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I believe the reason why sales dropped on VideoBlocks / Storyblocks is because they changed their search algorithm.

I haven't checked this for some time, but now when you search you only get result from the Member Library - the Marketplace result are now separate somewhere in the bottom of the page.

Some time ago the default search filter was set to All, now the default is Member Library.

Even more, sometimes when you click on the Marketplace videos from the bottom of the search results page you get a pop-up warning message: "Marketplace clips are not included with a subscription."

So they are making it harder for clients to get to our videos... What do you think?

General Stock Discussion / Contract to hire a Videographer
« on: March 26, 2018, 05:41 »

I've been shooting stock video for a few years on my own. Now I'd like to hire a videographer to help me and shoot video for me.

What type of contract should I make between me and this videographer so that I own the copyright on the video he makes, and so that I can sell it on any stock agency website?

Currently I'm producing stock video as a freelancer, so I don't have a company yet.  Is it possible to make this contract between me and him as freelancers, or I must start a company and make the contract between my company and him? Does this contract need to be registered somewhere (I want it to be valid worldwide)? Do I need to send this contract/inform the stock agency about this? Note that these are related only to the copyright for video aspect of the contract.

Yes, I know I have a lot of questions :P, but if any of you have any experience in these I'd relay appreciate your insight, or examples of such contracts.

Thank you!


I've just received this email from VideoBlocks:

"Footage Firm Inc. dba VideoBlocks, GraphicStock and AudioBlocks is in the process of preparing its tax forms for 2015 and noted per our records that you have not completed either box 5 or 6 of the w-8 form that requires providing either an ITIN, SSN, EIN or FTIN in order to claim tax treaty benefits.

Per IRS guidelines, you are required to fill in the aforementioned boxes as you are claiming a reduced rate of, or exemption from withholding as a resident of a foreign country with which the United States has an income tax treaty and who is eligible for treaty benefits. Please refer to the top of page 6 of the form instructions: pdf/iw8ben.pdf- "To claim certain treaty benefits, you must complete line 5 by submitting an SSN or ITIN, or line 6 by providing a foreign tax identification number (foreign TIN)." As such, it is mandatory that you provide one of the two forms of tax identification numbers referred to above. If this is not received by us, you will be taxed at the highest rate of 30%.

We understand that you may not have provided this information previously or with other agencies; however we appreciate your cooperation to assist us with complying with U.S. federal guidelines.

Please complete the form and send to us at your earliest availability, but no later than Tuesday, March 29th 2016.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding this."

I am a resident of a foreign country that has a tax treaty with United States for reduced rates to 10%.

I do not have a TIN or ITIN or any tax number as this is not required in my country.

All other agencies I submit to didn't asked me for a TIN or ITIN, I've not completed lines 5 and 6 from the W-8BEN and everything was ok.

What should I do? Did anyone else had this problem ?


4 / Rejected as video contributor on Alamy
« on: December 11, 2014, 11:55 »
I applied as a video contributor on Alamy and added a link to a selection of over 300 videos from my portfolio.

After a few weeks I received an email saying: "we are not looking to take on video content of this nature at this time".

The strange thing is ... I made a separate webpage for this application and sent the link only to Alamy. And after I got the email I checked to see what videos they viewed ... and only 2-3 videos had views (that could have been made by me) I believe they haven't even looked at my portfolio...

So is anybody here an Alamy video contributor and can tell me what nature of video content they are looking for? Or how did you managed to get accepted?


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