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I'll test it out on all agencies see if they accept it.
I doubt it as the Shutterstock release explicitly mentions Shutterstock many times. It is better to use the universal release, or even better EasyRelease app on phone

you can download releases from Shutterstock, they are just images.
Not sure what you are going to do with docusign though.

123RF / Re: Is this the oldest refund ever
« on: April 21, 2022, 04:10 »
That's the reply I have received from 123rf support today:
Thank you for notifying us.

Our IT team has been already been informed of an unusual number of refunds occurring of late and are investigating the issue currently. Kindly give them some time to investigate the matter and we will update you by email as soon as we receive more information.

We thank you for your patience and understanding in the meanwhile.

is there any chance that a button "nominate all images on thee current page" will be added? Otherwise it is very time consuming task to manually select/deselect images/

both  :)

Selling Stock Direct / Re: Google images licensable tag
« on: September 02, 2020, 17:10 »

Adobe seems to be out, at least I couldn't find any images from adobe with the badge.  All the others seem to be IN like SS, Alamy, iStock, Dreamstime etc... and many of the smaller are also in already.

Photoshelter is very much IN whereas SmugMug seems to be OUT.   This is strange as SmugMug has an integrated e-commerce site which would fit well with the badge directing there.  For independent photographers this could open some possibilities. 

I wonder whether photosites like Flickr or 500px will allow the required URLs in IPTC? 

edit.  I added the required URLs in metadata in Lightroom and exported it locally.

I then used this tool to check the metadata


The exported file had all the nice ITCP fields with all the required URLs like
statement of rights and licensor filled up nicely.

Next I uploaded the image to my own site in SmugMug and used Google search console to index it.  The image showed then in Google image search but did not have the licensable badge on it.  So I downloaded my image from SmugMug and checked with getpmd whether the required ITCP field were still there.  They were gone from the image.

I then double checked by uploading the image to my Flickr site, downloaded the image from Flickr and checked the metadata.  All the required stuff was there.

This is fairly disappointing as I have lot of images in my SmugMug site with integrated e-commerce platform.  It would have been very nice to be able to incorporate these images in the Google image license scheme.  This could have been a major opportunity for independent photographers selling images through SmugMug.  Now the images are side tracked as google badges are missing. 

It would be very interesting to know which other sites strip the required IPTC from images and which don't.   

I hope SmugMug will soon upgrade the engine so that the images will show up as licensable.

Microstock News / Re: Zoonar is launching Zoonar.Express
« on: August 29, 2020, 17:27 »
I think that what also interest the users of this forum is an easier upload process.
The actual one is a pain in the
or tax form submission process (right now it is mission impossible). I've stopped uploading when taxes were introduced. I don't like double taxation - in Germany and in my country.

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe Stock Creative Cloud Bonus Program
« on: August 19, 2020, 09:19 »
Are bonus program for illustrator coming ?
Vector artists get LR+Photoshop subscription, but they need Illustrator instead

Envato / Re: Envato Certified as a B Corp
« on: August 07, 2020, 13:10 »
Hey All!

Just wanted to let everyone here know that Envato has officially been certified as a B Corp. Here's an excerpt from our media release about what a B Corp is:

"Envato is now one of over 3000 certified B Corp companies in 71 countries and 150 industries around the world, joining a list of other Australian B Corps such as Culture Amp, KeepCup and Bellroy.

Administered by the non-profit B Lab, B Corp certification is awarded to businesses that have a positive impact across five key domains - workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment - and in doing so, lead the way in using business as a force for good."

For more details about it, you can check out our post here: https://envato.com/blog/envato-certified-b-corp/

Have a great day!
So I guess we shall expect a royalty cut  ;D

you are wrong.
They are the team, and they were the founders of pressfoto, but that project was not of a great success, I belive.
And they have excellent images, follow all the trends, shoot videos (more than 53 000 of clips in the portfolio)

It's port of russian stock pressfoto.
Casual pics nothing more, lot's of them [it is only my opinion].

But it looks like i am getting that you are saying about uselessness of boycott.

Honestly, who would have thought that Bigstock would become the better of the two...
I am absolutely sure not for long time

Shutterstock accepts frame rates up to 60 fps.
Your clip is 120 fps. You just need to slow it down to 24 or 30 fps and submit it.

I have. I can't delete the images for one year as it was mentioned before.

I am getting paid. In April it was 65 euro/month for 400 images (I was NOT going to upload that many items but I have forgotten to untick the checkbox in StockSubmitter) - that is why I believe when my friend with 9000 images in portfolio says that he gets around 300 euro there.

But I certainly will not upload any more.

I know it for sure. His photos are subpar and don't sell on shutterstock, though on freepik there is far less competition and they have a chance.

I know a few other photographers who make around a 1000$ on shutterstock and 200-300 euro on freepik. They also love(d) freepik.

Few more facts about Freepik.
I was personally contacted by their manager on instagram about cooperation, after I wrote to him, he never responded back.

I tried to upload some images on Freepik (you need to know your enemy to win the war), after 2 months of waiting for review I wrote to the support asking to delete all the images from the review queue. The support started to persuade me that they will immediately accept them all. After I insisted (and it was happening in the beginning of April right after they had lowered the royalties without any notice so I had one more reason to delete the images) they agreed to delete them. Guess what? They accepted them all and from that time they don't respond to my requests.

So you see how they treat the authors.

I know a photographer who earns 180$/month on Shutterstock and 300 euro on Freepik.  He loves Freepik!

PS. It was 300 euro before they lowered the royalty rate

Don't forget freepik.com - 9.99 euro/month (or 89.99 for a year), 100 downloads every day.

yes, had a sale just a few minutes ago.
When you started there were few images in their database. Now the database has grown, so the sales distribute between a larger number of contributors.

I got payouts from them several times, but probably crushpixel is not worth the time and effort for majority of contributors.

Videos I definitely will not upload there, royalty is too low.

Can i ask if you sell anything right now? Because that is my problem now. First month showed me i will get paid at last every two months if i upload more... so from port of 300 getting 12euro i got to 0Euro with port of 5000... I got very confused... Now i just stopped uploading.

I got payouts from them several times, but probably crushpixel is not worth the time and effort for majority of contributors.

Videos I definitely will not upload there, royalty is too low.

General - Stock Video / Re: How about clipcanvas?
« on: April 22, 2020, 03:57 »
I think you have already answered your question  ;)

Crestock.com / Re: Crestok has just filed for bankruptcy
« on: April 08, 2020, 13:08 »
They lasted surprisingly long taking into an account their idiocy and attitude towards contributors.

To be abundantly clear, filling in this form does not guarantee you payment. It is highly unlikely payment will be distributed.

Canva / Re: Canva announcement
« on: April 06, 2020, 13:52 »
a lot of letters and good-sounding words.

what's the catch?

You don't really want to know the lowest commission on iStock :)

It is 0.01$

I see a decline in my travel photo sales, roughly 15-20% already.

Hummm well I can't imagine "stock sites really doing that. 🤔However there was this German stock site that did charge me a small fee when I first joined. It was only a one time fee for foreigners mostly.  ::) But for a company like Zazzle and their reasoning to me is a bit twisted, but they do mostly your images on their provided products. So maybe it has to do more with maintaining all those functions with the site its self and less on the service of selling your image on your behalf. In other words they do so much more then stock sites do. One service compared to many different services. 🤷

For me it doesn't really affect me that much right now but I really still don't like that policy.
Envato Elements is doing basically the same - they call it the content upload bonus.  When I qualify for it, I get about $300 of monthly bonus, when I don't upload and don't qualify - 75$. So the difference is $225.

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