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They promised us much more sales, my earnings and sales after commission cut went down by 60-70%

Consider to close my account there very soon.

How about you?

2 / Getty payment
« on: April 24, 2019, 03:07 »
I know it's not 25 yet, but did everyone received it?

I usually get it before 25, Easter made it slower this month?

Need to find out more about special deal between IRS and Adobestock

the reason:

Getting payed from Adobe Canada, getting w8ben form provided and 30% tax withheld (non treaty country). never get 1042s form even tho every other us-based company provide it (from google to amazon) and they have to as stated on

Copy paste from their site:

The country where I reside requires Adobe to provide a "1042-S" Foreign Persons U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding. Can you provide this form?

Because of a special agreement we have with the IRS, we don't issue forms 1042-S separately to each contributor. However, we can provide a signed document that includes earnings and amount of withholding via email on request. Please email us at

4 / Double keywords new spamming way?
« on: February 28, 2019, 03:26 »
I see some contributors on shutterstock putting two irrelevant keywords as one such as:

"adult affectionate", "people person", "casual catering" "ache african" and so on...

Is this some new bug using way to enter 100 instead of 50 keywords?

that contributor also have images with about 100 keywords on shutterstock (probably after they break apart)

5 / Deepmeta bug: Error 422 keywords
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:36 »
Uploaded 62 files, for 2 of them it says error 422 cannot exceed maximum of 50 keywords.

I deleted many keywords now I am at 32 and still same error.

DM worked flawlessly for a quite some time... now for every new upload/submit there are new errors.

Please keep this simple and clean topic

Looks like I'm beginner and need some explanations, so here are my situations:

1. after uploading batch from deepmeta 3.0.0. it is shown on esp site under my content /upload and review content

my first batch was there with this informations:

0 reviewed, 33 submitted, 33 uploaded, status active. I guess it was okay.

2. now after few days I uploaded second batch with deepmeta 3.0.1.

0 reviewed, 17 submitted , 18 uploaded, status active. one file is missing.

okey, on deepmeta it say that one file need to be submitted, but I can't submit any files (when i select that batch and go to upload menu, no files can't be submitted) and if I chose that file and try to change something on it in deepmeta notice says that the file is already sent to ESP and no longer can be changed. when I want to see that batch summary on ESP site, it says that this file is "not submitted"

i am confused. very.

and that is not the best part

3. I saw that my first submitted batch with 33 files is not "active" anymore and it is on "needs revision" status and it says:

0 submitted 33 uploaded.

When I want to see submission summary it says "Revise" for all files

What I need to revise, who need to revise, is it new term for review or what?


8 / IStock balance deduction
« on: December 06, 2016, 06:01 »

Today, as usual around 5. of following month, earning was deducted from account balance (excuse my english)

I was expecting to see deduction for October subs/partner/getty, and also November regular downloads.

But my subscription earnings from November (for the first time we saw it in "real time") is also deducted so we are now finally getting paid for subscription without need to wait next month like it is for getty/thinkstock earning?

Is it the same for everyone?

Greetings everyone and excuse my English

I always submit to 6 agencies (SS, Alamy, FT, IS, 123RF and DT), and as I grow my portfolio I can see earnings going up more or less on most of those agencies except for last one DT.

Also, i have some images on DP but it's about 5% of my full portfolio but not planning to submit there because of some topics i have read here (3% royalty and similar things).

So, from now on, I think I will not submit anymore to DT, even it's easy submit. Not planning to delete my portfolio, just don't want to waste my time anymore.

I need to tell that I have mostly photo portfolio with about 10% vector illustrations and no videos.

I was thinking about envato or pond5, but want to hear from you if any other is good for photographer/vector artist.

In terms of earnings, easiness of upload, trust and overall contributor experience, which one do you recommend and why?

I read here that pond5 is mostly good for video makers, so i would like to hear from contributors that have only images there.

Thank you!

10 / Partner program sales
« on: June 23, 2016, 06:52 »
Are they finished reporting them? I can't see any sales from Getty/Partner program sites, only thinkstock (and istock subs)


Today I wanted to log in to skrill with my password (it's correct) and got message that for security purposes I can't log in so I need to reset my pass etc. I contacted them to see what's going on but no response.

