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General Stock Discussion / Re: Most likely to go under
« on: January 24, 2008, 15:11 »
First let me say that anybody looking to close their account at CanStockPhoto and purchase images from a photographer to give back some money to contributors, I stick out my web-hand and a link to my portfolio is:  :o

That being said, I agree, the admins there need to learn to balance the needs of the contributor with the needs of the purchaser.  They work for both.  Lack of marketing is going to kill them this year if BennyM's forum comments don't scare contributors away!

LO just hired a web guy to help out with all of their programming issues, so they may make it a few more years, but they aren't going to have any money to pay the guy if sales don't improve, too. 

General Stock Discussion / Re: Canstock - is it worth it?
« on: January 24, 2008, 15:04 »
It's not that nobody is uploading, because if you look on the main page, it says they have like 9,000 images in the queue.  It takes about 12 days to get images accepted.  I have 500 images on CanStockPhoto and I only upload there because it is so simple.  I use the windows uploader and click the "auto category" and all I have to do is attach a model release.  If it was any harder than that, I wouldn't bother.  $28.50 for a little over a year of work?  Not good by any standard.  Even is outselling them and they haven't been around as long.  If Duncan thinks that people are just going to start knocking down their perverbial door for images because they cut the price (and the contributor's commission) then he needs to take a class in Marketing 101. 

My top ten:

1.  Be more bold about approaching people to shoot them.
2.  minimize shooting "isolated images"
3.  Figure out my new 40D
4.  Become an expert at studio lighting
5.  See light how my camera sees the light
6.  Be more confident
7.  Be more selective
8.  Stop obsessively checking the sales stats
9.  Use that time to shoot more images
10. Shoot better images out of the camera and us PS to embed keywords, etc. only

General Stock Discussion / Re: iStock worth the bother?
« on: January 24, 2008, 14:04 »
I have had about 80% of my images accepted using a Canon 350D and a Canon EF 50mm lens (mostly).  I just upgraded to a 40D, but I am finding that I have to work on finding the "sweet spot" with that camera.  I know for a fact that I make better images with the 350D, right now, than I do with the 40D, only because I need to feel the new camera out a bit.  I have only had it a week, so I am tweaking the settings.  Now the exception to that is if I take the time and effort to shoot RAW.  Hands down, the new 40D RAW images are better than the 350D RAW.  The new Digic III Processor and 14-bit images are just great.

I digress...  I have often thought about becoming exclusive with Istock, but the issue for me is that I think I am shooting images that are on the fringe of what Istock is looking for from their contributors.  If I was shooting mainstream images and my portfolio was being downloaded like crazy, I would consider it.  I have a friend who is doing VERY well as an exclusive with Istock.  It sure would cut down on my workflow!  For now, I still have alot to learn, so I am happy to go with the shotgun blast effect and see what happens!

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