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Hello everyone, I want to share the story of how I was banned from ESP (iStock, GettyImages) for accusations of plagiarism or as they reported misrepresentation of copyright.

It began with the fact that one of my works disappeared and I wrote to ESP. The next day, instead of getting response, my portfolio which was consisted of several thousands of works was completely removed. After a small correspondence, it became clear that two third-party authors accused me of copyright infringement (misrepresentation of copyright) and it was during one year (one such case will not be considered to be an infringement, two will be and the size of the portfolio doesn't really matter), so my the portfolio was removed, and they ignore all my attempts to contact.

It is interesting that one of the works I was accused of was my own ones, but with the added text https://prnt.sc/mgzsef, i.e. Someone bought it (standard or extended license), added the text and complained .. and it worked! My portfolio was banned, and one of the reasons was my own work ... They did not give me the opportunity to provide any evidence, and they themselves could even verify the date of creation.

The second work is really very alike https://prnt.sc/mgzt17, is it worth saying that I have never seen it, but its good that there are references that I created mine earlier. So I didn't worry a lot.

After I somehow sent the evidence (the creation of the questions was blocked and I had to use direct links that were kept in the mail), I was not answered as promised, but I also wrote another one more https://prnt.sc/mgztty, and in the end they sent me one more work that didn't seem to be plagiarism at all.

After that, I was no longer answered. I continue to create questions on ESP, almost every week for two months already, they are deleted. Probably it's all over, I did not make constructive conclusions for myself. And thanks God I did not have time to become an exclusive artist. Well, you probably should not completely rely on stocks, at least if you paint in any popular style. Maybe this story was interesting for someone.

Perhaps someone can give some pieces of advise. All the best.

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