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Ok, now that's to put it lightly strange to me. This is my first conversion so I may not know it works, but...
In the conversion section, in the field 'credit value' I have 3 polish zlotys ($1). BUT in the faq section it's quite clearly stated that 1 credit = 4 polish zlotys ($1.33). ( http://pl.fotolia.com/Info/Faq#a07 ) (Might upload screenshots if someone want.)
On this little 'mistake' I'm loosing about $20.  (50 credits * 4zl = 200 zl (~$70) while 50 credits * 3 zl = 150 zl ($50).

Might seem not much but nevertheless it's really pissing off. :/ Can anyone explain what happened? I always lived in a world where one fotolia credit is worth more then what they now want to graciously pay me. :/ Because from my point of view at the moment (like I said maybe I'm missing something) it's like they're lying straight to your face. :facepalm: :headwallhit: and so on...  >:(

Well I found two other conversion values on the fototolia website and one is correct... :sigh:
Since I don't see any option to delete the post I think it has to stay. It will be a proof of my irritation and grief, lol.  :-\

Sorry if this subject was already raised dozen of times (thought I still can't find answer) but it seems something has changed.

Lately my submission limit in Dreamstime has dropped to 12 photos a week. I'm in a 30%-50% acceptance ratio section. That means I have 1/3 of the MAXIMUM AMOUNT of photos to submit each week. Now my question is what is this magical maximum amount? I can't find it anywhere in the Dreamstime faq. And it's quite frustrating not to know because it's quite important number.

General Stock Discussion / Most contributor friendly stock?
« on: March 22, 2011, 14:16 »
Just to have something to discuss during upload. :D

Which stock is in your opinion most contributor / user friendly? Mind I don't mean the one where you earn most! ;)
Just the ones where you have easy upload (or have features that makes even 'many steps' upload fast and not painful), logical information architecture (easy to navigate and find what you want), or shiny cool features - statistic, graphical info.

I think that Yay is extremely friendly, but well we know all how Yay is about sales... Shutterstock is nice, VERY simple but have the most information I need in simple form. Depositphotos is for me the example of usability and very well thought information architecture, and well it's just simply aesthetic. It also has easy upload, again well thought feature.

What do you think?

Software - General / What ftp software do you use and why?
« on: March 21, 2011, 14:09 »
I was wondering what kind of ftp software are you guys using for uploading photos to stock sites, and why (what are advantages of the software you choose).

I'm using CuteFtp, but for example I do lack the possibility to set my files in specific order - for example first upload ss files, the dreamstime etc. (Or I don't know how to force the programme do it. :D)
Other nice feature would be closing the client to tray so when it uploads I don't have to have it on my main bar. (Which is usually quite some time...)

Shutterstock.com / Does SS captcha pisses you off?
« on: March 10, 2011, 07:00 »
I just had to say that aloud - this stupid way of logging is really irritating. (SS has really a little safety paranoia...)  Lately ss captcha is either playing tricks on me (because it knows I hate it) or it changed and started to be more human then bot obstacle...  :-\ I had to reload it 3 times today.

Is there anyway to stay logged in ss? Block cookie? Hack your way into your account, bite it and not let go? ;) Anything? Expiring cookies into stock sites are such a bad idea on your own computer that only you use... Maybe someone has some cleaver software that keeps you logged in into all the websites you're using daily?

General Stock Discussion / High acceptance = low sales?
« on: March 08, 2011, 20:34 »
I noticed some trend. It might probably be nothing new, or not very revealing but I didn't see any similar thread, so I decided to share. I'm curious if you have observed similar issue and what do you think about it.

I noticed that the more easy submission procedure and the higher acceptance ratio the lower sales. The best example (though I'm not sure if it's a good idea to give examples because then the acceptance ratio might drop lol) is for me yaymicro. Absolutely wonderful user interface, about 99% acceptance ratio... And absolutely no sales. Similar with depositphotos - lovely interface, high acc ratio, low sales.

Now take a look at fotolia - quite nuisance especially with aligning the keywords from the most important to least, but quite nice sales. IStock - awful procedure taking LOTS of time, and the top tier.

Have you noticed it? While high acceptance and low sales is at some point natural (this concerns usually new stocks), then the easy submission procedure and low sales is for me quite worrying...

I was wondering how many photos (statistically) one needs to have $300 a month.
Now mind you (before you start lecturing me that the numbers are not important, but the subject is ;)) I do understand that some photos sell better some sell worse and there is also good time for a specific photos and bad time for them.

