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After a couple days of mulling it over, I've started by deactivating my larger illustration files or more creative files from iStock to save them from being drafted into the unholy PP army. I've never had a large portfolio there, and I've never made that much doing the illustrations there, my purpose for being there has been as a creative outlet. I have a day job, so I'm not super concerned about the money I'll lose for not having my best stuff on iStock. However, I won't sell what I feel is my most creative work for a pittance. At the same time, my day job isn't as creative an outlet as I would like, so that has kept me from closing my account at iStock altogether. I currently contribute at Shutterstock (low royalties, high volume, not the place for complicated stuff), veer (I'm new-low sales I've heard), and stockfresh (so new that sales are low). In light of iStocks new ASA, can anyone suggest alternative sites for my complex illustrations that used to be on iStock?

iStockPhoto.com / Re: Revised Artists Supply Agreement
« on: August 30, 2011, 05:30 »
The infamous jester has just put down an exclusive contributor and explains as clearly as you like the status of non-exclusive contributors to iStockphoto, and I quote....

"You realize you can contribute where ever you like, right? Exclusive contributors ONLY contribute to Getty Properties. That means you can decide if you want to be involved here or not. Raging in the forums over and over again isn't going to change the fact that the ASA has changed.

The fact is pretty plain. If you want to contribute to iStockphoto as a non-exclusive contributor your files will also be available on the partner sites. Period. If you decide that isn't for you we appreciate that. You can close your account and only submit your work on alternative agencies. It's entirely your choice".

Smart move as statistically 70-80% of their highest selling images come from non-exclusives? It might not represent the volume in profit terms but it might have something to do with the reason customers come to iSP in the first place, clearly the non-exclusive images are the most popular in the eyes of customers.

Every day Lobo comes to work, I fear a village might be missing their idiot.......

Aye, the little wolflike Napoleon feels browbeating is the best way to moderate a forum. Giving non-exclusives a choice between being bent over and shafted in the PP or not letting the door hit them in the ass on their way out is not much of a choice.

I'm pulling my higher quality stuff. Guess that survey iStock conducted was pretty hollow, eh?

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