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Did you have a look at StockAgent NX yet? I've been using that one for some years now. Subscription costs are a bit more than a Euro a month, probably about the same in Dollars.
Whenever there are changes on the agency side the developer updates the app usually within a few days.

Canva / Re: Canva ftp upload down for anyone else?
« on: March 12, 2021, 11:43 »
Same here. Working again.

Canva / Re: Canva ftp upload down for anyone else?
« on: March 11, 2021, 03:35 »
Yeah, I do now have a quite large number of sales all showing up simultaneously. Guess those are the ones that actually happened during the last few days.
FTP still not working, at least not for me. I hope they'll fix that, too. Don't want to complain too much though. My income with them quadrupled since this time last year, which I cannot say about any other agency.

Canva / Re: Canva ftp upload down for anyone else?
« on: March 10, 2021, 11:39 »
Same here.

And there's something else: I just noticed I didn't have any direct (non subscription) sales since Sunday. Normally I get at least a couple each day. Three days in a row seems a bit odd.

Which probably nobody did. You can create that exact image with a lot of different tools within a minute. So why would anyone steal and recolor it?
Have you ever checked the IDs of the images you think are copies of yours? Chances are good that quite a few of them have been uploaded before you even created your fractal, so you may have reported accounts of people that did nothing wrong ...
Btw I'm not sure those fractals have a lot of sale potential. They are just too easy to create.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Idea, don't make fun
« on: February 10, 2021, 13:43 »
Getting paid in a currency that volatile would only make sense if you don't need the money you earn in the near future and in addition to that expect that the bitcoin rate will only go up?! Let's say I earn the equivalent of a thousand dollars in bitcoin this month and by the time I withdraw it to pay my monthly bills the rate has dropped 30% ... Why should anyone want that? If there's money left by the end of the month that can easily be invested in stocks or crypto currencies of my choice.
In addition to that agencies would have to adjust how much get per download literally every minute since they probably wouldn't want to pay you more in bitcoin than they do now in Dollars or Euros.

Canva / Re: Negative earnings anyone
« on: August 21, 2020, 01:56 »
The problem with negative unpaid earnings seems to be solved. They adjusted the amount of subscription earnings of previous months so the total meets the actual payout amount (doubled March earnings). The negative aspect of that is that we're not able to see what we actually earned through subscription sales anymore. Guess October earnings will be a bit of a surprise then ...
Btw I wish I could see what pictures have actually been sold. I still have a couple or non-subscribtion sales every day, but using that as a basis to project what was downloaded by people using the subscription model wouldn't be more than a wild guess.

iStockPhoto.com / Re: July stats disappeared?
« on: August 21, 2020, 01:12 »
My July stats are available again after they had disappeared for two days. No changes have been made as far as I can tell.

Adobe Stock / Re: 2020 Adobe Stock Artist bonus program
« on: August 18, 2020, 05:13 »
My redeemed code expire 21. August  :-\ When we get new codes?

I think you can find the answer in the very first post in this thread: Probably early next year since they need to determine you total downloads for 2020 first.

Canva / Re: Canva announcement
« on: August 17, 2020, 04:04 »
Anyone have a contact email for them

[email protected] at least exists ...

I exchanged some messages with ivy(at)canva.com quite a while ago. Don't know if she still works there though.

Canva / Re: Canva announcement
« on: August 17, 2020, 03:44 »
Just received my payment for July. They didn't double my March earnings anymore. My sales are close to a doubled March income anyway, but they should still have topped it up by about 40$. Anyone else?

Canva / Re: Negative earnings anyone
« on: June 12, 2020, 04:37 »
Now that subscription earnings for May have been added I'm pretty sure it's a bug. The amount that's shown as unpaid matches exactly my unpaid earnings from May and June minus the amount they had to add to my April earnings to double what I earned in March. I guess they just haven't updated their calculation formula to take into account those additional Dollars that were paid out, but not earned through sales.

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe Stock Creative Cloud Bonus Program
« on: October 11, 2019, 04:28 »
@Tenebroso You should have twelve months to click on that link and start your free subscription. At least if you already have a (paid) subscription and are logged in you don't see a code which you could enter somewhere later. It was more like okay, code redeemed, next payment due in a year. Don't remember what it was like last year, but this time at least for me it was like that.

New Sites - General / Re: EyeEM Earnings
« on: May 01, 2019, 02:47 »
Same here. But they have been late before. Sometimes it seems that whenever reports from Getty are postponed for a day, EyeEm needs an additional two or three days until earnings are reported. Today is a bank holiday over here in Germany, so I guess nobody is working in their Berlin offices and it will at least take another day until earnings show up.

General Stock Discussion / Re: EyeEm
« on: February 27, 2019, 13:13 »
Anyone seen major drop in earnings this month? I've been selling 200-300 images on Eyeem every month, and this month I got only 65 downloads. Earnings also went 75% down comparing the previous months.

Yep, same here. Big drop in partner sales compared to previous months. But I had some direct sales through their own marketplace about two weeks ago. Hadn't seen one of those in a while.

iStockPhoto.com / Re: help identify what's the problem???
« on: February 02, 2019, 08:01 »
I'd recommend to remove Apple specific icons/labels on the keyboard anyway (like on the command key and on some of the function keys in the top row). I frequently had images rejected when I forgot to do so.

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