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Adobe Stock / W8-BEN what to fill out on line 9 -10
« on: November 22, 2022, 08:07 »
Trying to update my W8-Ben form but see some things have changed.

Does anyone know that if there is a tax treaty between the US and your country (like me: The Netherlands is automatically printed on line 9), you still have to fill in the yellow box on line 10 for 'Explain the additional conditions in the Article and paragraph the benificial owner meets to be eligible for the rate of withholding'?
Other items on line 10 cannot be changed.

I think it is ok to leave it empty, or should I add something like 'Royalties - Images'?

2 / Deepmeta date created not read from iptc
« on: March 20, 2017, 11:16 »
I keyword my images with adobe bridge, but deepmeta doesn't read the 'date created' field when importing photos.

With all batches from the last weeks it sets all my images at 12-2-2017, whatever the date they are made.

Anyone else having this 'problem'?

Since a few months Pond5 pays me through an Ireland paypal address.
As I am from Holland and having a VAT number, I suspect I have to comply to european VAT rules and either way Pond5 or myself have to add VAT to the earnings, or am I wrong?

Problem is that Pond5 issues no receipt whatsoever, I can only see the amount of dollars that has been credited to me.
Dutch (and other EU) taxes - as far as I know - probably would like to see a receipt with some VAT explanation.

Any advise on this from other EU contributors? How do you book these earnings?

Last week I saw one of my editorials printed as a greeting card for sale in my (very small) village, so I can imagine that it happens more often (this was the second one in 1 year I saw used this way).
I sometimes shoot special vintage cars and upload these pics to ss, istock, 123rf and dreamstime as editorial; brand names and people are visible on the photo's, that's why I only want them licensed as editorial.

But both with istock and dreamstime you can select an extended license with all editorials permitting resale a.o. on t-shirts, postcards, greeting cards, mugs, mousepads, posters, calendars. Actually, it looks that any commercial use is permitted as long as you download these with an extended license.

The greeting card shows volkswagen beetles with license plates taken on a car show. This week I have taken really beautiful shots of vintage cars with people driving these cars; I now doubt if I should even upload these pics because they show the drivers in the cars... I don't want to get sued by these people.

I don't get this. Isn't this illegal use of editorial photos?
And what about liability, where do we stand as photographers?

5 / Deepmeta behaving strange
« on: May 12, 2016, 08:53 »
trying to edit a batch of images, deepmeta on Mac shows rows of the same keywords on some of the available options (background, time, pattern, etc.), see attachment, anyone else seeing this? It doesn't seem to affect the upload; on the istock website it correctly shows the chosen keywords.

have already done a fresh install with no results.

I took a look at my extended licenses at istock and saw that one of my editorial images with cars on it (with visible license numbers, special cars during a car event) was sold with an extended license 'products for resale'.

How can this happen? I sometimes upload images with cars, people (city views with people on it), etc, but strict under an editorial license, so that they will not be used commercially.

Products for resale sounds pretty commercial to me...

Print on Demand Forum / Invitation from Posterlounge
« on: April 01, 2016, 05:52 »
Anyone knows Posterlounge?

I received 2 invitations in the last month to sell my art through their website:

There is nothing on the site on commission/exclusivity/etc.

Anyone having experience with these guys?

8 / US English or UK English in Deepmeta?
« on: December 09, 2015, 05:21 »
The 2000 photos I have on the top tier sites are doing very well, but istock always falls behind a little; if ss would be 100, then istock never is higher than 25% for me.
I am Dutch and use the keyword tool to add keywords to my images, always in english because the 'automatic' translation from dutch to english is a true nightmare.

Could it be that it makes a difference if you choose UK English or US English in Deepmeta; up until a few months ago I uploaded with US English and switched to UK English for now and it looks like - maybe - it is getting a little bit better.

I know that the istock search engine should handle all languages alike, but what would you think is the best option?

Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum. About 2,5 years ago I have started uploading photos to the stocksites and up till now I have learned a lot from reading all the post on this forum, but felt not experienced enough to already add posts myself. Let this be my first :-)

Earlier this year I shot a photo on a Dutch car event which shows 3 rare and special customised cars. This photo is distributed by shutterstock, istock, dreamstime and 123rf as editorial.
This week one of the car owners contacted me saying that a friend had received a greeting card with this photo on it and the Dutch text for 'have a good trip!'. It turned out that a very large and well known Dutch media company offers - among others - a subscription magazine and they added freebie greeting cards with the January issue and one contains my editorial photo. The print run has been 50.000.

Both the car owner and I are not happy with this; the car is a rare really famous one and I feel bad that my explicit editorial photo is used in this way. The car owner is ok with my work, but doesn't want his car to be used commercially.

Can they do this? Shouldn't an editorial license prohibit this?

I don't like lawyers, but for now I at least want to contact them asking where and how they have bought this image to know what is going on.
What I am afraid of: can this 'backfire' at me? It is a huge company and maybe a premium stock buyer. What happens if they call the agency; won't the stock agency think "oh, this is a complaining contributor, let's remove his account". I really like making stockphoto's and already a good part of my income comes from stock.

Thank you!

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