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I forgot to mention that Getty sales are not counted into statistics, do you plan to implement that too?
When I look at the weekly revenue graph some numbers overlap others, is there any chance to make numbers smaller or at least vertical?

It is very useful software. Ok, let's get to the problems I have found during this time I have a full version.
- My portfolio at this time count 2352 online active files (I am not counting pending files) but MA telling me that there is only 2312
- Double click on All Files returns some error: value cannot be null.....
- Sometimes after updating stats my categories just disappear and I have to restart the software to bring them back
- I would like that setting I made during one session stay for another time I start the MA. For example bar charts and show numbers.
- For now I have only 3 audio files and they are all under one thumbnail is it possible to every file has it's own thumb?
- Today I sent an error report from MA as you already know and those errors appear every time I update stats.

Right now I don't have any idea how you could calculate estimates, sorry.

I am planning to buy your software (Unlimited analytics) and have few questions.
1. When will you release new version where I can force full update of portfolio or some files with changed keywords?
2. Estimated Revenue/Month doesn't show any data for iStockphoto now, so will it be included in new version?

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