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1 / Re: Contributor app blog post - really??
« on: August 31, 2018, 14:36 »
Someone who worked in IT company will understand. They have art director, artists and UI designers who constanly need new tasks. Otherwise management sees that they have nothing to do and can decide to fire them. So they constantly come up with new work to do and never ending UI redesigns. Just look how often all other apps update UI.

To be able to answer why this happens we need to know few things:

1. Do you have seasonal content and what percent of total portfolio?

2. Are your best selling photos are in one or two niche subjects?
It is possible that these niche subjects have lots of new good quality photos from competition.

3. How old is your portfolio? How many files you uploaded in last 12 months? last 24 months? How old are your best sellers?

A lot of the banks are using this

It doesn't say which banks exactly and how much they use it. Do you have any link to press release from actual bank? Or it mentioned on any bank website?

BTW. This page is actually wordpress blog. This doesn't look very serious to me.

Certainly owners and creators of these sites and tokes can raise money on ICO's. But will they invest in marketing and development of good website? I higly doubt so.

It is all about speculation on coin and token prices.

Blockchain technology exits 9 years already. Show me at least one real successfull project using it.

5 / Re: New submission editor page
« on: November 19, 2017, 16:55 »
Please return old submission process! Because new system is buggy and slow:

1. Attaching releases takes 50x more time then old one. I have 2000+ releases and system has to load releases every time. 40 at the time. Then I need to scroll to load another 40. It takes 50 cycles of scrolling and waiting to get to the bottom of the list. And this needs to be repeated over and over again for next photo. Old system had all releases always loaded.

2. Adding release to several photos which already have some releases attached is impossible. System becomes very slow in release popup dialog (CPU usage spikes as well). It is impossible even to close release popup and only way to continue is to reload whole webpage loosing all unsaved work. Because of this bug I need to attach release to only 1 photo at the time. And combined with problem #1 this leads to enourmous amount of time wasted.

Please add import of CSV file with release list. This will be biggest improvement and time saver!

6 / Re: New submission editor page
« on: November 17, 2017, 15:43 »
Every UI designer making new submit page should first submit at least 1000 files with groups of people and a lot of property releases. Then designer will have an idea how to make good page. Otherwide it is doomed for failure.

PhotoDune / Re: Anyone unworthy of Photodune yet?
« on: February 10, 2017, 03:42 »
This is actually very very good that they delete so many photos and portfolios. Because their are planning to offer unlimited (!) subscription for $49/month (!). This is just insane. But with very limited selection of photos this has no chance to change industry and affect prices on other sites.

Why would anyone upload Stocksy like content to Photodune to sell with unlimited subscription and get pennies?

General Stock Discussion / Re: What data do you track?
« on: April 15, 2016, 01:40 »
I trank only Dollars per Agency as well. But also I use MicrostockAnalytics software.

9 / Re: Bigstock keywording format changed
« on: March 18, 2016, 14:43 »
Since last week Bigstock randomly unable to read Metadata for approx 20% of all photos uploaded through FTP. All those photos are processed without problem on all other stock sites. I have to manually copy and paste descriptions and keywords for each photo. Big waste of time. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Hi, there is no iOS version. It would be hard to implement for iOS. As Database requires lots of storage and initinal stats collection can take very long time.

Please contact me by email or through
Write you email address and site where you want to change name and I will unblock it.

Bigstock will be next supported agency. But I don't have time estimate at the moment. There is always work to support 6 agecines which delays addition of new ones.

Microstock Analytics gets updated regulary. Supports 6 sites now. Every time on start program does update and displays changelog of latest changes.

Huh, I don't think that they are coming from subscriptions. Everything was fine until last changes from 4th September. After that there is almost every day $20 to $50 more on MA reports.

Yes I have reports after fetching stats and I will send it to you in the next 15 minutes.

Does this add 20-50$ to some specific day or it's spread across different months? If you update second time right after you updated once, does it add this amount as well?

fist of all thanks for this application, i'am new and have a question.
Is there a way to have IS stats without PP ?

Right now all sales from IS are displayed together. But I want to make Revenue Split mode for graph on the bottom of the screen that will display that.

Most probably it is coming from subscription sales. Since I don't have info when exactly file was sold there can be quite significant difference in subscribtion royalties. Let's say you have file with 120 subscribtion sales which is one year old. MA will add 10 sales per month because it can fetch only total amount from iStock. But maybe in some month it sold 20 times. There is no place where i can see this info.

Do you have any reports from version 1.7.9?

Just released update for latest changes on iStock website in version 1.7.9.
Since latest update there is no way to see when subscription downloads actually happened. Only the totals for each file. Microstock Analytics will evenly distribute subscription downloads. This means that revenue per month can be slightly off. But total revenues should match.

I simply don't understand how it takes him 30 months to return investment.
Even if he earns 'just' 5M / year, has 80K images. That's at least 5$ per image per month. Now, expensive shoot at Maldives costs 80K for 1500 images. That's 53$ per image. So it will take 10 months to return investment. If we add couple months of post production on top that it makes roughtly 1 year. But most shoots in studio will cost less, especially with one model. So, I don't see where 30 months figure is coming from.

Microstock Analytics / Re: Sort option suggestion
« on: February 27, 2012, 07:42 »
I notice that quite often the same image is not matched across all sites.  The merge option is great once these are identified but identifying them is the problem.  Would it be possible to introduce a thumbnail sort by similarity or even filename?

Thanks for your suggestion. Took some time, but this feature is included in new version released today 1.6.6. In this sort mode program will display only pairs of files that are very similar sorted by update date. This helps a lot to get correct "iStockphoto upload" suggestions.

Released version 1.6.6:
- Added Fotolia stats validation and reprocessing in case of mismatching stats. This should help with Fotolia stats error if there are any
- Sort by Similarity mode. In this mode only pairs of very similar photos are displayed. This helps a lot when gruoping idential files that are not grouped automatically. Thanks to heywoody for suggestion.
- Added Revenue vs. File Count mode for the chart at the bottom of the screen. Works only in Line graph mode. Helps to analyze revenues vs portfolio size numbers.
- Filter by Agency. Located in the same dialog as File Type filter and allows to display only files and earnings from one or more sites.

Just a noob question:

When fetching data from Istock I see something like "Updating Partner Sales xxx/760". What actually means that numbers?

It is a page count. I believe there is 20 Partner sales per page on iStock.

Check your \Documents\Microstock Analytics folder there should be several database backups. First copy a whole folder in new location. Then check for MA_Database Backup XXX.dat files. The file that has bigger size will have all your data. Rename it to MA_Database.dat. Please let me know how this worked out for you.

How did this happen?

Version 1.6.5 is out with fixes for iStock. It fixes problems with full update and new stats for iStock.

Thanks for the info. Hope to finish with new update soon.

Thanks for error reports. I'm working on fix for this error. In meanwhile please don't use force force update for iStock as it might increase difference between stats.

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