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It came up in this thread that Depositphotos has a "subscription" option for 5 images per month for $49.

This is a disturbing offering because it is comparable to products from other companies like Shutterstock's 5-image On-Demand pack for the same price but with a far lower royalty paid. Shutterstock pays out a percentage of the sale price received, while Depositphotos pays out a subscription royalty.

So each image in that 5-image "subscription" costs $9.80. Paying out a subscription royalty to the contributor ($0.30 up to $0.35), that works out to a 3.0-3.5% royalty paid. Whereas Shutterstock pays $1.88-$2.85 per image on a 5-image pack.

It looks like DP is trying to get away with paying out subscription royalties on small-quantity image packs by just calling them "subscriptions" instead.

Anyone know when this purchasing option became available? I hate to admit it but I have no idea how long this option has been there.

I'm suspending uploads to DP unless this is changed. Could be worth considering dropping them altogether between this and the other nonsense they've been up to lately (partner/API deals).

There is no such a plan like 5 image subscription actually,  subscription plans starts from 75 images monthly actually , other plans are download on demand, where did you find it ?

There is no such a plan like 5 image subscription actually,  subscription plans starts from 75 images monthly actually , other plans are download on demand, where did you find it ?

I just write to them this :

"Im really concerned as well as many photographers , about the contributor payment scheme of your 5 per month subscription package where contributor only gets paid 3% per download , this is not acceptable , as there is deeper discussion there on forums , please let me know about your plans as if that is true and you are not willing to change it then i will be forced to terminate my account asap , also another question is , how is possible, i only got paid 0.10$ for on demand sales ? thank you"

I guess , if 100x contributors they will be about to loose then they will have to change it .

messaged 3 times about closure of my account, being ignored for over 3 months, ?

Adobe Stock / Re: Fotolia will soon cross SS in Top Tier list
« on: September 07, 2016, 01:42 »
my sales on fotolia started to pickup again good levels since 2014

i notice slow down

iStockPhoto.com / Re: istock worth uploading?
« on: September 06, 2016, 05:57 »
for 16percent commission they pay they should keyword the content for you , i never liked istock , 

Alamy.com / Re: Alamy Licensing
« on: August 04, 2016, 14:17 »
Alamy is a bit out of dated on the market , they trying hard , but for example they didnt accept my videos for as to be contributor , then i found out they are acually selling my footage via clipdealer for 5x times more than actually its availible on clipdealer, in the past there were asking photographers to upscale digitally images so they look more pro for the buyers,  now when you sending a bunch of images for acceptance they will accept the whole bunch or refuse the all of them , like , taking a piss on the detail.  The question is why they were on the top tier in the microstock pool for few months , perhaps they are members of forums and spamming or , couple of contributors who still just have 100 000 of images on Alamy and 1 000 on other stocks voted and moved the pool ,  time waisters for me if they wont change !

Shutterstock.com / Re: Shutterstock earnings in July....
« on: August 01, 2016, 11:23 »
Worst July since 2014

iStockPhoto.com / Re: istock mail about Royalty adjustment
« on: July 26, 2016, 16:23 »
same here, and no actual sales in last 30 days

Just received an  email from vivozoom :
Dear contributor
Please be advised that effective May 31, 2016 your contract was transferred from Imagepick Inc. to 99cimages Ltd.,in the United Kingdom.  All payments due to you under your contract will continue to be paid to your nominated PayPal account, and all inquiries regarding your contract should be directed to [email protected]
Yours faithfully
and after looking on the site i found my images are there , but even no author name , they are jus imagepick , i think its not legal to just act like this but im just an author .

Shutterstock.com / No March payout no reply
« on: May 01, 2016, 11:22 »
strugling to get hold of customer service team , didnt received my March payout , 3 weeks no reply

3 weeks waiting still

my sales went drastically down since last 4 months on ss ,

Shutterstock.com / Re: Disappearing sales
« on: April 25, 2016, 15:23 »
odd counting on my shutterstock as well look really odd . back and forward on the clock during the day . And last few months of sales looks really disapointing , uploading more , getting almost half sales ...

waiting for my march payment still , send 3 tickets , no reply ,

I didnt received march payout for some reason , contacted them 10 days ago, no reply

General - Stock Video / Re: Shutterstock earnings this month
« on: April 01, 2016, 11:45 »
for me also shutterstock was about 50% decline to january and february  .

Stocksy / Re: Stocksy's call to artist
« on: January 09, 2016, 14:56 »
hi! How is the site working at the moment ? does it make any sense to upload

Bigstock.com / Re: BigStock Selling HD Videos for $0.15 !!
« on: February 04, 2015, 20:02 »

Im interested what is the deal between Shutterstock and Depositphotos , cause for me it seems like its the same agency, 

after a phone call i partly agreed on selling on dolarphoto ,but after a while i realised its not worth for us at all .
dolarphoto can be fine if images included in the library was the images from free section on fotolia.
simply if you copy and paste any image from fotolia or other stock site in to google image serch engine you will quickly find the way of buying the same image for a dolar
that for example cost 10$ on fotolia , it will quickly devaluate all of your images.
Designers are clever and its not a big deal of finnding those via google.

and today another sale for m footage 1.55
and i got reply :

This type of sale won't happend a lot since we don't allow video download in online subscription anymore. Only the existing plans have this ability, new ones cannot download videos.

Kind regards,

Yes and thats the problem and where is bloody opt out button i just noticed another 2 sales for the same 1.8 for m size footage, noone else experienced the same?

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