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Photography Equipment / Re: Wacom tablet - need pro version?
« on: November 16, 2013, 04:47 »
I been using the pen tool in adobe illustrator with a computer mouse to draw for years.
Recently, wacom has launched a new INTUOS PRo and i am thinking abt getting it.

Is Wacom any useful for me who has been using the pen tool in adobe illustrator?

2 / Re: Some questions from a fresher
« on: November 16, 2013, 04:44 »

I been wondering where i got my sales from, now i know.
Thanks you.

3 / Re: Some questions from a fresher
« on: November 16, 2013, 04:31 »
What is PP?
I joined Istock not long ago as a illustrator, my sales/ downloads are not increasing daily, but earnings/payments are increasing alot dramatically.
Not too sure how Istock payment works , perhaps it is the "PP" you mentioned.

You have nice portfolio, but i personally think the commercial value is limited. You should shoot more themes.

The form look deceptively simple at first sight. I was thinking it was a piece of cake until i get it somewhere wrong.
The biggest problem is the staff at Pixta refused to comment which part of the form was wrongly filled and this is where that get made struck. They keep refering to japan tax centre website for solution and not them.

Easy to get in, not easy to cash out.

I have joined there few mths ago. Sales is OK.

But you would need to fill a Japanese TAX form like W7 or W8 ben form in order to receive yr payment.
The form is much more complicated than the W8 form.
I have submitted 3 times but still get tax at 40%.

I have seek their help in filling out the form correctly, but they couldnt provide any legal advise.
All they ask me to do is to go to the Japanese Tax centre website to look for accurate info.
Unfortunately the website is only available in japanese language.

If anyone here have any knowledge in filling out tha japanese tax form, pls help by providing some info here. I have googled everywhere without results.

6 / Re: Alamy is going to sell VECTORS
« on: September 29, 2013, 08:15 »
Nope, no subscriptions, no credit, just cash. But payout is 175 dollar and it can take up to 6 months or more to get paid, depending on how quick the outstanding royalties are paid by the customer.

6 or more months to get paid for reaching the minimum payout??? WHy does it take so long?

Does Alamy allow their customers to buy images without paying first or buy with credit terms just like credit card???

7 / Re: Alamy is going to sell VECTORS
« on: September 29, 2013, 02:39 »
Thanks you for sharing.
Does Alamy offer buyer subscription sales like SS as well???

The prices of the illustration does'nt come cheap from what I see. Probably need High quality illustrations to be sellable.

New Sites - General / Re:
« on: August 09, 2013, 00:01 »
Has anybody received an offer from them?

I negotiated with them earlier this year. It was a very generous offer, but in the end I decided not to accept it. I wasn't sure if I wanted to help launch an unlimited subs program. I'm probably dumb for not accepting it, but the whole thing scared me a little because it would seem to undo a lot of the work I did over the last few years.

How much are they paying for 1 single design and where are they distributing to?
Is it possible to send them Raster instead of Vector raw files?

Sound very tempting but it seems like it is more for ppl who are interested in short terms benefits.

Yaymicro / Re: YAY, no view(s) no download(s)
« on: June 30, 2013, 09:42 »
Sales is poor becos most ppl go there and download photo and drawings for FREE!
Click the zoom button and you can get a 300dpi A4 size photo for free.

An amateur photoshop user can easily remove the watermark if the photo is on a Fully white isolate background.
Dun believe, try it on any isolated images!

Illustrators who mainly do cartoon/lifestyle drawing are probably going to do well since there are not many good ones on the market.

I don't know about that. I think there a lot of great ones out there.

Not more than 10 if u ask me. There is a list, DDraw, memoangeles, pushkin, yayayo, cthoman you, matthew cole, bnp studio, artisticco, dagudu and some thailand artists.

But still, i think the 2 illustrators i mentioned in istock are good enough to beat anyone in the list, if they have high volumes of files on hands and decide to go independent.

It looked very likely that those Powerhouse illustrators will become independent based on the Royalty cut Istock announced today.

Those illustrators who did design/label elements will probably have a tough time out jumping to SS or any others since the competitions are too stiff.

Illustrators who mainly do cartoon/lifestyle drawing are probably going to do well since there are not many good ones on the market. The only drawback I think they have is the number of files they have. Most Quality illustrators doesnt have more than 1000 files over there.

I know this sounds like a dumb and silly question, but i have been pondering

"What happen if POWERHOUSE ISTOCK illustrators like Kbeis Istock, Nokee Istock or any other great illustrators actually decide to become independent and start selling their fabulous works on the top 3 and middle tier?

Will they actually dominate the market and other illustration contributors, and have an edge over others?
If so, why did'nt they do that???? Cos they feel robbed of their work values???

