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Newbie Discussion / Re: Anyone submit to dissolve?
« on: June 09, 2020, 03:31 »
its a "our heads up our own ass" kinda company.
same goes for stocksy.

too much ego / coke infused Hipster-CEOs will do that to ANY company.

mind sharing your portfolio?

My sales there have died entirely the past 2 - 3 months.
Pretty sure Adobe and SS are next too

Newbie Discussion / Re: Selling 3D Animations
« on: May 05, 2020, 11:53 »

General Stock Discussion / Re: Checking in - Adobe Stock Video
« on: January 22, 2020, 02:12 »
you're "offering feedback" based on account?!?!
grow up man, take responsibility, there's 3 different contributors here who share the same story.
You're trying to flip it on us.
We don't need your feedback, we are doing great in other marketplaces.

Look into your data, your search algorithms, then look at your competitors, and give yourself honest feedback.
(This applies to your perception of the amazing templates AS has, for real!? did you ever look at VideoHive / Pond5 ?!
Adobe Stock Templates are mediocre, so lame.
But hey, don't trust my opinion, Do a survey , ask your users, ask your friends, are you willing to listen to what they'll tell you? or will you ask them for their accountID too?.
Heck, even Template Monster, Storyblocks and MotionArray have better templates for sale)

It feels as if you're here on these forums only to impress your superiors in their cubicles...
"Look guys, I asked around in the forums and I've done my job for today, can I go back home?"

General Stock Discussion / Re: Checking in - Adobe Stock Video
« on: January 21, 2020, 08:14 »
The same with my friends account, who started selling content about 2 years ago. He have something like 500 videos in his portfolio, and his SS account is selling 300-400$ a month, pond5 around 250$, while his AS account haven't ever sold a single clip and it exists for over a year now.
for some reason its the same here, same portfolio in 4 different websites.
Sales are decent on P5 and SS, but hardly existent in Adobe Stock.
Mat says "You need more videos" , but its a lame excuse.
If someone can sell the same videos 40 - 50 monthly, in Pond5, Shutterstock & Envato,
It's you guys @ adobe who are doing something wrong with the ranking algorithms.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Checking in - Adobe Stock Video
« on: January 16, 2020, 00:50 »
1. open up the template market, right now the mogrt templates look very outdated and unprofessional.
2. more traffic. whatever it is you're doing, it's not enough.
3. thumbnails, yes, maybe if every person insists on it, you will finally get to it (should've been the first thing)
4. subscription option. (personally hate it, but its impossible now when shutterstock, pond5, envato & istockphoto are selling it for nothing)

it's not a contradiction, ->
templates will keep getting produced, it will just be guaranteed people are using adobe software legally.
it will also give adobe the upper hand in a few possible scenarios.

It would be highly beneficial for Adobe stock to force Pond5 / Template Monster / Envato to verify
licenses of users who upload Premiere Mogrt or After Effects Templates.

Would give Adobe Stock a huge leverage, there must be some law/legal way to force it, no?

Newbie Discussion / Re: What is your fastest reviewing site?
« on: January 13, 2020, 03:24 »
is bigstock any good for footage sales?

They also sell your stuff for $0.01 in a lot of cases.  So instead of up to $300 per month I now get $10 for December

Hopefully , people there will realize their work does not deserve to be pirated immediately & then sold for $0.01.
Yes, since elements is subscription "unlimited" , everything that gets released there is on "w4r3z" websites in less than 2-4 hours.

just love reading their elements customer forums, glassdoor, or trustpilot reviews (even though they bought a lot of fake ones, its declining, again)
Shows you what kind of business practice these people are into.

nothing personal, but somtam is a better nickname than samtom.

None of that is influenced by how much you dislike Elements, how many people may download your content,

again. it's not linked to selling numbers.
you aren't selling your content, nor is Envato.
The content is included within the unlimited subscription.
The only "selling numbers" are subscriptions. That's the only financial transaction that's being made.
Financial transactions are what "sales" and "selling" are.
The bonus is linked to downloads. not sales, not selling numbers. stop lying.

If it was really linked to "selling numbers" than it wouldn't matter how many people download your photos or website template. Because Envato had X amount of new subscribers.
So if there was a huge amount of new subscribers, then you'd have a big bonus, regardless of downloads, just because of incredible "selling numbers".
But its not, how many people OUT of those selling numbers end up downloading your content is what makes the bonus.

The rest of your reply is once again, a total exaggeration and off-topic, just like that hitler example earlier.

how much bonus you get is linked to selling numbers.
it's not linked to selling numbers, because you are not the one selling the images. (what happened to your obsession with "facts" now?, the taxation is with the Australian Tax Treaty since Envato is selling the images)
Unlike Envato Market, in Envato Elements you're basically granting them the right to sell the images.
That's why they don't claim Elements is a "Platform" like Envato Market is.

They are downloaded as part of an unlimited plan, and the bonus is in relativity to others.
So lets say your image was downloaded 10k times, but others' images were downloaded a million.
You'll get a tiny fraction, if you're lucky, since it could be $0.001 you might've just given away your work for free, 10 thousand times.

Now that's just with images, but in reality, you're competing with Videos / Website themes / Sound files etc...
Let's not even mention the fact everything on elements gets pirated in seconds to illegal websites.

Good luck to Elements contributors, you're going to need it.

This is exactly what Spotify did to music, they've succeeded to some extent, but many musicians still refuse and reject their idea.
Envato just "copied" Spotify's concept into the Stock Image/Video/Template world.