It's just a statistical wondering - maybe you already got this moment when you have $300 a month, maybe more.
(I picked the number $300 because it's more or less how much I did already earn on stocks, and because I spent this very money on a compact camera for a friend).

So, what do you thing - how much photos one need to have in the portfolio in for example shutterstock to earn $300 a month?

Adobe Stock / So how much exactly is worth 1 credit?
« on: December 30, 2010, 13:28 »
I'm a bit confused. I'm trying to figure out how much do I got from fotolia and found in one place that 1 credit is worth 0.75 (http://en.fotolia.com/Info/Contributors#item_8) and in faq that "from" 0.63 (http://en.fotolia.com/Info/Credits).

So how much is 1 credit worth for a photographer?

Yaymicro / is something wrong...?
« on: December 26, 2010, 07:54 »
Has something happen to Yay? I can't upload files to ftp, and all my photos are in 'pending' queue suspiciously long...  :o

Is it just me or you guys have similar? Assuming that someone still uploads files there...  :-\

I mean we all know how unspecific are fotolia rejection reasons.  Especially technical ones.
I got rejected a photo that has been accepted on 6 other stocks: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=43128544


I got the usual 'technical issues' rejection reason that includes I think all possible technical issues.

So my first question is if you can suggest me what could they didn't like here, and second if there's a good way to find out what is wrong with photos rejected by fotolia? Maybe there's some place on their forum or a procedure to ask them what exactly is there to fix?

Adobe Stock / Any pattern behind fotolia reviews...?
« on: December 20, 2010, 08:02 »
Usually I have to wait day, two, before Fotolia decides what to do with my photos. But sometimes they do review two newer photos and leave one older untouched. Today at 5 am I added few shots, and at 14 pm I log and see they're all reviewed! Though once I had to wait for a week for a few photos to review (though from the same batch others were reviewed in a day or two).

So does anyone knows if there's any pattern in fotolia reviews? Maybe there's the best hour or day to upload photos to them?

I was wondering - IS gives option to resubmit some rejected works. BUT you basically have to do everything again. Answer silly copyright questions, mark the keywords, add categories...
So what's the point? Beside giving moderator a clue that it was once rejected so maybe there are still some flaws on the photo. ;) Or maybe it's just a clever link to normal procedure of submitting the photo? And there's absolutely no meaning in this 'resubmitting' feature? Maybe at least the time of processing photo is shorter?


Hi there :)

I have a little problem here. I wanted to make my life easier and uploads faster and I decided to use perl ftp module. It does work fine except Dremstime and Yaymicro. The jpg ends up corrupted and looking like this: http://picasaweb.google.com/missdaredevil/ZrzutyEkranu?authkey=Gv1sRgCOj51az92Zuq_gE#5549497872583041298

Does anybody has similar experiences? Any advices maybe?


123RF / Newbie 123rf property releases question
« on: December 09, 2010, 10:20 »
Hello :)

I got my both architecture photos rejected with inquiry to add property release. No other stock asked me for property releases for them. And it would be hard to obtain since one building are simple stairs in Warsaw (http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=44790370) and Wilanow Palace in Warsaw (http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=43220404).

Both objects need no property release. How to deal with it? Does 123rf need property release for any architecture element or should I just put property release with 'no release needed' info in it? 

Also this is strange for me - they seem like didn't accept my id yet, but they did accepted and rejected some of my photos... O.o

I posted my question here, but I'm not sure if I shouldn't put it in newbie section. If so tell me and I will repost it there. :)


Adobe Stock / Does photographer's credits disappear in fotolia?
« on: December 08, 2010, 15:24 »
I'm quite new to fotolia (and this is my first post here, so btw hi all :) ) and some time ago I noticed "Credits Validity" on fotolia.

I'm kind of worried - is this correct that if don't exchange my credits into money to paypal or anything after a year they will simply disappear? I guess there is usual limit - you can't get your money under $50 or similar? Or maybe this concerns only buyers?
Here's what is on the site:
"Credit Validity
Credits can be used for 365 days from the date of purchase. After 365 days the Credits cannot be used and their value is lost. The member waives any claims in respect to this time limit."

It's not much (few credits I believe) since their submission procedures discouraged me and I wasn't submitting to this stock much, but still it's kind of worrying that the credits can disappear...

Sorry if I double post this, I couldn't find my answer anywhere. If the subject was discussed earlier, pls give me the link.

Hugs from Poland,

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