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Thanks for your responses! I have enabled and put a price of 865 dollars, lets see what happens...  I keep my expectations low on this one... :)

I got a notification on Dreamstime that a buyer wants to buy the Rights for my Photo.

"This notification was sent by a potential buyer, who would like to purchase one of your files with exclusive rights license (SR-EL). If you are able to sell exclusive rights license for the image, please use the "ENABLE LICENSE" button to enable the exclusive rights license and set the price. The buyer will be automatically notified. Only the lifetime Sell the Rights license can be enabled. Keep in mind that this request is for SR-EL. Please check the table to see prices for SR-EL."

What is a normal price to set? I haven't done this before but I would like to go ahead with it. I have not made that many sales on this one and removing it from all marketplaces wont be an issue.

When ticking to sell rights box there is a another box right under it that says:
"Use recommended price ($250 - $5000)" is this for SR-EL and what is a good price in this case? When I choose "set your own price it says $700 is the recommended price.

But must i remove the photo from marketplaces before I set the price? Or can i go ahead and do that after they buyer actually buys it. I mean, i dont want to remove it if the buyer wont go with it or doesn't like the price..
I see no option chatting with the buyer directly, it seems i just add a price and then he or she will get notified.

Need some input here...

Yeah i will quit shutterstock on June 1st, 3500 photos they will never see again.... We need to send a strong message! Im doing quite well on Adobe, Deposit Photos and Pond5 so wont be such a big deal and wasn't going to get so much from Shutterstock now anyways...

If i get 0,36 dollars per image now. How many percent does that correspond to? How much does a subscription download cost to the customer? Need the basic strait before I can judge this!

Print on Demand Forum / Re: POD Sites in 2020?
« on: April 14, 2020, 17:02 »
Im ok with some marketing for sales and plan for it. But after that I want the site to be strong enough to generate sales from searches done on the site itself, by people who are not there from my links or marketing. Is there any of these sites where that is more likely to happen? In microstock we know what sites are worth our time, just look at the polls to the right hand side and the truth is revealed, even though there are a ton more sites out there that looks great and promise a lot. Im after the same inside info for POD if possible, from people who have tested or heard about sales on most of the sites and know if something changed the last 2-3 years.

Print on Demand Forum / POD Sites in 2020?
« on: April 14, 2020, 05:29 »

I sell stock photos and have done on small scale for many years. However a lot of my photos tend to be Nature Photos, Travel Photos, Photoshop Art etc...

I was looking into POD (Print On Demand) sites a few years ago. I ended up giving FineArtAmerica a shot. Since then i had 4-5 sales with not so much marketing. I has involved in the community there for a while and had other members look at my stuff but that definitely didn't help. I think the few sales came from plain Searches on keywords etc.

So i want to give it another go now, but need to know what websites i should be giving my focus? Is there a better alternative to FineArtAmerica? Im interested to know what sites that have the most potential for sales, and if so, what does it take from me to get going on that site? Do i need outside marketing? Is there some site that can generate some sales with only good descriptions and keywording like stock photo sites?

Any new up-comers or big sites i ignored last time I should aim for? Just some pointers where the biggest potential lies in 2020

Uploading to EyeEm seems like a worse and worse idea, I saw that their partners, that they send your files to, do not only include Getty, but also Adobe Stock and Alamy!

How can be as non-exclusive contributors upload to them when we already upload to these major sites???

It will send files that we already have on these platforms, create duplicates? Lead to deletions on some part? Or what will happen?

Then EyeEm is in fact some kind of uploading tool in disguise that steals a part of our profit?

Anyone selling at EyeEm that can tell me roughly how much that comes from the getty partner sales?


Im returning to uploading and want to upload all my files to EyEm. However there is a problem, i was an old non-exclusive istock contributor and i guess my files are now selling on Getty or whatever, not sure exactly what happened when we agreed to the shift a long time ago but, i login to ESP and see/request the earnings from there, not much at all...

Anyhow Eyem says that the files uploaded to them will possibly be sent to getty for review of selling also at Getty. I wrote to Eyems costumer service and asked them if i could upload my old files, or if there is a risk of "collision" and duplicated if they get accepted also at Getty. They shortly answered: "yes there is such a risk".

My questions to you:
1. How much of the earnings from Eyem comes from the Getty Partner channel in you experience?
2. If the Getty part of sales is low, maybe I could opt out of this getty thing and upload only to EyEm?
3. Maybe i can delete my old istock files from Getty, they are not selling that well at all...  would it be worth it/doable?

Yes i am selling only non-exclusive and plan to keep doing so with all my photos

Hope you can help me shed some light on this!

Yes I mean Istock. I was an non-exclusive istock contributor + some partnersites of theirs like thinkstock etc. before they was bought up or whatever. Then it all moved to getty? I dont know really what happened, but i log into ESP-portal and get earnings from there now instead. No idea how uploads to getty/istock work now, someone can enlight me if they want.  I cant upload new content to istock/getty as non-exlusive anymore?  Is it through the old istock-site?

Thanks for your replies!

Im considering adding EyeEm to my upload routine.

I saw that EyeEm is partnered with getty images, and I saw that the photos uploaded there have a chance of getting sold on getty too. But I already sell some at Getty and Im planning to upload my old files to EyEm too! I dont want EyeEm to send them my files and them getty approves and there will be duplicates, witch might lead to some troubles? How will this work? Should I avoid uploading my older stuff(best) there for this reason?

Somebody here from Getty or EyeEm that can clarify this for me? (Help me tag someone if you know the right user)

The poll to the right is not as detailed as it once was. I see numbers on the highest 6 sites. I get that the lower ones preform worse now than they did a few years ago, but they could still have a numbers? And the ones without a number, does the order of them really corresponds to the earnings?

Otherwise, regarding testing a new site. I have not gotten any response from that, i take it there is no new site other than the ones i alraedy submit to? The only one I get curius about, also looking at other threads, is EyeEm? How is your experience with getting sales from uploading to that site? Or do you have any other suggesions of a site that might be underestimated or so?


I have been inactive with stock photography a few years and have some new photos im ready to upload. I just wanted to ask if there are any new sites worth uploading to compared to say 5-6 years ago. I sell at these sites, ranked in earnings. + Some trends on my sales, but everything is down overall.

Deposit Photos (preforming surprisingly well on old uploads)
Adobe Stock (old Fotolia, will be interesting to see how uploads works now)
Getty, ESP or whatever they are called now (Old Istock, will be interesting to see how uploads works now there too)
Edit: forgot 123rf. Its getting pretty low though....
CanStockPhotos (Getting much lower earnings there now)
Big Stock (getting much lower earnings there too)

Stockfresh (hardly any downloads)
FineArtAmerica (Have a lot of Nature Photos there but can count my sales on one hand...)
Alamy (not much happening there but a few last year, so i will upload)

So any new sites that could be worth a try? I have been living under a rock so dont know much whats happend

General Stock Discussion / Re: October 2012 Earning Thread
« on: November 02, 2012, 03:41 »


Number 6: "Thats why I didn't go to college!"

Photo Critique / Re: SS port
« on: October 10, 2012, 00:18 »

Ok, thanks for your input.

BUT, i think I want it to be there. Dont report it or bug the people who put it on facebook. I think its a funny thing for me and would like to have it there. And the message in the picture is great and just what I had in mind when I took the shot so we just let it be.


23 / Re: number of dlds per month at SS
« on: August 25, 2012, 04:54 »


25 / DT still messed up?
« on: May 29, 2012, 03:08 »

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