Anyway, after a few days thought, i decided to get back to SS and reapply my acct. Surprisingly, I am back on the 2nd day after applying. But I havent upload anything yet. :P

yes it does apply to all agencies, only from USA sales not overall

Thank you!!!

I was asking becos Zazzle tax me 30% from overgross sales, and not US sales which is very strange.
I am going to ask Zazzle staff what going on?

Dear fellows,

I would like to know

Does the 30% tax only applied to sales/download from USA only or overall gross sales for a NON-US citizen? I am from SIngapore.

Shutterstock only tax 30% from sales/download from US, but not for other regions.

Does this apply to other stock agencies like fotolia, dreamtimes or any other agencies that required W8 form as well?

Thank you!!!!!!

Dear fellow Illustrators,

I would like to seek advise from veteran stock illustrators here whether should I join the rest of the agencies?

You see, i have joined Istock on Jan 2013 and became an exclusive in 2 months time. I was delighted to become an exclusive at first but somehow the 30% royalties for exclusives seem like a joke to me. So I left and join GL and other microstocks site that offer 50% commission.

During this 2 months, sales were not as good as i expect like Istock. It seem to me the traffic at this sites are moderately low.

Right now, i am considering whether should I join the top 3 sites and the rest of middle tier and best 4 low earners?

If i am a photographer, i would not hesistate to join all the sites but for a illustrator, it's kind of a ego thing.
Illustration takes years to hone yr craft and plenty of moment to create a good artwork. Selling yr artworks for 30 cents is hard to swallow. But with money dun come yr way, then what the use of having Good skills?

Can any ones advise what the advantages and disadvantages of selling at other agencies in the long run?
Does selling Raster version of yr vector work at all sites a good move or a bad move? Or is it wiser to sell yr vector  at all sites?

Any advise is welcome and I really appreciate yr suggestions.

Sales will become even slower if there are more contributors who are tempted by their recent raised commission.
More competition mean lesser sales.

I just turned istock exclusive and quit immediately after 2 months. Commission is too low for exclusive at 25%~30%, and non-exclusive get 20%. Exclusive only get 10 % higher than non exclusive which is dumb.

Seriously, all microstock site that offer subscription should be all destroyed.

But as long there are contributors who are unwilling to lose their miserable earnings and Cheapskate Buyers with limited budgets, subscription sites will still be alive.

New Sites - General / Re: Zoomy Images Launches
« on: May 26, 2013, 07:54 »
3 new Images Agencies appearing in this week??? OMGvector, imageyard and now Zoomy.

How . Jon Oringer manage to convince everyone in the whole world to join shutterstock for a meagre sum of 25 cents per Dl is magical.

What are the dumb contributors around the world thinking at that time?

And now at present, we have someone that offer 50% and everyone is complaining abt this and that.

Despite the discouragements and bad words from some members here, I wish the best for u.

Btw, I like the way yr website is set up. It look so much like Istock and look very organised and clean. Look very fitting for my artworks.

Maybe you may want to reconsider the price for the contributors here. Most contributors including me are looking for fair deals in order to join New agency. Perhaps you may want to look at CLipartof on their pricing and commission for contributors.

All the best!


Thanx a lot!

I think it would be best if you can allow us to set our OWN PRICING ranging from $3~$5 for simple designs to $20~$30 for complex design like characters design.

DO keep us informed when you start accepting artist officially after yr price is set.

22 / Re: Vector Royalty Rates Increasing
« on: May 16, 2013, 10:55 »
Istock should be named Iquit since many valuable contributors are leaving.

If it's so bad why don't you leave too then? You don't even know what percentage you earn there, which is rather surprising.

I have already left there for a month ago. I didnt even know about the royalty increase until i read it in this thread. Previously, i was paid 25% but the current 30% and previous 25% isnt much of a differences.

23 / Re: Vector Royalty Rates Increasing
« on: May 16, 2013, 09:08 »
As a new exclusive contributor, i am very disappointed with them. What is the differences between 20% for non exclusive and 25% for new exclusive like me?

Istock should be named Iquit since many valuable contributors are leaving.

Pond5 / Re: Official question for POND5
« on: May 13, 2013, 10:06 »
When is P5 start accepting vector eps file???
They offer vector illustration, but most of the time the search end up with photos instead which is very bad for vector contributors. If that the case, maybe vector contributor can list their files in the photo category since everyone is messing with the search.

Toon Vectors

I like Clipartof, but the problem is How do I join them? I cant find any contributor info on their website.
Toonvectors belongs to Cthoman's brother, and i definitely contribute. I do actually hope Toonvectors has better features, like Group/categories section like Animals, kids, education.

I am not expecting big income, but just passive earnings to save for a rainy day.

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