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I have sent him emails every 4-5 months for the last 2 years...

Thanks. Anyone else?

Hi guys.

Is anyone else experiencing problems with
I am owed several hundred euros but haven't been paid for several years.
The owners aren't responding to my e-mails. The site seems to be up and working just fine.
Am i the only one not getting paid?

Hi guys.

I've submitted two maps to Google.

One is Leo's image plugin the other Yoast.

But it seems Yoast submit all my images, as well as Leo's.
Doesn't this duplicate the image links and makes Google suspicious?

I submitted my sitemap about 45 days ago and my images are about 50% indexed. My site is small though and I have slowly been adding images. I only have 63 images on my site at this time.

google doesn't promise to index all images -- so after 45 days, you probably won't see any change;  one major reason they don't get indexed is if they are already indexed thru an agency

Here is some interesting detailed facts:

Created by Yoast Wordpress SEO
Sitemap_index shows:                   638 submitted/ 345 indexed (web pages)
Sitemap_index shows:                   45 submitted/20 indexed  (images)

Created by Leo's stemap plugin
symbiostock_image_sitemap:        59 submitted/58 indexed (web pages)
symbiostock_image_sitemap:        59 submitted/42 indexed (images)

What if I go back and change descriptions?

I installed a plugin that allows me to put widgets in posts. And this worked!

My similar images works, just not my featured images. Strange.

Flickr / Re: Should I join Getty Images on Flickr?
« on: October 22, 2013, 09:26 »
I've certainly gotten 15 percent on Flickr Getty :(

Symbiostock - Technical Support / Featured Images Doesn't Work
« on: October 22, 2013, 09:24 »
Hi there.

I have never managed to successfully get my  Featured Images to work.

I have already assigned some to the category. The Featured Images bar simply never shows up on my site!

Yes, months ago.

Flickr / Re: Should I join Getty Images on Flickr?
« on: October 22, 2013, 09:15 »
I think its 15 percent :(

Hi guys

Google has indexed none of my images here a month or so down the line.

What could possibly be wrong?
I even bought Leo's image map plugin.

Symbiostock - Technical Support / Re: Similar images doesnt work
« on: October 06, 2013, 01:52 »
It works!

Symbiostock - Technical Support / Similar images doesnt work
« on: October 04, 2013, 23:58 »
Hi Guys

for some reason similar images doesnt work?

Any ideas why?


Hi guys

How long does it take for Google to index images? I have waited about a month now..

So I should submit both?

Hi Guys

Bought Leo's plugin.

Any need to submit Yoast's sitemap also?

Yeah, I just changed hosting to GoDaddy :) It feels so good to have it working properly!

Now another problem occurs, the mail function doesn't work.
However I think it might be due to restrictions on Godaddy....?

Hi guys,

I've set up my Symbiostock but when I try to register as a new user, I don't receive any email confirmation with a password? Nor do I receive emails when I purchase files. The file moves to download area just fine though.

It seems like the email plugin doesn't work or isn't configured correctly?

(I resolved the problem with my previous IPN issues by switching to Godaddy and started up a new domain)

Also I have never received any download notification emails from SY so it seems it's not registering at all the purchase although it is charging the customer

Yeah it's getting quite frustrating at this point.
I wish there was a way to diagnose the issue or at least find out where the problem is and where it isnt..

Just opened a new business account. Same problem.

Hey :)

I am using the very latest version.

So are you having the same issue?

All IPNs seem to have been sent:

After returning from paying on Paypal the url ends with &item_number=
Does this means it never got the item number from Paypal?

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