Anyone had similar or same problem today with them?


I need to know is there any way for contributors to get receipt/invoice each month(or each requested payment) on sites SS, IS,DT, 123RF

If I remember when you request earning (convert credits) from fotolia it is available to download, but dont know for any other site.

Thank you!


I have one question about my last studio shooting. I have half of photos full body shots isolated over white background and other half of portraits with complete different lighting but same model (and similar clothes)

I will submit those full body isolated over white to microstock agencies, but those portraits with "more professional" lighting have complete different "feel" and I am not sure they are microstock types of photos.

So, my question is, am I allowed to submit those portraits as RM to agencies like Alamy/Corbis/Getty? Or maybe even exclusive to Alamy.

And one more question is, what are benefits of having photos submitted as exclusive RM to Alamy? Different percentage to contributor?

Thank you!

14 / Lesson to unknown Shutterstock reviewer
« on: July 20, 2015, 10:27 »
Dear unknown Shutterstock reviewer

I can't send you note anymore or contact you so this is the only way to try it.

Christian Louboutin trademark is about red soles and it is not applicable if the shoe itself is in the same (red) color.

So, completely red shoes with red soles are fine and Shutterstock is selling hundreds of those.

But... even if this all is not correct please try to understand that what you see is not red sole (crop for my rejected image because of trademark) image attached:

Greetings and excuse my English

My straight male stock model has been used in one Berlin gay pride event.

I don't have anything against anyone, but for young straight male it is very sensitive case when using on those kind of campaign.

I am selling stock on 5 agencies, SS, IS, dreamstime, fotolia and 123rf.

I don't sell my images as sensitive use.

I am thinking about getting a lawyer from Germany, if anyone know someone who is good and experienced in those kid of thing?

What can be done about all this?

Thank you.


This is one of those "what if" questions but I just wanted to know.

If ShutterStock offered exclusivity (seeing what is happening in stock industry at this time with AdobeStock) in this terms:

subscription download 50c, on demand 5$, enhanched 50$ and 50% from single and others downloads and no other "better search" placement, maybe new category like "newest, popular, relevant and exclusive".

Will anyone accept that? Maybe to explain why not or why would you?

My opinion... calculating my last month now...

nope... without increasing sales volume I dont think I would go exclusive. What about you?


Let, for example, say that you made series of your highest quality photos that you believe most or all RM (or even RF if you really want) agencies would accept and sell.

I understand few people want to tell their secrets and make him/herself more competitors but maybe there is someone out there.

Also, let say that those are makeup, beauty studio portraits (not usual isolated on white with microstockish screaming all over them).

I submit images to microstock agencies so I can't be exclusive anywhere, only image based exclusivity is an option.

I was thinking Alamy image exclusivity, or to send them to Corbis or Getty. Can I even sell there if I am not exclusive? Am i newbie or are those three best sales/earning wise?

Are there any specialized RM agencies for those kind of shoots?

Thank you for your time and excuse my English

123RF / Upload doesnt work
« on: December 14, 2014, 11:04 »
Yesterday and it continue not to work today.

It take me to "Processing queue", and status bar keeps on loading but nothing after that

When I check "Completed images" I can find them even I uploaded some of them few hours ago. Usually take few minutes depending on size.

General Stock Discussion / Anyone using Payoneer?
« on: December 08, 2014, 10:37 »

I have few questions for anyone who use Payoneer as payment options on any stock site (for example on 123rf)

I send question to Payoneer first but got some generic reply.

First of all, I opened account, got my card, activated account and this was easy, but do not understand one thing

If I want to receive my payment to Payoneer from 123rf, I changed payment method on 123rf to Payoneer but what else do I need to do or is that all?

I read about something that I need to add 123rf as partner on my Payoneer account, do I need to do that and how to do that? I can't see that options.

Last question is about transfering money from Skrill (Moneybookers) to Payoneer, is it possible and how to do that?