They've just updated the bonus scheme to make it reflect actual earnings. Which, because you don't earn much... you don't like. If you earned a lot then your bonus would have gone up. I mean come on... if you're making $20 or $30 a month then even you, in your limited capacity for understanding, must think that a $225 bonus is a bit extreme?!

So "fair %50 revenue for all" or is it "bonuses for the best sellers" ?
Cause these 2 at the same time can't exist. %50 equal revenue means %50 equal.
It's that simple.

Fact is, only @ Envato Elements you don't get to see how many downloaded your item!
Why don't you ever mention that? How is that "fair" ??
If you're so much about facts, why don't you ever touch that subject?
How can you even calculate how much $$ you get per download when elements won't tell you how many downloads you've had?

Does Adobe Stock Hide that information from you? does Shutterstock? Getty?
No.  Even in Getty or Shutterstock you're notified about every subscription user download.
It might end up being $0.05 , but they have the decency and honesty to tell you.
That's what you're into, facts no? So where does this fair act in your equilibrium of justice play ?
Can you elaborate to why envato doesn't share that information with its users?
Or how "fair" do you think this is" ?

You, work for envato, and you moderate these forums, this will be a proof of how corrupted these forums are.


And for some reason that makes me the anti-*, a blatant liar, a shill, probably some descendant of Hitler.

There's huge difference between a Liar, a Shill and a descendant of Hitler.

Envato Elements pay out 50% of the revenue they collect and compared to other agencies that's a pretty fair split.

If it was really that simple, you wouldn't have needed to post a question in their forums, would you?
The reason you asked a question was:

I didn't understand how the calculation for the new bonus scheme worked. I expressed that in the forums, somebody explained how it worked... I realised what I was missing and then I understood.

Can you count how many times you used the word "I" here???
You're choking on your on crap. It literally sounds that way, just read out loud what you typed.
You're a shill,  and even till now you don't understand how their "revenue sharing" system works.
You can only fool yourself, and the moderators who still didn't ban you for being a shill.

"your observations" just comes to prove how oblivious your are to the opinion of others.(Plural, as in NOT just me, look here, its another person going after you)

Once again, you pin point everything on a particular person when in reality there's a bunch of folks out there. (but this won't register will it? you'll avoid responsibility for being hated among many)

You're a Shill ->

This way of narrow mindedness isn't only projected in your behavior,
Fortunately, your portfolio and aesthetic is pretty much parallel to your narrow mind.
"Shots of Space and Maps" - in what? 10 years, that's the only thing you can come up with.
You're not even a one trick pony, you're half a trick baboon.

You sure you wanna keep this discussion when you can render more maps and satellites ?
Those 15 cents for your 4k renders are out there !! go get them, tiger.

SpaceStockFootage is the Envato groupie. Always excusing them for their actions.
It's years of conditioning, he's been so used to getting bullied and selling himself short.
Just doesn't make sense to read the nonsense he is typing anymore.
In the Envato forums he does complain, then someone "slaps" him, then he "obeys" again.
The ultimate beta male behavior.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5 sales
« on: November 28, 2019, 02:19 »
There's also that annoying facebook / ai @#$ bot in Pond5 that pops up on the screen.
"Hi, do you need any help with licensing?"

Nothing screams "Desperation" more than that.

First you claim to agree, then you go back to your bs  "in the real world" .
Just because you have no self value and you're willing to sell your work for nothing, doesn't mean its the real world. It's YOUR real world.
Some gay male prostitutes have their "real world", everyone has its own "real world"

There's a huge difference, first of all,even @ envato market you only start with %50 , that quickly goes up to %70, and its over 10 years that model worked fair and square.
That's a sale price, which isn't the same as subscriber share. 50% - 70% on a $15 sale or $29 is far more than %50 on a $0.000005. (And let's not mention the Aussie tax laws which deduct another clean %30 out of your total!!, unless you're a commonwealth country)

But once again, I'm "one outta the two" people who in the world "suffer from an unfounded mistrust" of envato.
The rest are clearly not as "delusional" as I am, and they know Envato are honest and god-like.

You keep selling Space Planets and Azerbaijan map renders for your "fair share of %50" out of the 15 cents you get for it  - > don't mind me.

the only fair way to do it that results in the agency and the contributors getting the same percentage of revenue every month.

Quite a contradiction there.
If it was fair - then the contributors would've gotten a bigger percentage as they are the ones doing the work.

Then again, you have to come up with all sorts of bs excuses when you work for envato.
It's a part of being "creative"

desperation knows no limits.

We are really excited about the future of Motion Array, and were happy to have all of our amazing authors on board with us. We hope you have loads of great photographs to share with subscribers, and we look forward to continued success...together!

"We are really excited" = "We've been hurting badly and we're trying to do whatever we can to survive,
yes, even though we're called Motion, we will try to be Static Array for now as well"

Yes, its always the contributor's [email protected]

You got 30000 videos? "ohh, that's why you're not selling, its too much, its over-saturation, try eliminating some videos for a cleaner portfolio.

You got 300 videos? "ohhh, that's why you're not selling, its not enough to show up in the results"

That's all I have to say, people here are giving them lots of credit, but I'm going to say it.
Pond5, Shutterstock and Videohive are far better performers for me personally.

Not sure why or how you guys are doing it there? (I'm using the same keywords from Shutterstock / Video / P5)

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