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Greyed out with Firefox.  Not going to download Chrome-- twice Chrome has completely hosed up my laptop.  Firefox is a very popular browser.  Seems like Adobe needs to make it work with Firefox.

It only takes about 3 of the "custom" downloads at ~$1.75-$1.90 to make more than the $5 an image will make in the free section, so slow but regular sellers will do better in the paid section, IMO. Everyone's situation will be different, but excluding all the zero download images makes this a non-starter for me.

No kidding.  What sells on Adobe is very different than what sells with other agencies.  Not going to give away images that are selling elsewhere just because they are not big sellers on Adobe. 

It was not SS -- which makes it all the more surprising.  Never had an issue with similiars with this agency -- never.  Maybe it was a new reviewer who used to work for SS?  Or maybe this company has AI inspections now too?  I have used this plate before but usually different distance/angle/views so hat makes it more odd. 

Not a technical issue mislabeled-- shot with tripod and same studio lighting 100 ISO, proper color/white balance. 

I typically just move on-- photos will sell elsewhere-- so why waste time-- just move one but this was soooo odd that I looked to see if there was any other photos of this food.  None.

Recently got a rejection for similar image I supposedly uploaded.  Huh????  The only similarity was that it was a food photo with a plate in it!!!  Different food from a different country.  Never ever uploaded a photo of this food before and there are 0 photos of this food with that site or any other major stock site.  What a joke.

I had hoped Adobe would pick up after SS debacle but not happening.  Not sure if it is this or offring photos for free now but my sales are not what they were.  Disappointed.

Sadly, not just photography but the way of work nowadays.  Happening everywhere -- gig economy from taxis to writers.  Once good paying tech jobs now not giving raises and are taking away vacation and sick time, holidays, health insurance and retirement. 

I have had an unusual drop in sales recently.

8 / Re: bigstock payment
« on: April 23, 2021, 22:08 »
Did you request payment?  If not, you need to o so. Not automatic. Maybe the tiny bit getting you up to payout has to clear first?

General Stock Discussion / Re: Reviewers Please read
« on: April 07, 2021, 23:53 »
most of the reviewing is a joke once one reaches a certain technical level.  X agency rejects-- all others approve, then another rejected by Y which is accepted everywhere else including X... and then Z...
and the image sells on the agencies that id not reject it so.....  when one has great techical skills, one can see the reason for rejection was bogus.  Just move on and let the others sell it.

If that rejection got you thinking "hmm, maybe I need an even sharper lens", they achieved their goal. 

If that is the case, they failed  Using a very sharp prime lens, in a tripod with small aperature and exact focus on main subject.  At that focal length, there is no sharper prime lens.

Also a fake review when you resubmit the same photo done exactly the same way after one rejection and the 2nd gets approved  Oh well, too bad for that agency-- they lost the more interesting set up ut other agencies will have the more interesting one.

It does not matter which agency.   If AI is the cause, then it is really bad AI--- like I said, even grains of sugar in the center of image were in crystal focus.  In come ways AI might be better than some of these agencies reviewers.  Truly feels that reviewers have some rejection quota.  I have a high approval rating (92-100% depending on agency) and any rejections are usually for model release without date written correctly or something so I tend to notice when I get these ridiculous rejections. 

Usually I just ignore it and move on but this last one really irritated me more than usual because I was actually really excited about how the lens was so great it really captured every fine detail of every grain of sugar.

General Stock Discussion / Does anyone ever review the reviewers
« on: February 26, 2021, 14:56 »
Do reviewers ever get reviewed at the agencies?

Mostly I just move on because if a crazy reviewer declines a photo, others do not (including ones with generally stricter standards) but I have to wonder if reviewers are ever reviewed.  One agency rejected a photo for focus or camera blur.  Shot on a tripod (and with no tripod movement) and focus was on item-- every grain of sugar was in crystal clear focus.  Sure there was some depth of field changes in the distance but not much because used small aperature -- the focus as on the main subject.

Part of me says fine, then agency does not deserve image-- because it will be accepted at bigger agencies with more sales.  But I really find the ignorance irritating as a photographer who has been doing photograph for many decades.

13 / Re: where to upload midel releases on Alamy
« on: February 11, 2021, 14:37 »
Thank you.  I normally so not take photos of people.

14 / where to upload midel releases on Alamy
« on: February 11, 2021, 12:06 »
I have my model release to upload on Alamy but cannot figure out where to upload it so that it becomes part of my releases to choose from when keywording each image.  I wrote Alamy but the response was not helpful.

Sadly, most of my editorial images though peopleless do not fit AS's idea of illustrative editorial so they all go elsewhere.

Competing with free images?  Starting to make some other agencies a lot more attractive than they were before this. 

Free has never worked to help contributors-- never.  It might help sell software.   

Paying customers will now want free.

 It will destroy market in the end perhaps.  I

 wish I had not pumped AS after SS fiasco.  Won't again. 

Another thing I do not like.  AS never emailed contributors.  While I am glad Matt came on here to tell us, the very fact that all AS contributors were not told  of this free plan or the fact that we will now have to compete against free images-- tells you contributors truly are NOT a concern for Adobe or respected. 

General Stock Discussion / Improper use of photo by buyer
« on: October 14, 2020, 16:32 »
Have you ever had an editorial photo sell that was used for nefarious purposes/was likely to be used for such by their search or to imply something wrong that was not in any way implied by the photograph or in your keywords?

I know we have no control over how our images are used but is there ever a way to deal with this?  If a news source uses a photo to push some false news, is it kosher to write to that news source with the facts?

Not very happy about this.  AS was becoming my main agency after fiasco at SS (where i have stopped uploading).  This announcement just makes that less certain.  Giving away for free says something to contributors that is quite unsavory for the future.  Thanks for the heads up. 

Reality.  With so many people or their spouses out of work due to pandemic, some people simply cannot afford to close of any avenue of income-- it can mean the difference between being able to eat or not.

You can bet SS knew that and used the timing to their advantage.

That being said, earnings on SS are pathetic.  Sales with low earner agencies now overtaking SS. I just had 1 sale on new to me agency---that sale alreadhy more than made on SS this month.

I am not uploading new work to SS.  As soon as sales with new agencies add some income, wil lbe ditching SS.

It is now taking me months in SS to make what I am making with other agencies in one moth or less.  SS is not worth my time and not uploading there.  I Miss the income I used to get from SS but seriously, it is taking too long to get to what I used to make there in a month under their new pricing-- not worth the time to upload anything new to SS.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Photo4me--Good or bad?
« on: July 28, 2020, 14:54 »
They reject a lot of my best images as "unsaleable" but they sure sell other places so my portfolio there is left with mostly images I do not think will sell.  Never had a sale.  Waste of time.

Is it possible to delete individual images and how?  I have stopped uploading there but I need to keep what is there that is not selling elsewhere because pandemic has really hurt my family.  Still, I would like to delete the good images that are selling elsewhere.  Leave them with the junk.

Article on WaPo ripe for comments

Notify other media like ProPublica?

One public figure who writes all the time about issues like this is Robert Reich.  If somehow we can get him to know the story of what SS is doing, he might spread the word.

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