition of "diversity" which I bet won't be touched on webinar... I hope I'm wrong.

I see sales from these countries every day.
But I haven't yet seen a single article asking for such "diversity" in content, is there more than enough of it, really...?

But if they want this unrealistic stuff - they can hire, pay and get it. Instead of shaming people who don't want to invest their resources into some staged "realities" someone wants to believe in.

It is not just 'diversity' that is a staged reality someone wants to believe in. What about all the smiley happy people?

:) really don't want to continue on this topic...

But. I do smile in real life, every day. And you?

I meant I live in Europe and sometimes use co-working spaces, which supposed to be the most "diverse" since it's kind of temporary office for expats, etc. comparing to just local offices where work only local people.

So even in those places I never see that kind of "diversity" that is suggested to shoot for stock. At all.

I see diversity in european type of look: blond, brown, dark, red hair, blue, green, hazel, dark brown eyes, all shapes and bodies, different languages and fashion, and traditions, and cuisine, and culture - the whole range of it, daily.

But it's not needed on stock and online media - this would be still called "white supremasist group" and be rejected by someone who lives thousands kilometers from here and thinks that the whole world should look like them.

I'm trying to stop on this :D

Btw, ironically, Fotolia used to be a European stock agency.

I love US, I watch movies, tv shows, read books, travel and love to interact with people from there. It is very enriching.

But I can't ignore my reality which I love as well, just because internet is "guided" at this moment by tech companies that are located in the US and who tend to ignore the rest of the world...

So, answering your question: Smiley happy people are my normal reality, I see them every day. As well as not smiley and not happy. But I don't see "the american diversity" here.
Sorry... but such places do exist on this planet. I hope they're allowed? :)

You can also try some technical support/report issue ticket, this one is usually answered by SS itself.

Last time I used: Other > "All Other Issues" and this one wasn't outsourced.

My decision not to attend Mat and Briana's webinar had nothing to do with disapproval of "diversity" but simply because it doesn't apply to the subjects I choose to photograph.

Sorry Martha, that I interpreted your words in that way and quoted them. Will be more attentive next time.

My opinion was different to yours, indeed.

Thank you very much for your words, Wordplanet, very thoughtful and beautiful.

Honestly, it is appalling that terms such as "blended family" roll off the tongue here. They are just a family, pure and simple.
But that also means that I don't have the right to force my opinions on you, only the right to discuss how I feel and to reiterate that I am as cynical as you are about the pressure to shoot diverse images, because it is just a marketing ploy. On the other hand, I also think that showing diversity helps to make it more commonplace in people's minds and perhaps helps to make people less likely to see the world as "'us" and "them."

"Diversity" exists only when there are "'us" and "them." And this is what sounds off on that webinar title, like we need to be categorized who is more "diverse" looking and who is not. And this is disheartening.

I hope very much that big companies like Adobe will listen and will stop manipulate with words like "Evangelist" (which belongs purely to religion, which Adobe&Co is not and will never be) and also will stop categorising people by how different they look.

I'm a Stocksy contributor so i've already seen what passes for "diversity" there, and what is favoured.

It is obvious not only to Stocksy contributors. There is a very "specific diversity" which is reperesented and pushed by that agency.

It would be great to be reassured that since Brianna Wettlaufer is a new Adobes Head of Content for Adobe Stock we won't be employed to create the stuff "Stocksy style" and won't be rejected or decreased in ranks in search results if we produce local content only, which sells and which is needed by customers here.

If you don't show a wheelchair or an amputation/prosthetic, how do you portray different abilities in the workplace.

I have the same question. Why don't we take all the possible "diversities" that exist in the world and put them in one office photoshoot? Why such discrimination?
Why no people representing some Siberia region in their offices? Or buddist monks with a laptop in every single photoshoot? Or people with cancer and other uncurable diseases while they still are able to participate? They are a part of all of us as well.

The thing is, that this kind of "diversity" that we see in media isn't about real world, it is just about "US tech or other bubble" that is projected on the whole planet.
But it's an illusion.

But if they want this unrealistic stuff - they can hire, pay and get it. Instead of shaming people who don't want to invest their resources into some staged "realities" someone wants to believe in.

... 3 are children of color or mixed race (one Asian, 2 African/Caucasian), and to me, that is so heartening, that despite so much bigotry still existent, this generation of Millennials are marrying for love without any prejudices, and our families are so much the richer for it.

Again, I'm not a native speaker, but calling someone a "color" or "not color" is innapropriate or bad manners at least (where I live). Probably America is used to a different upbringing and social etiquette.

Assuming there is some "base color" and "other colorful color" is beyond comprehension to me. And I'm amused how people are agree to be called "colored" or "not colored" in order to gain some social benefits because of their looks and roots.

Lgbt and stuff is a deviation in animal world as well as in human world. It is always been so, it will always be so. So nothing wrong (in a global scale of things) with those penguins and your cousins (sorry, but it was you who've put them in the same line).

But what is happening now, is the fact that it is only America who is a "melting pot" on such a scale and it is only few percent of population who are lgbt.

Why people who live in a different social and geographical conditions should be forced to provide content which isn't natural to them?
We have diversity in Europe - so many wonderful countries to go and enjoy. And everyone is creating content that is local and authentic. Isn't that the real diversity?

