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Don't think those will work with my Nikon body.

I have a 200-400mm lens-- too short for my needs.

Thanks.  Why Tamron over Sigma?  Yes money is an issue right now.... talk about everything big breaking and family hospital bills all at once.  I have seen a lot of photos from the Tamron 150-600mm on Facebook that look great small but, of course, I am not seeing them 1:1.

If/when money is not an issue, then what?

What about lenses of longer lengths?  I just upgraded from Nikon D90 to 7100 after 2 D90s broke from usage within 48 hrs of each other. (and a lens within the same month!)

Right now my main lens is the 70-300mm AFS ED VR F/4.5-5.6 zoom which is a little short for some of my needs.  Not rolling in money due to family medical issues but feeling the need for a longer lens a lot lately.

What do people think of the Tamron 150-600mm lens?  Sigma?


Dreamstime.com / Re: Do you believe that DT is dying?
« on: August 06, 2015, 21:22 »
As  newbie, DT is only place where I have more then 20 images for sale for a couple of weeks at least where I have 0 sales.  Having a lot more sales from those under the low earner category here than them. 

The blogs by contributors annoy me.


Newbie in stock and only just started uploading to some of the others that I did not list to include them.

No. 1 Istock  8 times the sales of others.
No 2: Bigstock
No 3 Shutterstock

Biggest flop for me: Dreamstime -- 0%. 

Dreamstime.com / Re: Do you believe that DT is dying?
« on: July 28, 2015, 18:29 »
As a newbie, it is the only site where I have had no sales despite a good approval rate.  I have had more on the lower tiers and those on the right margin below the low earners than DT.    Probably a matter of my subject matter being different than than the focus of their clientele.

Just got 4 images rejected for focus issues on SS.  Bogus review even by a software review--- software can show where the focus point-- right where it should be on all 4 and no, there was no movement and shutter speed was fast enough to catch it if there was.

Images accepted on all other stock sites. 

Accepted photos of same subject matter on their website are of very poor technical quality.....and boring content-wise.

Obviously my sales elsewhere are better.    It is getting to the point where I do not even want to bother with SS.    I hear their sales are great from you guys but hard to believe.

Shutterstock.com / Re: Shutterstock Approval Frustrations
« on: July 21, 2015, 23:25 »
I did not have problems getting 7/10 accepted as newbie -- it is the afterwards that is so frustrating.  Same quality or better getting rejected on SS but accepted everywhere else (and selling there). 

What I find so frustrating is to see the pure junk that is online -- really bad stuff technically and not all that interesting in terms of the image either.  Even small the quality is very bad.   If they wanted quality, they should remove some of the ones already there.   How did those images get accepted?  Are those images just that old that at the time SS was desperate for images?  Are they images of reviewers?  Something is very wrong with their review process.

Shutterstock.com / Re: Shutterstock Approval Frustrations
« on: July 21, 2015, 19:58 »
I am a newbie in stock photography but have been a photographer for decades.

I am completely frustrated by Shutterstock.  They reject images accepted at every other site often for reasons that are not appropriate.   I look at my images 1:1.  Then I look at what they HAVE accepted for similar images and am disgusted--- poor exposures, wrong color balance, poor lighting way worse than the supposed reason for my rejections-- images that I would reject even as a snapshot to post on FB.    Perhaps they are older images and thus passed before whatever their reviewers are doing now.  A couple were rejected for "composition" and all I think is that some of these reviewers have no clue about photography as an art.

Sales on Shutterstock are much lower than any other site, even the low earners with no number ratings here because of their erratic review standards.   No surprise.  I am starting to feel like Shutterstock might be a waste of my time.  I will give it a bit more time but my sales elsewhere are better without the hassle of re-uploading.   

Husband uses Q-tip and slight bit alcohol to clean things like battery connections on electronic non-camera equipment at his job.  I have not tried it on my batteries.  Alcohol is an organic solvent that cleans off junk without hurting the metal on circuit boards full of electronic parts.  Des not hurt plastic he encounters or components or the circuit board. 

I had this issue a lot with a Nikon and it was the batter terminals.   The problem seemed to repeat itself more than once.  My batteries are about 5-6 yrs. old with lots of use   However, also got a camera body slightly wet when some drops of liquid got in the carrying case and that one is toast and was immediately

iStockPhoto.com / Re: Sales dried up?
« on: July 01, 2015, 14:34 »
I just started on Istock not long ago so maybe it is the newbie bump or a matter of my portfolio growing more than anything...
but I have had more sales there recently than other sites. 

However, still have a long way to go until I upload my photos and have sales I feel ok about.  Not an easy adjustment from art photographer to stock photo photographer!

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