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Envato / Re: PhotoDune by Envato
« on: July 20, 2011, 17:46 »
Hey guys, I do appreciate the insight, especially on GraphicRiver > Vectors which I've been thinking a lot about lately. There seems to be quite a few issues holding it back, and most of the time in the past I've not paid a lot of attention to what we do on Vectors because on the GR site, it's Print Templates and PSDs which are the larger share of the site. But we are looking at it now in detail, so this information helps.

One interesting note on the pricing question is that we did a price increase last year (a modest one) and unit sales dived and took months to recover to their former levels. Because of the price change, the overall outcome was about the same though, so it was OK overall, but did make us a bit wary of going too much higher. For me personally (as I used to buy lots of vectors) I found I spent more when prices were lower on sites like iStock, than when they got higher and I had to be really certain I was going to use something. Prior to that I just used to buy indiscriminantly and throw half of them away :-) But I don't know if that's normal, I may just be a dumb shopper!  :D

Envato / Re: PhotoDune by Envato
« on: July 19, 2011, 17:59 »
Collis, I made a comment in the initial post here about exclusivity at Envato marketplaces and how you can sell images exclusively with Envato while selling other images elsewhere. I'm just realizing that I may be a little off on that point, though. Can you elaborate on exclusivity at Envato and how it works? Specifically, how it works across the marketplaces? If I wanted to sell themes exclusively with ThemeForest, can I still sell graphics non-exclusively through GraphicRiver? Or does all of the stuff I sell through Envato need to be exclusively sold on the marketplaces in order to qualify for the exclusive royalty rate?

Just wondering how this works, in various situations. I can imagine some PhotoDune photographers also selling graphics, and vice versa, and maybe wanting to only sell graphics exclusively.

Good question. When you have an exclusive account you can sell other things elsewhere, but not the same things. So any item you sell has to be exclusive.

At the moment we've been allowing people to create two accounts, so they can sell one portfolio of things non-exclusively and another exclusively. A good example is this amazing audio author: <- Exclusive <- Non-exclusive

It's not ideal however and I'd really like to fix that so you don't need to make a second account, as it makes it hard to change an item's exclusivity. So one day in the future I hope we can amend that.

Let me know if that makes sense, or if you have any more questions!!

I try to sell vectors there (graphic river) and the accept ratio is very low!! They reject all my vectors. Vectors that are in all microstock sites (istock included, imo the best vector site). All that trouble for 25% of 3 or 5$. No thanks.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm currently reviewing our GraphicRiver Vector standards, I think maybe we've made them a bit high to be honest. It's a bit of a big job to review the reviewing standards however, so will take a while. As for the non-exclusive commission, we have always really pushed hard towards exclusivity (where we have much better rates), but I appreciate the feedback, as we're always looking to improve in all areas.

Personally I think that the other stock image offerings from Envato are possibly the worst on the market for contributors. They pay the some of the lowest commissions (perhaps the lowest) both in terms of the actual price to the customer and percentage to contributor.
They also have very stringent quality control and an antiquated upload system. So in other words they want only the best and pay the very worst for it.
It may look very nice and designer friendly, but really the terms these guys offer are perhaps the most disrespectful out there.

You also have to remember that they are also another site that want you to pack half your portfolio into a single download so not only are they paying less per download, each download has a lot more work going into it.
Take a look at the size of some of the icon sets or sets of characters/mascots for example.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear you feel that way, our mission at Envato is to make a *good* offering for contributors, so it's not good that you feel the direct opposite. We are working on our upload system, and I'm not sure I agree about our rates - at least with respect to exclusive rates. As I mentioned above we are very geared towards exclusivity, some of our marketplaces are in the high 90%'s of exclusivity.

We certainly don't intend to be disrespectful to contributors in any way, shape or form, so I'm very sorry that you've felt that way. I will spend some time considering your feedback in more detail to see if there are other ways we can improve.

Envato / Re: PhotoDune by Envato
« on: July 19, 2011, 02:17 »
Oh and I forgot to mention, that we should be going live in a few weeks. We're still polishing off various bits of the site!

So far the beta has been going well and building up slowly but surely. We had a couple hundred sales in the first week, 300 in the second, 400 last week, hopefully keeps going that way :-) Still small potatoes in the scheme of things of course  ;D

I'll be sure to check back here regularly if anyone has any more feedback about the site, or about anything else you think we should be doing!

New Sites - General / Re: VectorStock Redesign
« on: July 19, 2011, 02:09 »
I have to say I have no idea what it's like to sell on VectorStock which seems to be the main thrust of this thread, but I did stop in and check out the redesign, and it's a BIG improvement on that old design! That last one looked like it was for 800x600 monitors :D

Envato / Re: PhotoDune by Envato
« on: July 19, 2011, 02:06 »
Hey guys! Great to hear you've been taking a look at PhotoDune and our other marketplaces.

As Eco points out we have much we need to improve both for PhotoDune and our other marketplaces. One of the downsides of operating a large suite of sites is that there are lots and lots of things to do ;D But we're getting there. Actually PhotoDune has been good in that sense as it has been pushing us to improve some of the functionality on the other sites too! In particular we are working on a bulk upload tool to make it all go a lot faster.
Seeing just how much quantity there is in the photo arena is pretty mind boggling! Prior to starting a photo marketplace we had 70,000 items in total over 8 marketplaces. So you can imagine the numbers of photos has sorta bowled us over. But we're getting there. :-)

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