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DepositPhotos / Goodbye from Marius
« on: October 19, 2012, 02:08 »
Hello everyone!

Just a quick notice, that I am leaving the company and that this account will be closed soon. Another representative will come to this forum soon and answer your questions about Depositphotos in my place.

I hope i was able to shed some light on Depositphotos and hope for you all to make good and successful business with them in the future.

Take care,


DepositPhotos / Depositphotos breaks 8 million milestone
« on: June 21, 2012, 09:00 »
Hello MSGers!

It has been an extremely good year so far and to document this we are today celebrating our 8 millionth image on www.depositphotos.com. So thanks again to all you contributors for making Depositphotos the fastest growing microstock agency in the world.

Also, we are introducing a brand new feature that improves the lightbox functionality. Check it out:


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, June 21, 2012 Depositphotos, the fastest growing microstock agency in the world, surpassed the 8 million image milestone. And in addition to reaching new heights, Depositphotos unveiled brand-new lightbox operating features.

Among the authors who helped Depositphotos library grow by another million images are such world-renowned photographers as WaveBreakMedia, Pressmaster, Life on White, PHB.CZ and Nagib.

High quality images, variety and freshness of presented content is what our clients value the most, says Vadim Nekhai, Chief Marketing Officer of Depositphotos. And this is the main reason why we spend so much time trying to attract the most professional contributors from around the world.

Last week was the great Photoshopworld in Washington D.C.!
(Was anyone of you  there? Maybe I eve met someone from this forum without knowing it ;) )

Ever charming Sales & Marketing Director Elena Flanagan-Eister gave an interview for MacVoices about our company.

Check it out here:


DepositPhotos / Depositphotos reaches 6 million images!
« on: February 14, 2012, 07:11 »
Hey everyone!

Well, i guess its fair to say that we are beaming with pride at the moment. Only a mere 2 1/2 month after we announced reaching the 5 million mark, we have already hit the 6 million mark. Thanks to all you contributors ensuring that Depositphotos really is the fastes growing agency in the market.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 14 Feb. 2012 Depositphotos, the fastest-growing stock photo agency in the world, announces the addition of its 6 millionth image. It took the company only 2 months to cross over another milestone.

Having started accepting and selling images for editorial use, Depositphotos has become an alternative microstock agency for photographers working in the field of editorial photography who previously had no possibility to sell their images with Depositphotos. Since its innovation the editorial images as well as demand for them have been steadily growing, so Depositphotos encourages photographers shooting editorial shoots to cooperate.

DepositPhotos / Follow Depositphotos CEO on Twitter
« on: January 11, 2012, 09:17 »
Follow our CEO Dmitry Sergeev on Twitter on https://twitter.com/DVSergeev.

There hell talk about the newest developments on Depositphotos and everything else concerning our company.

Have fun.


DepositPhotos / Depositphotos introduces editorial and Tax center
« on: December 07, 2011, 10:41 »
Hello everyone,

we have started accepting editorial images! Also interesting - our new tax center. Please read our press release on our blog about it:

Depositphotos Starts Accepting Editorial Images and Launches Tax Center

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 7 Dec. 2011 Depositphotos, the fastest-growing stock photo agency in the world, announces that it is now accepting images for editorial use only.

Depositphotos has expanded its license policy to accept non-model released and non-property-released images for editorial use as a descriptive visual reference to current events, newsworthy stories, social events, places and/or products. This new image category gives more flexibility to publishing houses, authors, newsrooms editors, journalists and bloggers to illustrate their stories by providing them with hi-quality images and news sensitive photos. The editorial use only images will not be available for any commercial or promotional purposes.


DepositPhotos / Depositphotos hits 5 million mark
« on: December 01, 2011, 06:49 »
Hello everyone,

I am Marius from Depositphotos. I recently registered an account with this forum. On the Microstock Expo in Berlin i met great people from the industry and i heard many say, that it would be great to have an official Depositphotos representative on the popular forums like this one. So here I am! :)


We just hit the 5 million images mark today and published the following press release about that:


Depositphotos Image Library Hits 5 Million Images
By adding over 1,000,000 images in 3 months, Depositphotos proves its claim to be the fastest growing stock photo agency in the world.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 1 Dec. 2011 Depositphotos, the fastest-growing stock photo agency in the world, announces the addition of its 5 millionth image. This milestone underscores its steady growth and commitment to be a huge player in the microstock industry.

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