Thank you and excuse my English


20 / Unfortunately I forgot how to shoot photos
« on: August 16, 2014, 07:54 »
Yes, it can happen.

I take photos for about 5 years, not very long time but I do believe I'm getting better. On stock sites I am about 2-3 years.

I had about 70-80% acceptance rate for a long time, but last few months according to Shutterstock reviewers I totally forgot how to shoot and edit my photos. My last few batches, acceptance rate is about 10 -15 %. Mostly focus, lighting issues and composition.

But according to most other sites like Fotolia, 123rf, Dreamstime (ok, and IStock too, but it isn't very relevant because of their too high acceptance rate) I am still getting better.


Balkan / EX Yugoslavia / Model release na Hrvatskom
« on: October 17, 2013, 02:39 »
Pozdrav svima!

imam par pitanja za vas koji se bavite stock fotografijom

dosada nisam fotografirao modele ali bi se htio malo okuati u tome pa me zanima sljedeće:

jel potrebno imati prijevod model release-a na hrvatskom, odnosno na slubenom jeziku zemlje iz koje su model/fotograf ili je za stock stranice dovoljan release na engleskom?

pravno gledajući, kako bi taj model release napisan na engleskom bio valjan u Hrvatskoj ukoliko bi eventualno dolo do nekih problema?

jel potrebna kopija putovnice/osobne modela?

moe li itko podjeliti svoj model release kojega prihvaćaju ove jače stock stranice ss, istock, ft, dt, 123rf itd...

uz model release, osiguravate li se dodatno nekim ugovorom?

hvala puno na vremenu i razumjevanju!

ivili!  ;)

22 / Bugs at Shutterstock
« on: June 12, 2012, 15:21 »
first of all excuse my English

here is the list of bugs I experience on shutterstock, I also opened topic about it on SS but noone seems to answer, maybe better luck here:

1. missing images from gallery (not too bad, they can be find in searches and can be seen in portfolio, they are only missing from contributor gallery)

2. no new images in darkroom image gallery stats and catalog manager (same images missing in gallery are missing in darkroom and catalog, and all images are approved more then a week ago)

3. image gallery stats not updated regular like before

4. keyword trend tool show only last month

5. most important and most sales affecting bug is completely messed up popular search, images sorted by popularity looks more like random, newer files with more sales are below older files with none sales, check your specific image that is approved in last month, even if you sell it daily it would be buried below old non sellers

6. relevant and popular are almost the same now, but I do not know how relevant works so can't say anything about that. but they never looked as similar as they looks now

nobody answered on shutterstock forum at least to tell us that they know about bugs and trying to fix them, anything would be good. this is taking too long with no change and no answers so file that can't be seen in popular search will loose all chances to get back

hope someone from SS see this topic here

of course, with all these bugs, SS is still better then most other sites, but this is extremely frustrating

Image Sleuth / Reselling microstock photos
« on: February 20, 2012, 18:32 »
On this site:

found one of my stock image. They are reselling it, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I have sent them email but want to warn you all.

This image is relatively new, only 2 times sold on Shutterstock as subscription sale. Never sold on other sites.

I just politely told them to read terms of license carefully and remove it, so if you find one of yours do as you wish

Excuse my English

edit: one more thing, thank you google image search! :D

123RF / Referral program at 123rf not working?
« on: February 06, 2012, 11:04 »
My girlfriend, who is an illustrator, used my referral link to sign up as 123rf contributor.

She got accepted several days ago and also had her first sale today, but I do not have her in my "List of photographer you have referred".

I don't know if it need some time or something else is the problem here, and also hope that 10% cut is from 123rf not her as contributor.

If someone from 123rf answer here I can write her and my usernames.

Does anyone have someone referred in 123rf in last few weeks?

Adobe Stock / Missing photos in portfolio
« on: January 13, 2012, 06:58 »
Greetings and sorry for my English.

I'm new on Fotolia and have 9 images accepted there, but when I open my portfolio I can see only 5 of them.

It's like that for more then several days so I don't know is it normal or I should do something about it?

Thanks in advance


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