Why should we all portray "the US diversity" in our works? Instead of representing the REALITY that we have HERE.

US sales are only 50% sometime even less, so it is not even financially beneficial to me to create such content.
(upd: in fact, only 30% last month and I don't see any reasons to change my customer base to the "us only").

(Maybe stock agencies should hire photographers to get the content they need, if they don't get it naturally (because it seems so, since they're insisting so much and for few years already without success). Or open a traditional agency on the side and provide a service to their clients. Again, where photographers are getting paid for the requested stuff.
But they want custom content, tailored to some specific clients for free and all the time, and if you disagree you're a bigot and racist and homophobe). What a progressive world.

Funny how you say diversity means only one thing (LGBTQ issues) but the article you reference has nothing to do with those issues.  The article which takes about 2 minutes to read is about hiring women and a more diverse ethnic and racial workforce.  Not only are you a bigot but you're too lazy to read the article you put forward as evidence and just assume it says what you want it to.   That article is proof that "diversity" doesn't have just one meaning.

It is scary that it's all funny to you.

I never said diversity means only lgbt. I brought two examples: an article AND lgbt story - they are "diversity in stock", one and only meaning.

I take as a compliment all your name-calling, it makes me happy that I'm not on the same page with someone like you.

And yes (if it wasn't clear to you): I want a surgeon to be hired because he is a great PROFESSIONAL. Not because his race nor gender.

I'm not a native English speaker, but in microstock "Diversity in stock" means one and only thing:

here is a title of one of 10000000000 articles nowadays all around:

"Gaining A Competitive Edge: Seven Ways To Build Diversity And Inclusion In The Tech Workplace" (Forbes)

Since stock sites aim to serve all those big customers which have their own agenda mixed with political propoganda, we have what we have: constant reminder to shoot something that "has to be" popular by all means.

And this is why they don't get those topics "organically" - nobody is interested in shooting something that does not exist in real world.

4% of population who are LGBTYERKKDHJ or other people with psychiatric conditions, and socially accepted deviations aren't a "community" - they are just people living lives with their issues like everyone else, but we are forced to believe that at least 50% of people are like that and this is a norm and as a result there are mothers who change genger to their 3 y.o children (!!!) because a boy suddenly wants to wear a skirt.

Sorry, I'm not going to take part in these activities. If Adobe and others want to be responsible for the insanity it causes, good for them. Money making machine has no human feelings nor values anyway.

I'm out.

I think we, as creators, are responsible for what we say yes to and what we help "to promote" with our work.

A year from now Pond5 exclusivity will be 50% royalty.

...while selling on Getty.

The P5 "exclusive" program is exclusive in no other way than you exclusively giving them money. ;)

Haha :D

So they don't preserve custom P5 prices on AS? Hilarious.

That P5 live "Artist Town Hall" was the most hipocrytical, misleading and insincere I've ever seen in microstock. They were just straight up lying and it was so obvious.

Even Getty wasn't that fake in their exclusive pitch, not covering it with "we care about the artist the most, we are saviors of the industry bla bla bla".

Thank god we've made enough progress that your husband / father / brother allows you have a job so we can all hear your enlightened views in here.

If not the so called progress, I would be enjoying family life, raising children and doing art 100% of my time :D instead of being brainwashed into the money making race and gender competition all around.

No complaints, it's fun too. But please, don't wait a "thank you" for that :)

No its not, Swiss Chocolate wants to abide by family values which stood the test of time for over a million years.  It's not backward thinking it is the basis of human society with out which we would not be here.

As to the "diversity" trend its has little to do with real diversity and more to do with
corporations trying to appear "woke" and huge amounts of money being thrown at minority interest groups who shout the loudest and have their own "bigoted" agenda for their own political ends.

Great, couldn't agree more

"Traditional" maybe is the word you are looking for @SwissChocolate.

Thanks, yes :)

Nope that's just bigotry.

Great :D Call it whatever and do your own thing.
Thankfully I live in a country with free speech, not the same as yours seems so :)

Bigotry (definition) - intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.

Wow this took a turn.

Feel free to stick to your opinion and your definitions. I will stick to mine - this is Diversity :)

I'm 100% sure they're gonna be talking about color, ethnicity, LGBTQ, etc.  In that case, I'll say thanks, Mat, but no thanks. I'll pass on this particular webinar and look forward to the next one.


Being a "free artist" is a great advantage, so I can skip on this corporate agenda and political stuff. Sick and tired of these "diversities" and LGBTQWatever nonsense all around, won't allow it in my work.

Make a vebinar on classic family values instead please :D since it seems we are here not only for photography craft anymore...

24 / Re: Downloads for April avaliable
« on: May 20, 2019, 08:01 »

And clearly ss and adobe soon will cut prices and royalty. I expect it in less than a year. Thats why microatock in tge bect year wont be a job for many probably some

So then they will stop receiving any content at all anymore and will die themselves.
They understand that the only healthy motivation for adequate creators to create is Money. No money no content, just a few thousands snapshots from "exposure" imbeciles (pardon my french). It won't happen.

"microstock wont be a job for many probably some"

I hear that since 2008 :) will consider myself "some" then :D

Canva / Re: Canva "Good News"
« on: May 18, 2019, 15:31 »
Creative market is the next in line.


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